Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Tell me what you understand by love, trust, royalty and submission?

Tell me what you know about pain, betrayal, anger, trauma and lies?

Is there any another word you can use to qualify any of this feelings?

I’m watching my life fades away everyday and I’m yet to understand why…just why me?

Is a common question that people ask when they don’t understand why bad thing happened to them

When you have been good all your life and expects good in returns but suddenly all your expectations and hopes are dashed like a broken Calabash that can not be mended again.

If I could change the hand of time, I will go back to the day I met Tony.

Yes, I will go back to that day and remain at home. I’m willing to stay home, mob the whole house, cook food for all my Kinsmen, weed a wide land acres covered with thorn bushes, I’m ready to do anything just to avoid meeting Tony.

There are house chores I hate to do but I will be so happy if that’s what I have to do to avoid setting my eyes on him.

People say divorce is not an option.

They told me that Tony was my cross to bear but for how long do I supposed to live like this? Is this what marriage is all about? Is this what the over hype word on marriage is really all about?

Well if so, I don’t want to be married in my next world. I want to live and be happy with myself or can’t I be happy without getting married?

Let me tell you how it all started. I can remember so clearly how I met Tony and got married to my suppose prince in a shining armor.

It started in May 13 2007. I remember so vividly. That was the day it all began.

I have finished late with a board meeting with my company where my boss had concluded the meeting with my transfer letter to Jalingo, just for me to go and foresee our branch over there.

That day I was angry, bitter and sad that my boss concluded so fast and did not give me much options or choice. He did not even care to know if I’m ready for such task or not.

I protested and kept sending email to my boss not to transfer me. I even told him that I was a lady and many harm could come to me during the cause of my transfer.

Their were many other staffs to send but he kept insisting that he found me worthy for the job in Jalingo. i will be made the regional manager which comes with lots of benefits.

I even went to him the day he came to the office since he was not always around. I went to him pleading and giving different excuses on why I can’t go to Jalingo but my boss do not want to hear of it.

He said a good accommodation, salary increase and a calm working environment is attached to the offer but I was still not ready and was willing to turn it all down.

At the end, I did not have much choice rather than to go.

Is either to resign or to relocate for the main time to Jalingo. I choose rather to go than resign.

Is been over five years that I have been working for my company.

After I finished from university I joined them and later went for my Masters degree programme. It was after masters that I was given the post of a regional manager.

I thought of Isreal and how he will take the news of my transfer. And just like I predicted it did not go down well.

But sometimes his opinion doesn’t really count to me. I like him a lot and we have been in a relationship for sometime.

He wasn’t in my league or levels but I choose to be with him and remind him of that anytime he misbehave.

Isreal loves me with his life. He apologise both when I’m wrong and when he is wrong. He was a great cook and does all my biddings.

He practically worships me which is well expected. I’m beautiful, classy and rich. Coolvalstories I’m also a Lekki big girl. I mingle with my class even my friends knows that.

Some wonder why I’m dating Somebody like Isreal. Only Diane supports me and encourages me not to leave Isreal because the guy was a nice guy and very rare.

I’m of a high league while Isreal is just a HND holder who works in a common bank as a teller.

His salary is not even up to my wardrobe or traveling allowance.

Isreal was willing to share his salary into two and give me the largest part.

He cooks most weekends and bring to my house in Lekki. He buys gifts, foodstuffs and bring to me.

I’m not much of a cook but my fridge is always stalked up with different food prepared by Isreal. This are more reasons why I love him and decided to keep him.

He was good looking but his level wasn’t close to mine and no matter what he does I always find reason to disqualify him.

I wish he was of same league with mine but he wasn’t and I feel ashamed to introduce him as my man to people.

I love Isreal for many reasons.

I watch him breakdown after I told him I was moving to Jalingo.

I promised him that we will keep in touch always and I will find time to travel down to see him. I promised him that I will never hurt him. He begged me to remember every of my promises to him and I assured him that I will.

I parked up that early morning with Isreal’s help, he made sure I had enough food that will last me all through my journey. He took the whole night to cook and stored in foodflask for me. I kissed him goodbye that morning. He wiped a tear and asked me to remember my promises and I told him I will.

I entered my car and drove off hoping to keep my promise to Isreal.

And that was how my journey began, i have to leave Israel. the man i was in a relationship with, i have to leave my Lekki big girls club where i had lots of friends, i have to leave my comfortable house to Jalingo…

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