Episode 1

The date in which our seniors graduation was fast approaching, all students excluding me were preparing for the big party. Since the school was all about music and dance (school of dancing/music school) it has become a culture in the school that all students in a class must belong to a dancing or singing group which i am one of. Though am a good singer, loved by girls, buh there was somethings i lack which re LOVE, CONCENTRATION, GOOD DRESSING and BOLDNESS.
I couldn’t focus because there wasn’t no good cloths for me to wear, and i was shy because nobody had ever loved me, not to think of hailing me while i perform.

Chuks Kent is my name. My dad is late, my family belongs to the group of middle class people in the society. Ie we re not rich, neither re we poor. Since the death of my dad, mummy has been struggling to keep The whole family in order. On the other hand side, two of my brothers were graduates of federal polytehnic nekede, that helped the burden on my mummy’s back to decrease…….

Our family friends were invited over to settle the problem with me and my family members in choosing my career. Since i told them that going to school wasn’t in my agenda, it was as if all of them were against my wish.

Me: mom, i dont wanna go to school. I wanna be a dancer or a singer. Dont u see those young musicians like, tekno, nd runtown. Ma, they re all making their cool cash, and u expect me to spend up to five years going to the university.. I can’t ooh.

Mummy: you can’t kill me when God haven’t said so.. You must go to school ooh.

Me: mum, try and understand me, i qat something for music and education qat nothing for me. Just allow me to follow my heart.

Mum: my son, music might be ur destiny, buh u need education……. Biko nwa, see reasons with me. All those musician you see on television all went to university, why will ur own be different?

Me: not all of them went to university. , mum, do u know what, i will go to school, not just a university, buh a reverend (catholic) missionary school so that after spending five years, i will come out and become a reverend father… Much better evil smile

Mum: mba ooh, non of sons will be a reverend father. I Want to carry my grand children in my laps. We will enroll you into a music school.

Kelvin: but mum, he will just waste his life in music industry…….Dont you know that music involves alot of money. And besides, what do u know u gonna sing?

Me: music is my life. All i need is the full support of my family members.

Kelvin: if that’s ur career, who am i to say no to it… U will always have my support little brother…….

Me: thankz mehn.

Kelvin: so have you figured out the music school u wanna go? Me: will soon find out from my friend.

I have been enrolled into the music school, after paying the registration fee and other minor fees……. Infact, it fun to be a musician.
The school i was enrolled into was called YOUNG AND TALENTED. The school being filled up with young rich kids, made everything difficult for me. I was just like a nobody to them.
My real story begins.

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