Episode 1

It was a very cold morning and the more Pezo tried to convince herself she still had more time
before she could get out of bed, the faster the hands of time seemed to be moving. She turned
once, twice and once she was convinced that she at least had a few more minutes before she
could finally get out of her warm duvet, her phone alarm buzzed
Pezo: [speaking loudly to herself as she pulled her duvet over her head] oh no!! … Not just yet!!

As the irritating alarm continued, she quickly reached out for it and cancelled it as she slowly got
out of her comfortable bed. She looked once at her wall clock and realised just how much time she
had wasted in postponing her wakeup alarm. She didn’t have much to prepare herself for work.
She took a quick shower, never bothered about wearing so much makeup and in no time was
rushing out of the house. She was almost leaving when she realised she needed to at least say
bye to her mother and perhaps her young brother too – if awake.
By the time she was getting to the bedroom on the other end of the house, her mother was not
there and right away, Pezo guessed she could be in the kitchen preparing breakfast already… and
so was the case. She was almost breathless by the time she was getting there

Mrs Chinyama: Really Pezo?
Pezo: Am sorry Mummy…it was inevitable that I run… am late but I couldn’t leave without your
blessings of the day.

She quickly rushed to her mother and gave her a kiss on her left cheek
Pezo: I have to leave. Am really running late mum

Mrs Chinyama: and why this early today?
Pezo: Uh sorry I forgot to mention but my boss requested that I accompany him for a very
important breakfast meeting with partners. I really have to rush mummy
Mrs. Chinyama : and your lunchbox- I was just starting with

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