Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I called an ambulance and they are probably on their way here by now.

I try to wake her up but she doesn’t open her eyes. I place my fingers under her nose and feel faint breathes on my hand. I sag in relief.

The ambulance comes and my mother is taken to the hospital.

After checking her, the doctor assures me that she is fine, she is just very drunk.

I thank the doctor then walk out of her room for some fresh air. Her room smells of antiseptic and everything else that permeates a hospital air. Outside her room isn’t any better but atleast it isn’t


Being in there, seeing her like that, almost brings me to

my knees in misery. I cant help her so i feel so helpless. I don’t

know what else to do. If my useless father was here, maybe she would be better.

Anytime she, has one of her ‘episodes’, she calls me

Leonard. I think that’s my father’s name. I raise my head up when i hear a door open and i see a girl of about 16 or so. She’s crying and

screaming for the nurses holding her back to save her brother. I look on as she is directed to a chair at a corner to wait. She sits on the

chair then cover her face with her hands as she cries more. I should ignore her and think about my own predicament, but my feet starts

moving towards her. I sit on the chair beside her but she doesn’t even


“he will be fine” i say silently. She looks up then throws her hands

around me as she ramble about everything being her fault.

“i left him alone. I shouldnt have. I just wanted to have some alone

time. I didn’t know that he would walk into the pool. I am the worst

sister ever” she says

“its not your fault. God is in control, don’t worry, everything would

be fine” i say then rub her back. She withdraws from me then look up

at my eyes and i smile at her.

“thank you” she says, wiping her tears

“you are welcome sweets” she smiles and my heart goes warm. Her smile

seems to light up the whole emergency ward and wipe away all my

stress. Its like we are both in a bubble with nothing but the both of

us. I continue to smile like an idiot at her until my mom’s doctor

comes out and tell me to follow him to his office. I stand to leave

and her face falls. I want to stay but i cant. I look at her for a

second then remove the bracelet on my wrist and hand it to her.

“take this. Its my lucky charm” i expect her to laugh in my face but

she takes it and put in on her right wrist. She gives me a wane smile

and i sigh as i turn to follow the doctor. I turn back and wave her

goodbye. She waves me back and smile. I notice she’s crying through

her smile. There’s nothing i can do to help so i continue walking with

the doctor.

“your mom’s schizophrenia is getting worse Steven. We need to confine

her before she hurts someone or even herself” he says as soon as i


“we don’t have that kind of money sir”

“you need to figure something out. I don’t like her results” he tells

me. I nod my head and walk dejected out of his office, towards my

mom’s room. When i get there, she isn’t in her room. I rush out to the

nurse station and i am told that she just walked out. What kind of

nurses let their patient leave like that?.

. They probably thought she

was well as she looked healthy. I run out of the hospital which is

along the road and look around. Suddenly, i hear someone shout. I turn

my head to see my mother in the middle of the road and the girl i just

gave my bracelet too is trying to drag her off the road. My mom is

bulging though. They seen to be struggling and a lorry is coming

towards them. I run towards them. My legs doesn’t seem to run fast

enough as everything happen in slow motion. Only the lorry seem to be

coming in fast motion. My mom is pushed off the road by the girl

before the lorry sweeps her(the strange girl) off the road.

“no!” i scream for the girl. There is blood everywhere.

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