Episode 1

It was a wonderful morning……. Isabella was still on her bed sleeping when she heard a knock on her door…. she opened her eyes still feeling sleepy and was angry with whoever it is that was disturbing her sleep ….. then she looked up at the clock hanging on the wall of her room and sighed and said……

Isabella: gosh i totally forgot that today is Monday and am going to be late to school again.

she gently stroked her hair and then the knock came again and then heard her brother’s voice..

Charles: bella mum said that you should come down for breakfast and get ready for school sleep head.

Isabella: tell mum that i will be out soon..

Charles: should I also tell her that you were drunk last night and that’s why you are still sleeping…… am just imagining the kind of punishment she would give you after i tell her that.

Isabella: sometimes I just wonder if we are really siblings……. i just wish you disappear into thin air someday.

Charles: am. not even sure if you are my little sister… I’ll ask mum if you were adopted

Isabella : ugh…. she grunts…. just tell mum that am coming big brother.

Charles : alright little sis……..see you in school later.

he left the door and bella sheepishly stood up from her bed and walked downstairs…. ..

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