Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

My name is Jessica. I was once that vibrant and happy girl until suddenly – my honey comb turned bitter.

It happened when I fell sick in school. As the school girls perfect I took permission from a teacher to go home which I did and cuddled myself up in bed. I always have this bad typhoid that do come at intervals despite my carefulness of what I drink and eat, and that afternoon my mother returned from work with my younger brother and saw me in bed shivering.

I felt her touched me and heaved saying nothing to me, but asked my brother to take off his uniform and she left the house again to get me drugs using the prescription the doctor gave to her to use whenever it comes knocking and there is no money to take me to the hospital.

She shortly returned and made me to sit up and gave me the drugs which I took.

“Let me get you something to eat, she said when I was done and I nodded.

That evening my father returned with his usual cold manner. The only person he smiles with is his son, and I sometimes wonder what my mother did to him that he suddenly changed and didn’t want her again. I can’t remember the last time my parents sat together and talked happily, whenever my mother tries that, it ends up in a fiercely heat. I was more close to my mother, probably that made him not care about me either because I always stand by her side.

He saw me lying sick but ignored and sat down carrying his son despite I greeted him, then my mother walked into the sitting room and greeted him also but he didn’t answer.

“Jessica is sick, I couldn’t get all the drugs for her because my money is not enough, my mother said to him and he looked at her.

“So what should I do? He asked.

“I need money to get her drugs, you know I won’t ask you this but I have not been paid, she replied.

“Interesting, he said keeping my brother down and left for his room and my mother breathed out looking at me.

“Its okay mommy I’ll be fine, I said to her.

“Your drugs is not complete Jessica and now is the wrong time for you to be sick, she said.

“You should have told me you don’t have money, its okay I have my savings you can use it, I said.

“Your savings is for you just in case your time of your month comes, I don’t want you to be stranded. Don’t worry I’ll see what I can do, she said and went in to get his food ready but I heard him shouting in his room and stormed out,

“Who took my money from that room? He asked me and my mother quickly came out which he angrily looked at her.

“What kind of question is that? Who in this house do you think will take your money? My mother asked back and he went close to her as I sat down where I was watching.

“Who took the 5,000 naira that was in my pocket, I want it now! He shouted on her but my mother only hissed and turned her back to go but he held her back roughly.

“Daddy please! I cried out knowing another fight will soon start..

“Look here I am not in the mood for this. How many times will I tell you not to ask me about your missing money, am I not working? You better don’t try this now because my daughter is sick, she sternly warned him and left and he breathed heavily looking at me and left the house.

I breathed out as that went cool because I didn’t have the strength to separate any fight that moment and a call came on my phone from my classmate which I picked up.

“Hey how are you feeling now? Sandra asked.

“Not bad though, I replied.

“Will you be in school tomorrow? Your voice doesn’t sound good, she said.

“I’m not sure, but if I can I’ll let you know, I replied.

“Take care of yourself, that’s more important okay, she said.

“I will, thanks babe, I said smiling.

“Ya welcome, bye, she said dropping the call and I was glad she did call at that moment.

At night my fever increased that my mom had to call the school where she teach to give her just a day break to take care of her sick daughter but her request was declined. My mother was very mad with the authorities and everybody but I weakly asked her to be calm.

“You’ll come with me to work okay so I can look after you, I can’t leave you at home alone, my mother said.

“No problem mommy, I accepted if that will make her not worry again.

The next day I got prepared and left with her to school while my father took his son to drop him off. My mother teaches the primary 4 class, and I had to help her with some class stuff just to get myself busy.

After the break period I felt more better but noticed a pupil was sleeping. The way he slept with his mouth open was funny as my mother was busy with their books that she didn’t notice. I decided to let him sleep, but a pupil who sat at the next row stood up from his seat probably to get something from his friend but he slipped on something and fell.

I stood up immediately from where I sat to help him up but saw water on the floor,

“Whose bottle is leaking? I asked because obviously that made the boy slipped.

The sleeping boy woke up and I saw his uniform wet and his classmate saw it and quickly pointed at him laughing.

“You’ve peeped again! My mother shouted and I shook my head so surprised. Looks like its not the first time he has done that and the boy is far older than his classmates.

“You this papa you’ve peeped again? Common come out here! My mother angrily shouted at him but he was proving stubborn to leave his seat.

“Will you come out here now! Papa pee pee! My mother shouted taking her cane and everyone burst out laughing which I also did as he bounced out boldly to the front with his soiled uniform to face his punishment.

After my mother flogged him, he was swearing bad at her that she will see him and all that. I was surprised and wondered where he got the guts from in just primary 4 and before I knew it, he took his bag and left the class and I shook my head.

The school was finally over and as my mother was tidying up her table, an elderly man stormed in raining abuses on my mother for always embarrassing his grand son.

“Papa o, I am respecting your age. Your son is very stubborn and keeps on urinating in the class, should I not punish him for that? Just imagine his pee made my child fall, what if the boy broke his nose because of your grand son pee? My mother asked him.

“So if my son pee is it your business? Must you call him papa pee pee? Are you not to protect him as his teacher after paying for his fees? He asked and my mother shook her head smiling.

“I have been swallowing all his stubbornness and his constant sleeping in class. For the fact that you pay his fees does not give him the right to turn my class as a toilet. Besides, is he not papa pee pee? My mother asked back.

“Papa pee pee? Don’t worry, we shall see, the man said pointing at my mother.

“You will see yourself, you and your grand son will see yourself. What rubbish! My mother shouted very pissed with threatening words.

“Mommy its okay, I said holding her and the man looked at us and left ignoring the other teachers trying to calm him down.

“Be careful with that man o, I heard his dangerous just ignore his grand son, a teacher said to my mother and my mother hissed.

“Who cares? My mother asked taking her bag and dragged me along with her.

Hmmmm little did I know that my trouble has just begun!!!!

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