Episode 1

Disturbia by riri girl woke me up,thats a sign for me to wake and get ready for school.I really hate it when I get to wake up with that annoying sound but hey that life.

“CASSY”,Screaming from downstairs of course knowing that sound its coming from my mum.My family is crazy they never talk softly they always got to scream.But thats life .i really love my family even though most of the times they embarrass me,but what is a family without some embarrassing stories.
“Cassidy if i come there and you are not awake,i will pour water on you”,my mum threatened.most her Threats comes real though.with that threat i woke up so fast as if my bed was Electrocuted.”Im Awake mum”,i told her.

‘So here is another day of torture’ i told my self

“Cassy please get the door it might be Jay”,Mummy told me.Jay is my best friend.we’ve been friends since i was 4,he has been always around in the way that my mum takes him as her own son.”Cassy, what is wrong with you,i said get the door”,mummy scolded.

“Sorry mum,i will get the door just now”.
Of course the person behind the door is my best friend Jay.He is wearing his favourite black n white shirt that i bought for him few weeks back because he won a bet,With his black skinny Jean with his black shoes.To me this is the most handsome guy in the world.I always admire is beauty.He is like a God send Angel.

“Stop gawking at me Cassy,im not a chocolate cake”,he tried to joke.To me it was an insult because i was thinking of him as a chocolate cake.”Earth to Cassy”,he said snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yea ,what did you say?”,I asked totally lost.

“I said are you ready to leave for school?” ,He asked.

“Dewwwhhh,Let’s go,Byee mum”,I screamed while pulling him to his Audi.Rich kids i thought

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