Episode 1

Life they say has its ups and downs, but with Mansa’s life, she has only seen sadness and grieve.

She grew up in an orphanage home and at the age of 17, she was adopted by Rev. Mr. Amposah, wealthy Pastor with a large congregation and branches all over the nation.
Rev. had a beautiful wife with two sons who lived in the States.

Indeed Mansa was really gifted with the gift of vision. This made her foster parents more fond of her.

Rev., on the other hand thought Mansa was a gift from God. He groomed her to be very prayerful and spiritually strong.

Aside all these, Mansa was blessed with real beauty. She had dark skin tone that was perfectly smooth.

She led the prayer theme in her foster church as young as she was.

Unfortunately everything began turning around after the unfortunate death of Rev.
His death remained mysterious as no one knew the cause of his sudden loss. It all occurred at church in the middle of a sermon where he suddenly had a heart attack.

Due to this tragedy, Rev. Amposah’s sons who lived in the States came down to the country.

That was their first time seeing Mansa. Like every Christian family, they embraced her as a sister.

Few months after his death, a strange incident occurred at church that got people talking ill about Mansa.

Mansa met Elvis who was together with her at the orphanage home before she got adopted. They were both orphans and to Mansa, she saw Elvis as a brother, and so did Elvis.

Out of excitement Mansa jumped and huged him at the entrance of the church, right in front of everyone, including her foster mother and her two sons Kuu and Chris.

What got Mansa more excited was that Elvis came with his own car.

Apparently, Elvis has been able to establish an electrical business that was very lucrative to him.

He moved into town not too long and decided to visit a near by church which coincidentally was the same church Mansa and his foster family worshiped.

They hugged each other and open mindedly held hands as they both tried catching up with old times.

Their gestures however got almost the entire congregation talking. They felt uncomfortable with such act.

Mrs. Amposah and Chris were no exception. Chris especially being the Eldest son got so upset about Mansa and Elvis.

“Mummy, who is that guy Mansa is talking to?” Chris asked his mother while they all waited in their car waiting for Mansa.
He got interrupted by Kuu who felt Chris’s question was just out of order.

“Seriously, Chris, you are asking this question? let her be, i believe they know each other” said Kuu.

“Kuu, go and get her! she can’t keep us waiting like that” their mother instructed.
Kuu immediately got down and went towards where Mansa and Elvis stood.

Meanwhile, Mansa had invited Elvis for a prayer meeting later that evening. As soon as Elvis accepted the invite, Kuu joined them.
“Excuse me,” Kuu said.

“Mum wants us to leave so i guess you guys need to rap up”, Kuu said.

“Sure Kuu, anyway meet Elvis, a long time friend of mine. Elvis this is my brother Kuu” Mansa introduced each other as they shook hands.

Kuu then walked Mansa to their car and Elvis on the other side, went into the church premises. That was when he realised that people were murmuring about him and Mansa.

As soon as Mansa got into the car with Kuu, her foster Mum asked her a direct question.
“Who was that guy you were talking to?” Mrs Amposah asked.

“Mum, he is an old friend of mine back at the orphanage home”, Mansa answered.
“It doesn’t look like that! Mansa, be very careful” Mrs. Amposah cautioned her in a very angry tone.

“I’m sorry mum, it won’t happen again,” Mansa said as they set off from the church premises to their home.

Kuu thought that his mother had over reacted and felt bad about her action. They got home and soon the sun was beginning to set.
Later that evening, Elvis had showed up at the prayer meeting as he had promised Mansa.
Chris was supposed to come and pick Mansa home but unfortunately he was running late. After several attempts from Mansa to contact him, his phone was switched off.

Elvis then offered to drop Mansa off. Initially Mansa refused but she later had no option than to accept it since it was getting late.

Elvis drove her off and soon they arrived at the main entrance of Mansa’s house.

Mansa gave Elvis a goodbye hug and thanked him for his kind gesture. Little did she know that her foster mother was looking at her from her window.

In her view, it appeared that they were kissing

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