Episode 1

? ? ? AMELIA’S POV ? ? ???????????

I’ve being standing here for more than four hours waiting for George whose mother said he will be home today, am to pick him at the airport.

Different flights had landed and am yet to see this George of a guy. I wonder what is keeping him or did he miss his flight?.

I think he is the one coming with luggages, he is very cute.

He had pink and wet lips, tall and has blond hair.

I was lost admiring how handsome he is that I didn’t know when he gets to me.“You must be Amelia, my mum’s housemaid”, I heard him said that.

His voice is so unique, sweet infact I feel like hearing that voice over and over again. I raise my head up looking at him straight in his face.

Guys, he is too cute, he got it all. His deep green eyes makes me forget myself, I lost my voice or maybe I couldn’t open my mouth to talk.“I asked you a question or aren’t you Amelia, the one my mum told me about?”, His voice brought back my senses.

I simply nod positively as I couldn’t utter any word“So you can’t talk?”, He asked, I still didn’t say anything.“Baby, what kind of a dumb girl is this?” The girl standing next to him asked.

That’s when I knew he came with a girl but how could he be coming back from where I don’t know with a woman? “Since you can’t talk, this is Clara, my girlfriend”, he said.

What? Girlfriend? Why will he has a girlfriend?I stretch my hand out to Clara for a hand shake. “What do you wanna do? You want to fuvking touch my percious girl friend? Are you mad?”, He half yelled and hits my hand.

This guy is wicked, how can he be yelling at me when he just meet me?.“Please can you take us home? We are tired”, said Clara.

I could feel proudness in her voice. I adjust for them to enter the car, they did leaving their bags for me to take care of. I put their heavy bags in the car’s boot then went to the driver’s seat.

Our drive from the airport to Mrs Maureen’s mansion wasn’t that long.

Soon we get home, they pulled out and went inside, I struggle with their bags to their room. “Where is my mum?” George asked “She went to work”, I replied “Oh you can talk? I thought you are deaf and dumb”, Clara said harshly, I didn’t answer her.

I turn to leave but George call me back with that his sweet voice. “Have you clean our room?” He asked “Yes, I cleaned it yesterday”, I replied. “Baby, the room is dirty, there is duty”, Clara said with that her witch voice. “Do you judge a book by its cover?” I asked George arch an eyebrow.“What’s that suppose to mean?”, Clara asked, I look at her from head to toe, I don’t have anything to say to her.

I quitely left them without a word and went to my room.

Is like Clara thinks am a slave maybe because George called me a housemaid in her presence that’s why she is saying rubbish to me.

Imagine it, someone that just came today, she don’t even know me or anything about me she has already starts misbehaving.

Hmm we can’t live under the same roof.

Two captains can never drive one ship, one must go down for the other and Clara must leave this house for me if she tires anything stupid. “Amelia! Amelia!”, Came Clara’s voice bringing me back to reality.

I came out of my room, she’s walking around the corridor like someone they are pushing, shouting my name as if she’s my mother. “What do you want?”, I asked “Here you are b—h!”, She said as soon as she turns to me.“I’d better go back to my room if you’ve nothing to say”, I said as I turn my back against her. “You said George’s room is cleaned but isn’t. There’s duty in the bathroom”, she said. “Am sure your hands aren’t paining you”, I said “Meaning what?”, She asked “Meaning you should clean it yourself”,“What? You want me to clean by myself? George must hear this, baby! Baby!”, She said stunning out of my presence.

I went back to my room.

? ? ? ? ? ?

In the evening, am preparing dinner when Mrs Maureen return from work. “Mum”, I heard George’s voice as he hugs his mum. “Welcome back son”, Mrs Maureen said. “Thanks mum, how was your day?”, George asked.

I peep from the kitchen, staring at them I want to know what will be Mrs Maureen’s reaction when George will introduce Clara to her or did she knows George was bringing his girlfriend?“Fine, how is your dad and Europe?” Mrs Maureen asked sitting down.

So George went to Europe and bring this witch to America? Why will her parents allowed her to follow a man she isn’t married to, to another continent?

Some parents are something else. “Fine, mum, meet Clara my new girlfriend, I met her in Europe”, he Said while Clara stretch her hand to Mrs Maureen for a hand shake. “Nice meeting you Clara, please can you excuse us for a minute?”, Mrs Maureen said.

George look at her then to Clara.

Clara swallowed hard as she simply nods and stands up,she look at George who give her a sign that everything is ok then she left.

Now I want to know what Mrs Maureen will say or do to George. I know she won’t beat or yell at him anyway let me see for myself.

To Be Continued..

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