Episode 1

As I walked down Westerville street,I knew I looked wield. So wield because even, people stared at me.

What bride walks alone to her husband’s place on a normal issue! Anyway,I didn’t think about it much because I hopped I would find love in my new home.

I dragged my luggage with me as I made to the big houses in the street. He must be very rich. I said to myself as I looked at the direction in the map being given to me.
I arrived at a large gate with a big bright blue house and nodded.

A man who was probably the gate man opened up and ushered me in. Perhaps,he already knew I was coming through information.

I got inside the building and looked around in amazement. It was so big and beautiful.
I dragged my luggage with me to the main building and let myself inside the large hall.
As soon as I stepped my feet inside the large living room,I knew something wasn’t right with the house.

I looked around and left my luggage standing beside the door. My eyes darted around at the walls and saw pictures. Many of them.
Pictures of a beautiful dark lady with dimples. I went nearer and stared at the picture. Who was this lady?

And why was her pictures all over the walls of the living room? I felt a little insulted.
Okay,I heard he had a fiancee but she died. Even after knowing I was coming that very day, I still met some silly pictures around?
Anger ripped through me as I stared at the beautiful woman in the picture. I raised up my hand and unhooked on from the wall, taking close look at it. I stared around. Was there no one in the house?

I was about removing the next one when I heard the gate man opening the gate.
I stared out of the window and saw him coming out of his car and somehow I panicked as I saw his face. His stone cold,non smiling face.

I quickly started putting back the pictures back It’s places when the door opened and he stepped in.

I quickly turned to look at him and forced a smile.”I’m…I’m…here.” I said to him but his eyes were not on me. They were on the pictures on the wall.

“Those pictures, aren’t for games.”Just those words from him,sent cold shiver down my spine. His voice was so hard and thick I had to think if he smocked.

“Who are in the pictures? Aren’t you even going to look at your new wife and welcome her?”I asked him gently as he turned to look at me. His eyes were very cold.

“How many welcome will satisfy you my dear? You are not yet worthy to look at until your hair is being packed up.”He said as I looked at him confused. What does he mean by that?

I had always loved making my hair fall around my shoulders. Suddenly,I looked at the pictures again and noticed the girl in the mirror was packing her hair up. All of her pictures. I looked back at him.
“Eric,what are you trying to say?”I asked him. Was he trying to make me look like his dead fiancee?

His eyes burned into mine. Just then,the sound of something breaking behind me was heard. I gasped and looked back. I gasped again when I saw the scattered pieces of glasses of one of the pictures on the floor. I did not put it back well unknown to me.
When I turned back to look at him,I felt like the ground would open up and swallow me .
The look….the look in his eyes right now ….so devilish….so monstrous that I need no sooth Sayer to tell me I had married a monster.
He started walking towards me and I started to shift back, almost screaming……

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