Episode 1

I was packing my books inside my bag, when mia and her gang walked to me”hey loser, what are you still doing here? I thought you are to transfer today”mia said looking straight into my eyes. I stood up holding my bag”am going already”I said in a low tone. “We will have to give you your last farewell”mia said grabbing my collar. Then she dragged me along with her to the back of the classroom, the school is closed already,we are the only one there in the class room. She pushed me to the wall thereby, making my arm crashed on the wall. “Susan close the door”she said to one of her gang. I looked at my crashed arm which was bleeding, “you crazy b—h”I said angrily. Mia looked at me in disgust and slapped my face”how dare you call me a b—h”anyway this is my last day here I can’t lose to this guys. I pushed her at a locker behind her,her gangs come to me at once and I flung them behind me one after the other. I used all my strength to fight them. They we’re on the floor groaning in pain”you guys are the real losers not me”I said dusting my skirt, I picked up my bag and walked out of the classroom in satisfaction.


I walked to the principal office and filled some necessary forms for my new school. then,a teacher came to pick me and led me to a class.
We entered a noisy class,it was silent immediately we entered. We stood in front of the classroom, the teacher looked around and dropped the book he was holding on the table in front of us.

“Good morning sir” the student chorused. “Good morning”he replied.

“Here we have a new student joining us today”the teacher said pointing to me. “Please introduce yourself” he said looking at me.

“My name is Nicky, nice meeting you all”I said feeling shy.

The teacher told me to have my seat. A girl looked at me with puppy eyes, and wave at me to come and seat beside her. I smiled and went to have my seat beside her. “Hy, am Mary”she said smiling at me. “Nice meeting you”I said smiling back we gist and talked like we’ve known each other for long. Soon the bell ranged and a teacher came in, making the class became quiet. We greeted the teacher and began our lesson.

Break period…..

Marry was walking me around the school, and showing me different places and what they do there. “Why do you leave your former school?”Mary asked me looking worried. “Erm.. Er.. I just left because of some injustice”I said stammering. “Can you tell me about it”marry said jumping like a baby, and looking at me with her puppy eyes. I smiled at her. Then someone bumped into me and the snacks I was holding fell to the ground”hey watch your way, you dummy”the person said in a harsh tone. I looked at my snacks,and then looked up to see the rude b—–d who bumped into me. I saw a guy about six feet tall with a bright brown eyeball, accompanied by his two friends. looking at me like he is going to eat me raw. What a rude b—–d, he bumped into me and was complaining”you bumped into me and telling me to watch my way?”I said looking him straight in the eyes. “And so? You dare look at me in the eyes, and raise your voice at me”he said in a rude manner. “We are sorry senior Mick, she is new”Mary said apologizing to him.”I see”he said and walked away with his friends.

“Who the heck is that?”I asked Mary still looking back as they walked away. “His father is the owner if the school, and he is our senior also”marry said walking slowly. “No wonder he is so rude,and that doesn’t make him to act that way”
I said walking along with Mary to the class.

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