Episode 1


I came out from the bathroom with my towel and water drilling from my hair. I brought out my hair dryer and dry my hair.

A message pop into my phone from Instagram.

? Hi am Maxwell

?Hello am sure you knew my name how can I help you I asked.

? Sure who won’t no the name of the girl that makes guy go gangan with her sexy picture I need your services. He said.

? You no what I do right I asked the sender.

?Yes he replied

? Forward your location to me.

I replied and continue drying my hair.

Hey babes that’s my only friend kim. Pardon my manners I haven’t introduce myself to my lovely friends. Am Natasha Collins people that knew me well call me tacha. Am an orphan I grow up in the orphanage home. The owner of the orphanage home seems to know more about me.

Cause he told me he was the one that brought me to the orphanage home when I was 6month. I asked him about my family he told me my parents are dead. But he has something for me, he will give me when I clock 25. One year to go cause am 24.

I ran out of the orphanage home when am 18years cause I knew that man won’t release me cause he loves me. But am very curious to know about the outside world. And I wants to leave like a normal human being. I knew he is stalking me but who cares. So that’s how I ran into my friend kim. She was the one that introduce me to this business she’s a full time prostituted.

You have started talking to your unseen friends Kim asked me. Are you jealous of them, huh jealous of people I don’t even know never. Why don’t you tell me you won’t come back yester night I asked her am sorry I meant a very rich guy that promise to give me a large sum of money if I follow him home.

You should have called that you won’t be coming I said. Am sorry my phone went off she said. A message enter my phone I let me dress up. Business time did I tell you guys am a lover of money.


I put my duck inside the Butch assshole and started drilling her. You are the best she keeps moaning. What am I ask the b—h pulling into her assshole roughly. You are the best. No am your daddy ok daddy. 20 mins later am still drilling the fool. This is the 4th round am going and am not tired.

Daddy please am tired she shout but I don’t listen to her. The b—h is even crying is this not your work. My ringing phone brought me back to my senses. Hello dad. Good afternoon son how are you doing am fine dad. Me and your mum need you in the house we want to discuss something with you he said alright dad. Bye my regards to mum I said and end the call. And the Butch have left the room without her clothes but she took the money I gave her. Butch.

Pardon my manners I haven’t introduce myself. Am not that mannerless. Am Jason Williams 27 years old billionaire manwhore. I don’t have a girlfriend and am not planning to have one soon this Playboy life is too sweet to be committed with one woman. I love pissy alot but I don’t f–k pissy twice.

My secretary consider herself because have screwed her more than twice that’s because I like her. Guys I will be right back let me dress up. I need to see my parents cause that old man is very strict.

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