Episode 1

Theme: She slapped Him
Jennifer had just swept the floor of the whole compound of the house cus she lives in a beautifully fenced house.

She was tired and weary, she is still gonna mob the floor of all rooms inside the house, that is the task she must fulfil every morning, her barren mother had given her that duty.

She goes late to school cus of the tedious housework
Jennifer sat wearily at the backyard of the house with a long broom and brownish blue parker.
“I hope that someday all this is gonna stop, all my mates enjoy the love of their mother and goes early to school while I must do all house chores that is meant for a house help, am I really a house help in this house or a daughter of the father that built this house” Jennifer thought painfully as she sat majestically at the backyard
She heard footsteps of someone stepping down the stairs towards where she sat, she hurriedly stood up and pretended to be sweeping
It was her step mother, the woman is barren , that implies she has no child. But she is rich, even though she has the money to employ a house help , she refused to, she insist that Jennifer should do all the works.

Jennifer’s father dare not say questione his wife, that is the step mother cus he works for her.

The step mother owns a magazine company, Jennifer’s father is one of her worker, but she had always liked him because he is handsome, when she heard that his wife died, she was happy that her plan to become a wife of Jennifer’s dad will come through. she s£duced Jennifer’s father into having an intimate affair with her after he lost his first wife, that was the wife that gave birth to Jennifer
Jennifer’s dad agreed to date her for fun, but she insist that she wishes to be a permanent and legal wife of Jennifer’s dad

Jennifer’s dad was not happy with this cus he did not want his lovely daughter to be maltreated by a step mother and so tries to avoid her so he wouldn’t give her a reply.

The woman waited for reply from Jennifer’s dad for many days , but Jennifer’s dad refused to give her a reply. She then told him that if he kept refusing to be her husband, he should get ready loose his job

Jennifer’s dad is Smith
The step mother, the owner of one of the largest producing magazine company is Tessa
Smith can not afford to loose his job, he has being working for her company for fifteen years and he is well loved and respected , to top it all, he is one of the highest paid worker
He agreed to Tessa’s proposal , after all, Tessa is a beautiful woman. Tessa left her big mansion where she lives alone, she once had a husband but broke up with her cus he believes Tessa is cursed that was why she is not giving birth
Tessa start to live with Smith and Jennifer and since then, life has being very tough for Jennifer. Tessa dislikes Jennifer for whatever reason known to her

Shouldn’t one think that Tessa should take Jennifer as her only daughter , but no, she refused , maybe because she has not given birth, she does not know the pains that mother goes through when given birth.

Let’s just say Tessa is cruel to Jennifer and Smith dares not question Jennifer’s actions to Jennifer unless he is ready to loose his Job
Tessa stepped down from the stairs that led to the back yard and saw Jennifer bending and sweeping

“Young girl, I thought you should have being done by now, you are still gonna mob the floor of the house, make it snappy or you won’t like what I may do for you” Tessa said
“I’m sorry ma, I’m almost done” Jennifer replied like a slave in her father’s daughter . Tessa had made her lost all her pride in her father’s house.

Tessa smirked and stepped back up majestically
Jennifer hurriedly went inside and began to mob the floor of the while house, while she was mobbing an empty tiled room , she saw her father dressed walking out to his place of work, her father noticed that Jennifer is inside the room he just passed. He took some steps back and entered

“Jennifer” Smith called pathetically
“Dad, would you rather choose your job over me? Is this how I’m gonna be living my life as a slave in my father’s house” Jennifer said
“jenny, It’s tougher than you imagine, I laboured so hard to get to where I am today, I can’t afford to loose my job, I’m sorry” Smith said

.”sorry! Huh? Like seriously, you are saying sorry, you would rather loose me and protect your job” Jennifer said with an heart of pain
“Jenny, see you by evening” Smith said and walked out.

Jenny watched his father left as she held the mobbing stick in her hand , she stared at the cleansing water in bucket she had being carrying from rooms to rooms to clean each room.

Tears rolled from her eyes , she hope that someday, her father will change and send the cruel step mother who had being maltreating her away

Jennifer mobbed all the floor with tears , while she was mobbing the last room , she find herself singing unconsciously
Tessa, her step mother had warned her several times never to sing again, the sweet voice of Jennifer always intimidate her, but singing to Jennifer is more of a gift, she spends most of her time writing down lyrics of song, she sings silently in her room cus she dares not sing out loud.

Tessa heard Jennifer’s sweet voice again, it irritates her from inside the bedroom that she was, she hurriedly bathed and came out with a blue towel rapped around her covering her private parts

“Jenny , are you at this again? I told you several times to stop singing in this house , can you ever be obedient?” Tessa asked

“I wasn’t even aware that I had being singing out loud, I was only singing it in my heart cus I love singing” Jennifer said
Tessa giggled

“You love singing, huh? And you think I hate it, do I need to detain you inside that empty room for the rest of the day before you come back to your senses” Tessa said

“Sorry ma, I’m sorry ma, Please don’t do that, I want to go to school today , please ma” Jennifer pleaded sincerely
“Better respect yourself and obey all my commands” Tessa said
“Yes ma” Jennifer said and watched Tessa walked away

Jennifer stopped singing and finished the house chores, she went back to her room , she bathed, dressed and went to school.

She was dropped by a cab at the front of the school, there are over five exorbitant and beautiful cars that could escort her to school in her father’s house, but her step mother would rather give her the exact same money to board a cab.

