Episode 1

“Richard! , Richard,! What is going here? who’s this riff raff, and what is she doing on the same table with you? ,”

An elderly woman’s voice thundered from the entrance of the restaurant where the two lovers were having lunch……… Everyone’s attention was drawn to the elegant woman catwalking to their table,……… Some were snapping her while some were waving at her in admiration,……

“Richie, dont act dumb, what is this church rat doing with you in an exotic restaurant t?
she fired at him again,…… Angela looked up in shame to behold the most beautiful woman in her state,…. She’s not just the most beautiful, she’s also the richest woman who is controlling her husband’s empire that worths billions, she’s a society name,…..

Angela had only seen her in the television and on cover page of magazines,….the powerful Mrs Benny Johnson of Johnson and sons limited was standing right in front of her. She was so shocked to talk,…… Is she Richard’s sugar mummy, or what?,……

She stood up to greet her

“Goood…..day.. ”

” oooh, pls shut your dirty smelly mouth, “she said flashing her hand across her nose region

” Excuse me, ma”

She meant to stand but mrs Johnson poured a glass of wine all over her body. She was drenched

” Pls take this trash out of here,….! “Mrs Johnson commanded her security guards
One of them came to drag her but she gave him a sounding slap

” You’re very stupid,…. If you touch me, i swear i’ll use this bottle on your head” she warned him grabbing a bottle of red wine from the table and held it firm.

Everyone moved back, even Richard was scared

“Pls drop that bottle,…. That was the first time Richard spoke since the woman walked up on them,…..

“Oooh, you shut up, mister…… , you didn’t talk when your sugar mummy was insulting me,….. Now you want me to drop the bottle,….. I swear i’ll smash your head with this if you come any close to me”Angela was ready to fight them all at that moment

“Because you’re rich you think you owe the world,….. ..i blame God that made you rich, he would’ve given that wealth to someone more reasonable and understandable not a wicked soul like you”She threw at Mrs Johnson

“Richie can you hear your slot,….. She’s calling me names and you’re standing like a statue ”

” How dare you talk to my mother in such manners”Richie asked me in anger

“What?, your mother?, What are you talking about?, You never told me, you’re a member of Johnson’s family?, no no no”Angela was surprised

“And you’ve not answered my question Richie, who’s she? “his mother asked
Angela was happy that she would finally get to meet her boyfriend ‘s mother,…. She was eager to hear Richie introduce her to his mother as his girlfriend with excitement inside me

” I’m listening ”

” Mum,.. She’s just someone i’m trying to help”

“Meaning?,…… She’s begging you for a favour?, that makes her a beggar,…. She turned to me,…. Young lady, this is my only son,… The heir to my empire,….. I dont want you stalking him,…… Now take this and solve all your problems,……. “She dropped some money on the table

” Son, let’s get out of here,….”she turned to my face “……. And for your information, this restaurant belongs to me,……. I don’t want to see your mosquito infested legs here again,…” sbe said pointing her fingers in the air..

she dragged her son out of the restaurant, Angela watched her force him into the car and they drove off.

Angela looked around in shame,… Everyone had minded their business,….. This is not the first time her boyfriend has denied her in public,..but denying her before his mother is what she cannot take…… . She thought about leaving the money, but she remembered how far the money would go in helping her poor family at home,.. She quietly hid the money inside her bag and walked out of the restaurant in shame,…….. She entered a bike and went home.

“Pls can someone get me water to bathe” Daddy Joe asked no one in particular ,…….. He searched the whole house and found all the water containers empty

“Anna,…. Anna”

“Is there anything i can do for you? “Angela’s mother answered from inside the room half asleep,

” So there’s no water in this house and you allowed your children to go out to play, where will i get water to bathe now,…. It’s almost time for my shifting, “the man asked helplessly

” You shouldn’t be asking me that question,.. You’re talking as if you dont know the way to the borehole,..or do you expect me to fetch water for you this hot afternoon.,…….. . Simply carry a gallon and fetch water you will use,…… Pls allow me to enjoy this my sleep ”

” So It’s me you’re talking to like this, eeh, Mama Angela,…. You’ve forgotten how i used to treat you like a queen when i was rich,…. You’ve forgotten how i trained you in school,….. You also forgot how you pushed me to do that business that has kept me where i am today,…. Ever since things turned around for me, you dont see me as your husband,… Don’t worry, I’ll still rise again”

“Amen oooo, pls rise again,…… Rise oooooo,.. Because i’m tired of this kind of life i’m living,…. I’ve suffered for the past 20years hoping that things would turn out well but we’re still where we were,…… Look at my children,….. You cant clothe them, …… You cant afford their school fees, even feeding money is a problem for you,…. You couldn’t train my first daughter in the University,…….. She’s now a nursery school teacher that earns almost nothing at the end of the month,…. . And you call yourself a man,…….pls……. Pls……. Pls….. Dont allow me to use harsh words on you.” Angela’s mother fired at her husband.

Drop of tears could be seen rushing down from Daddy Joe’s eyes……… He wiped his tears and carried one of the empty gallons to fetch water,……. He walked down the street thinking of how unfair life has been to him.

“My wife no longer respects me,….. My daughter Angela is doing everything possible to help the family,… Her three younger ones doesn’t understand what we’re passing through yet,…. My life is almost ruined,…. God pls come to my rescue.”Daddy Joe prayed inwardly while walking down the street.

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