One Night With A Billionaire Boy

Episode 1

Jeffery POV

“Let them stop everything right away ” I barked at the hospital and everyone directed their gaze at me wondering who I was

I had brought my mother to the hospital ,she’s suffering from a terrible disease and had suddenly started misbehaving this morning.

But the doctors seems to be slow in attending to me and I was so much pissed up. My father and I sorted the hospital out when they were in debt so I have all the absolute right to do all that I want and no one born of a woman can not ask why.

The doctors stared rallying around in fear , taking my mom into the ward to quickly attend to her while I followed.

They stopped attending to everyone in the hospital for a while just because I barked and ever workers gets scared because they know that a single word from me can make them loose their job.

“You can continue attending to them ” I said proudly and the nurses and doctors resume work.

I walked towards the ward where my mom is to be treated and I met a doctor coming towards that direction

“How is my mom? Have you commented work already?” I asked

“Yes , we have sir…but please let us handle it , You can wait for her outside ” The doctor suggested but that simply made me angry.

Is this doctor crazy at all? Does he know who I am to this hospital?

I didn’t say a word instead I mastered his name in the uniform he was putting on and put a call through to their manager.

“Fire Mr. Judge right away from this hospital ” I commanded and walked away from the man.

“Sir…I’m sorry sir..I’m…never meant to…” he kept pleading but I didn’t listen instead I walked inside the ward and sat by a stool not too far from where my mom is.

“I just fired one of you,don’t tell me to leave , commence work right away and make it snappy ” I commanded the doctor and nurse present there.

Rihana’s POV

Who the hell is this man that is behaving like god. He should just allow the doctor and I do this job and stop behaving like he’s actually feeding us.

I loathed him so much. Just so proud.

The doctor and I commenced job and after few hours we were done.


“We are done , sir” The doctor said and he stood.

He went to check his mom and the look on his face tells that he loves his mom so much.

“Good job , now leave ”

“Sir , I think you should let her rest” I suggested and the doctor pinched me quickly that I shouldn’t have made any statement.

“Who are you? Do you know who I am? ” He asked angrily and tried to look at my batch but unfortunately for him , my name wasn’t written there.

“What’s you name?” He asked , by that time , the doctor had walked away. I guess he did not want to involve himself in some sort of problem that I have put myself into.

Oh! So if he knows my name , he will put a call through and command me to be sacked immediately

I looked toward the door without saying a word and realized that the door is opened wide.

I ran out to his surprise ,this is the only source of income that I have and I’m in so much debt already.

I can’t afford to lose this job and I hope he does not recognize me.

Jeffery POV

Hold up did she just walk out on me???

She gat nerves too bad that won’t stop me from dealing with her.

I walked outside proudly and searched the hospital but she was no where to be found and Also the doctor with her earlier was gone too

This made my blood boil now am determined to deal with her for real

I just need to think of a way to deal with her

Rihanna POV

Immediately I left the ward where that spoilt brat was I ran to my locker I took my bag and changed my uniform before

running outta the hospital to my motorcycle and rode off to avoid getting into trouble with that beautiful bastard

My motorcycle had some issues not far from the blocked road

I parked it properly trying to figure out what’s its problem when a flashy car rode towards me almost hitting me but he stopped right on time.

I was so pissed how dare this person try to run me over

He came down from his car with sun glasses on

Argh!!! Its that proud peacock

“Woa you again!! Are you trailing me now” I barked at him

He smirked and removed his sunglasses

“And why would I do that! You below my standard and too small for me to handle ” he said proudly

His words hurt a bit

” since nobody is up to your standard why not commit suicide and save us the trouble peacock ” I said angrily

I guess that got him pretty much as his face changed instantly

“How dare you bitch ‘” he roared coming closer

Somehow I wasn’t scared for I have a plan to put him in his place

“Bow down to my feet and beg for mercy or else I would make this city and your life miserable ” he growled

“Never!!! You not God but a mere mortal like me over my dead body ” I scoffed

He kept coming closer, I saw a stagnant water that looks like mud because it was thick

I ran to it and fetch a large quantity with my hand before splashing it on his clothes

“What the heck ” he yelled

I stuck my tongue out before taking my bike and rode off thank goodness the motorcycle started working or am dead meat


My goodness yuck !!! Did she just throw dirty water at me.?

Eww I think am gonna be sick ,I better get myself treated ASAP before I get infected

Now am determined to deal with her for real

I took out my phone and put a call across one of my boys he picked up the call immediately

Pick me up with the copper at the blocked road ” I said sternly not waiting for his reply I hanged up

How dare that brat test my patience huh

Am gonna ask one of my boys to do a background check on her then I can be able to teach her a lesson

I will not only make her life miserable but am also gonna make the city unbearable for her.

I got into my car and pulled of my suit jacket and dump it on the floor through the car window,I just throw away somebody’s 3 years salary

Yeah that’s how rich I’m

Soon my chopper was in sight ,I left the car and walked to where it landed

The pilot gasps on seeing a stain on my clothe

He knows what’s gonna be the Fortune of the person that did this mess

“Hilltop” I commanded sternly

Hilltop is one of my numerous hotels in the city,it’s kinda my relaxation place.

Got to the he rooftop of the hotel ,I came down and walked into the building majestically I ignored the greetings from my staffs cause it isn’t necessary

I got into my suites and rushed into the bathroom to take a very warm shower and scrub off this fillt that bitch try to contaminate me with

As soon as I was done I picked up my cell phone and called mark

Surprisingly I memorized the number on her scooter before she ran away

Good afternoon boss” he greeted from the other side of phone but I ignored and went straight to the reason why I had called him

Mark I want you to track down the owner of this number plate which am gonna call to you now” I said with authority

Okay boss ” he replied

355_6784″ I need details ASAP mark ” I said and ended the call

Just can’t wait to get my hands on that lowlife..

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