One can say that Jennifer is victim of a cruel stepmother.

“I had being waiting all along for you, you really came late today” Linda the girlfriend of Robert said

They were standing side by side beside the staircase of the first block of the school.

The school is a beautifully designed school with four blocks namely ; BLOCK A, BLOCK B, BLOCK C and BLOCK D.

A block is a building of three floors with twelve class rooms on each floor, We have thirty six class rooms in each block and one hundred and forty four class rooms in the whole school.
This is to tell you how big British high school is
Even though there are approximately three thousand students in that school, the school is well organized and structured.

Jennifer’s class is in Block A, last stairs, hence, one will climb four stairs from the first floor of the school before getting to her class
Robert’s class is in Block A, second to the last stairs
Linda’s class is in block B, at the first floor .
Robert and Linda only get to see each other either by break time or closing time
Now, Robert had just arrived to the school and Linda her girlfriend welcomed him with a soft question beside the stir case of Block A
Robert smiled at Jennifer’s question
“I’m sorry dear, dad received some visitors today, so I decided to help him out in some stuffs” Robert said
“Oh! Now I get, didn’t you see my newly plait hair” Linda said with a face like that of a kid
Robert smiled and touched her newly beautifully plait hair

.”I was just about to give a nice comment on it, I love it” Robert said and Linda blushed
Jennifer who had just alighted from the cab entered the school and passed the same stair case that leads to her class. She passed directly beside Robert and Linda who were having their relationship fun

When she almost got to the stairs beside Robert and Linda, she walked majestically and beautifully, she had always crushed on Robert , even though she knew that it can not work out considering the fact that he is dating Linda who happens to be the richest and one of the most beautiful girl in school , moreso, she can’t date cus she is cursed
Robert turned his head to behold the stranger cat walking to the stairs, the sight of what he saw amazes him.

He saw a beautifully adorned goddess whose uniform fits perfectly, nice shape and lovely skin, blue eyes and very dark and curly hair, his eyes drifted to the right side of her lips and he was stunned to see how beautifully shaped it was
He watched with his lips parted , his focus absolutely focused on her, his heart beats gently but heavily at the sight of the stranger.
He watched till the stranger faded of sight
“Whom could this beautifully adorned sweetheart be, I had never seen her here before” Robert thought referring to Jennifer
Linda noticed that her boyfriend was lost at the sight of another girl

She became clouded by jealousy and yelled
“Robert!” Linda called with a face that tells Robert that he is guilty of lusting at another girl while she is standing
Robert jerked back to consciousness and blinked as he brought his head to Linda
Linda didn’t like what Robert did, he decided to fake anger as usual, she took some steps away from Robert like she was walking away hoping that Robert is gonna call her back and plead, but to her surprise, Robert didn’t give her faked anger much thought, instead he was thinking of the lady he had seen and how he is gonna find the class she was

Linda walked sluggishly but painfully when she realized that Robert did not bother calling her back, that made her furious and disappointed in Robert, she walked to her block
Robert turned and saw that Linda had gone, he didn’t give it much thought, instead he ran to the second floor, he eye searched every class rooms, but he didn’t see the strange girl. He walked to the third floor, he eye searched every class rooms but he didn’t see the strange girl
He was getting tired , he wondered what class the strange girl could be

He ran to the last floor , he eye searched every class room, he saw the strange girl at the very last class room beside the stair case that leads to the second floor
He peeped and saw her unzipping her bag
“How do I approach this beauty, she shouldn’t be rude anyways” Robert thought and summoned little courage

He walked inside Jennifer’s class and walked directly to Jennifer’s sit
“Hi angel ” Robert greeted
Jennifer’s heart skipped on seeing the one and only Robert inside his class, this is the guy she had always being crushing on
Jennifer smiled and blushed at the same time
“Hi” Jennifer said and waved her fingers in the air

“Can I sit?” Robert asked pointing to an empty sit beside Jennifer
Jennifer nodded and smiled
Robert sat beside her with his smiling face
Keeley is a very close friend to Linda, she is a classmate of Jennifer, she was stunned to see Robert, her friend’s boyfriend with Jennifer.
“What could he be doing with her, this bi*ch must have s£duced Robert” Keeley thought
She brought out her phone from the small purse of her bag and put a call through to Linda
‘On phone’
“Hi Linda”Keeley greeted
“Hi ” Linda replied
“Could you believe Robert is in my class sitting side by side with Jennifer ” Keeley reported .
“What! I’m coming right now” Linda said and Keeley hanged up and smirked at Jennifer and Robert

After few minutes, Linda and her three friends arrived
The names of her three friends are Wren, Catherine and Elizabeth
The four of them walked beautifully but furiously to Jennifer’s class, they went directly to her sit
Robert saw them and stood. Jenny was scared too.
“Linda, what are you doing here?” Robert asked
Linda ignored Robert’s question and signalled to her friend to get into actions
Linda’s three friends pulled Jenifer roughly from Robert and made her sit on a bare floor, they poured flours and bottle of water they came with on Jennifer

Jennifer cried gently at how Linda’s friend molested her and spoilt her day
Robert couldn’t stand it, he dragged and pulled Linda towards her
“Why would you do this to an innocent girl?” Robert yelled in such a way that could scare any simple lady
Buy Linda wasn’t scared, instead it made her furious the more and she did not know when she slapped Robert

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