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Dammy writes?

“I can no longer bear this attitude of yours. What exactly is your problem? You keep coming home late and you feel there’s nothing wrong with it. I’ve always known you to be a workaholic and I’m not surprised but for the sake of our daughter, your daughter, create time for us especially her. She is still a little girl and she’s lacking motherly affection……..” My dad said.

“Kola, what exactly are you talking about? What do you mean by my daughter lacking motherly affection? Am I not trying as a mother? I get her everything she needs and doesn’t need. Do not put my daughter into this but you should stop nagging all the time. I’ve been out of this house since 4am and I cannot come back to rest peacefully. I am tired of this.” My mum fired back.

“Listen to yourself, when last did you perform your duties as my wife or as the woman of the house. Lara, please we need you. Your daughter needs you. Your husband needs you please.” My dad continued.

Well, this is what happens almost every night. As a six year old child, I understand perfectly everything that happens in our house. My dad works as an Estate Manager and I want to be like him in the future while my mum works as a banker with First Bank Nigeria. She leaves the house as early as 4am and comes back 9pm or 10pm. The last time I spoke with my mom was on Sunday when we were preparing for church. I’m not always up when she leaves and most times, I’m always asleep when she comes back. I slept this afternoon after school that’s why I am not asleep yet.

I love my Dad more than my mummy because he always play with me and ask about my well being. My daddy dresses me up for school, he takes me to school before going to work and he picks me up most times. When he is busy, he sends one Of their company drivers to pick me up. My mum buys a lot of things for me but I don’t get to see her. I miss my mum so much.

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