Episode 1

Enjoying my sleep in the evening around 8pm on saturday, na 10pm i dey take sleep before but since no food to chop i gat to sleep and put the groaning worm in my stomach at rest, i havent slept 30 minutes wen my phone rang, i check the caller na blessing.

Me: baby whatsup

blessing: i don tell you make you nor dey call me baby again, where you dey?

me: i dey my house na where you expect make i dey before?

blessing: your girlfriend house na.

Me: i don tell you na only you be the girl wey i get.

Blessing: na who be your girl, let my guy catch you, your own don finish be that, abeg i don buy that laptop come help me check am weda na better one and to configure am for me abeg.

Me: abeg make am tommorow i dey tire and i wan sleep.

Blessing: abeg na i nor fit watch film for inside self and i need to keep myself busy.

Me: call your boyfriend na

blessing: i don tell you my guy no dey leave here.

Me: na who come dey sample u na?

Blessing: sample what?

Me: sorry nothing.

Blessing: e better be nothing rotten mind, by the way i cook rice.

Me: am on my way.

Blessing na my coursemate for one polytechnic wey dey MCC aba, i don try chike the babe many times, but the babe dey form strong head for me, but since she want something from me then i must get something in return apart from the rice, we must balance the equation, afterall one great man say, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. There must be an opposite reaction today oh.

ingredient nor dey dey her food but the food dey sweet well, she is dark in complexion not too tall, her behind not too big and not too small, her b0s0m is average also, as for me am fair, hairy and tall.

I put on my clothes and took my phone and my earpiece why i head to her place, her house far small sha but i gat no choice, i must consume that rice oh, i check the time 8:45pm, everywhere is dark nobody dey road, e be say people quick enter house today oh, maybe na the wether cause sha,

i was walking slowly enjoying the music booming from my earphone like tecno Boom J7 when someone flash light from behind, i removed the earpiece i heard a lady voice from my back calling my name “ozilla” i turn back i saw nobody, na who come call my name na, e be like say the hungry don dey make me hear different things, i pocket my phone and continue moving i fasten my footstep, half way to her place i heard the voice again, a slick tender voice from my back, “why are you moving fast” i look back again i saw nobody, oboy na which kind thing be this na, i run oh because this time i heard it clearly, i ran as fast as i can till i get to blessing house. i didnt hear her till i reach her house, she live in a fence house but no gate, her room was build separately beside the main building just like a store, one room.
I knock on her door, she didnt answer, i knock again and i heard ” who is that”

Me: idiot na me open the door.
She open the door and i enter and i quickly closed the door.

Blessing: wetin happen why u dey sweat like hegoat.

Me: u nor go understand.

Me: abeg give me water first, before i quench.

Blessing: tell me wetin happen wey you dey sweat like this, na dog pursue you?

No be only dog, this one worse pass dog, e for better if na dog, but dog no dey talk na, she gave me water, i look around no sign of any cooked food.

Me: wey the food wey you say you cook?

Blessing: abeg no vex i know say u nor go come thats why i use the food draw you.

Me: please tell me you are joking.

Blessing: am not and am sorry.

Me: you mean say all this suffer wey i don suffer for road all na for nothing,

Blessing: no vex na abeg i just want you to help me with my laptop.

Chai awish no be girl i swear i for slap her, I was very angry, i stood up, go to the door and wanted to leave, she stood up quickly and block the door.

Me: let me dey go abeg.

Blessing: why you dey quick vex like this na.

Me: if you know the kind thing wey happen for road you nor go talk like this.

Blessing: na wetin go happen wey you go come leave without eveing seeing the laptop.

Me: that one no concern me again, i need something to quench the worm disturbing my stomach.

I wanted to move her away from the door so that i will pass, she hold the hand and put it on her chicks, looking at me in a seductive way, i rub her chick with my hand while she bite her lips in a seductively, she wore red legins with a handless shirt, she put her two hands around my neck, draw my head closer and gave me a sweet kisss, waoh i was flabbergasted, girl wey i don dey try to chike since come dey give me free kiss, omo i gat to grab the opportunity.

I return the kiss and press her against the door, i press her b0s0m and she m0an a little, i removed her shirt and move her bra one side and kiss her sweet b0s0m, she m0an again, i lose her bra and bury my face in her b0s0m as she use her right leg to draw my body closer to her.

We continue romancing each other, i move her leggins and pant down and bend down to see a beautiful pussi, shaved triangularly, i raise her right leg up and start sU-Cking her pussi, she has a sweet odour, she hold her door and put her two legs on my shoulder while i sU-Ck her pussi, she wine her waist and continue m0an!ng, (if i hear say na me dey romance this girl i nor go believe) many people try to woe her in school but she decline, so i settle for friend only, but now i don dey get the benefit.

“uuuuhmmm, aahhh sU-Ck me dear”
me dear? Waoh, after the romance i hope she continue calling me dear oh, i stop sU-Cking her and move her to her table, i make her to lie down on the table like a dog facing the table with her butt0ckz staring at me, while i remove my trouser (no time for long romance i fit no get another opportunity again or she fit lose interest if i too dull) i remove my hard J0yst!ck from boxer and position myself to insert the disk inside the cd player, but there is one problem no condom.

Blessing: baby whats holding you na?

Me: i dont have cd and i cant go in raw.

Blessing: check that purse on the wall you will see condom.

I open the purse and saw packet of sealed condom (na wa for this girl oh) for school she go dey virgin, i open it and took one i wore it quickly, i insert my pennis inside her slowly and she shouted, her Kitty-Cat was very tight and wet so i stroke slowly again and she shouted again, i start going faster little by little and she continue shouting, “yeah comeon do it faster baby” i grant her request as i fucck her faster, i removed my dicck and slap her butt0ckz two times, i insert it again and continue Bleeping her faster while she keep on shouting, i hold her butt0ckz with my two hands using it to bring her butt0ckz closer to mine while i bandgfrom behind, she Pour 5minutes later and lie in bed telling me shes tired.

Me: wetin you wan come do my hard J0yst!ck?

Blessing: i dont know, i cant continue am too weak pls lets just sleep.

She lie in bed and face the wall, with her butt0ckz smilling at me,

i went to her and start rubbing her back, i separate her leg and position my J0yst!ck while i enter again, i fucck her from behind, i started slowly then faster, she was enjoying it because she was also moving her butt0ckz closer to my dicck as i stroke her from behind, i fucck her so hard for 10 more minutes before we came the same time.

Blessing: waoh, i didnt know you are this good

Me: how will you know, when you never gave me a chance.

Blessing: hmmm dont get it over your head, this will be the first and last time.

Me: hmmm, i dont think i can let you go because u are too sweet, only madman will do that.

Blessing: you nor well, you still want to eat.

Me: no i just want to sleep beside you.

Blessing: ok goodnight.

Me: goodnight dear.

I check my time 10:00pm, i hold her like my romeo as i go into dreamword.

Around 1:00am i woke and try to sleep again for were, the hungry wey dey scatter my stomach no let me sleep again oh so i woke her from her sleep, she yawn and ask me what is it?

Me: i cant sleep

Blessing: why na?

Me: because am very hungry..

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