Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

MR JULIUS a well known successful business man he owns many companies arround the country which made him one of the richest young milloniare in the society althouh he is in his mid-thirties but he has achieve great tinz.

he was well known more than his business rivals like chief LARRY who also a business successful man he also own some companies around the country but not as mr Julius. chief LARRY has one problem which is he hate mr JULIUS.

How can JULIUS the boy of yesterday is well known more than i chief LARRY i was the one before he takes over every body in the country now known him more than i no it can’t be i must clear him out from my way he must fall and i will rise again no body dare challenge me JULIUS has chew more than he can swallow i mean only one thing for him He Must die.

Darling u are welcome. how was the day work? MMA asked her husband is fine dare.

where is my boy BRIGHT.

Bright is a nine year old boy the only child of mr/mrs JULIUS. he is sleeping MMA replied.

6am the following day.

MMA.Darling am scared

JULIUS.honey what why are u scared are u ok what happend

MMA.i had a bad dream last nite. u were killed in the dream

JULIUS. killed?come one darling is just a nightmare.

MMA.honey please i don’t want to be a widow.

remember our only child BRIGHT please we don’t want to loss u

JULIUS.Thanks dare but worry not ok i will be fine. they had some romantic moment before he going for work. little did he know that that will be his last day on earth.


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