Episode 1

warning :…. this first episode might be a little kind of boring to you or maybe not…. well it depends on how you view it to be…yeah!!… Because…. it just allows you to know more about the characters,… but don’t worry… it will gets better and am sure you will love it along the line as you keep on reading….I Promise….. Yeah!!

I woke up to the sound of … ‘Animals’ music by “Maroon 5 “…. playing. I tried stretching my hand across to the table beside my head still with my face buried in my pillow. With many attempts and still failing to reach my alarm clock, I gave up and decided to get up.

I should’ve known better than to put my favourite song as my alarm.

I loved the song Animals by my favourite band Maroon 5, but now I just wish animals would come eat me…. (lol)..

At least I won’t have to go to the worst place on Earth anymore.

Can you take a guess? Yup. “School.”… kind of funny isn’t it…. don’t mind me jare… lol…

But at least I will get to see Adam.

I was torn out of my thoughts as someone came bursting through my door.

“Ariel, get your non-existent a-s up and get ready for school.” My mom shouted as she came into my room with a laundry basket in her hand.

“Gee mom! Thanks for the boost of confidence about my a-s. ” I said sarcastically.

Before I knew it, a hand came flying behind my head.

“Oww! What was that for?” I asked rubbing the back of my head in pain.
“Language, young lady!”
“But you said the same thing, Mom.” I replied while throwing my hands in the air.
“So if I hump a tree, will you hump a tree too?”
I let out a fustrated sigh as I left my mom in my room looking for dirty clothes under my bed.
“Morning, Dad!” I shouted while giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, Pumpkin. You ready for school?”
Is anyone really ready for school?
“Yeah.” I said ignoring my thoughts.
“Breakfast is on the table.”
After eating breakfast, I took a shower and decided to wear a baggy jeans just above my knees and a black “T-SHIRT that had I ? PIZZA ” on it. After scanning over myself and coming to the conclusion that I look like s–t, I ran out of the door after saying goodbye to my parents and found my ride outside waiting or me.
I got in the backseat of the BMW and the car drove off with a roar.

“Ariel!” My best friend Libby shouted from the passenger seat.

“Hey, guys.”
“Wassup cupcake.” A deep voice from the driver’s seat said.

It was the one and only Haynes, Adam Haynes. He was so sexy, irresistible, stunning, beautiful, han-.

Yeah he was handsome. Can you get on with the story please?
Oops, sorry.

“You know I hate that nickname.” I pouted.
“I know. That’s why I keep calling you it.” He replied in a ‘duh’ tone.

Libby looked at both of us. She always wanted us to date but I would tell her that that will never happen.

1) He’s a player.

2) He doesn’t like me that way.

3) He thinks of me as his sister.

As much as I try to deny it, I’ve always liked Adam but of course I will never tell him that.
Libby and Adam are ‘rich kids’. I’m just…me. My father worked for their father a couple years back so that’s how we met. Adam and I are 18 while Libby just turned 17.

I hang out with Libby and some of her friends and also with Adam. His friends ‘tolerate’ me because he threatened them. Something about cutting their balls off.

When we arrived at school, we walked side by side.

As always, I earned murderous glares from girls. Aside from his sister, I was the only girl that Adam actually had a full conversation with.
Obviously he talked to other girls but it went something like this.

“Hey, wanna go and make a sandwich together? A hot dog sandwich that is, with extra mayo.”

Then the girl would start giggling like an idiot. Worst pickup line ever.

Okay, he never said that but, you get the point.
“Ignore them, cupcake.” He whispered in my ear as he flung his hand around my shoulder.

I gave him a small smile as I went to my locker. Adam followed me but Libby had to talk to one of her teachers.

I closed my locker to find Adam staring at me attentively with his hand through his hair.
Imagine my hand through his hair.

“Nothing, just… looking.”
“That’s creepy.” I said jokingly.
He smirked at me.

D–n that smirk. I’m surprised a puddle isn’t leaking from my underwear yet.

“Coming to my party tonight?”
“Wouldn’t miss it.”
“Good, see you then.” He smirked again before walking away.
I wanted a change. I always go to Adam’s parties and sadly, it ended the same way for me. With him sticking his tongue down a chicks throat.
Libby and I decided we would get ready together. Well… actually I did. She was a little surprised since I’d usually just meet her there.

She was even more surprised when I told her to bring a few of her dresses for me.

It was 5:30 and Libby still wasn’t at my house.
Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

“You’re late!” I shouted as soon as I opened the door.

“I’m never late. Everyone is simply just early.”

Did she just..?

“Whatever.” I said shrugging it off. “You brought the stuff?”

“Geez. Don’t make it sound like a drug deal.” Libby said. “So, um, who are you trying to impress?” She asked a big smile tugging at her lips.

“Pshh, no one. I just want to look good tonight.” I said half lying.
“If you say so.”

“Yeah.” I replied hoping she would drop the topic. Thankfully she did.

“Oh my God. You do not know how long I’ve wanted my hand in this hair.” Libby said over dramatically while running her fingers through my hair.

“So, what now?” I asked since I know nothing about makeup and modern style.

“Now, you try on these.” She commanded while pulling 4 dresses from her bag.

“Uh, Libby?”
“I asked you to bring me clothes not underwear.”

“No. You asked me to bring you dresses.”
“Same difference.” I said frustrated.

“Oh come on! They’re not that bad.” She whined.

“Look how short it is!” I shouted putting it to my body.

“And look at the back of the dress.”
“What about it?”
“Where’s the rest of the dress?!” I shouted examining it. “My back will be exposed.”
“Look Ariel, do you want to look good or not?”
“So what have I been doing all of this time? Looking bad?”

She was right. I did want a change and whining isn’t going to help me.

“Ugh, okay!” I sighed eventually giving in.
“Yayy!” She squealed.

“Now hurry before I change my mind.”
She hurried up the stairs yanking my hand in the process.

After a hour and a half of makeup and clothing…
“You’re so pretty!” Libby squealed while holding the makeup brushes in her right hand.
“You sure? I don’t feel any different.”
“See for yourself.” She smirked.

I stood up from the make-up desk and went over to the full length mirror.

When I looked at myself, my jaw dropped open.

I turned my lower half into the mirror.
Oh my God, my a-s looks so firm and big.
Ha! Take that Mom!

“Thank you, Libby!” I shouted while hugging her tightly.

I decided to go with a blue short dress with black 2 inch heels and a black handbag. The dress was about 3 inches above my knees. Yup. That short.
Libby curled my hair into bold curls that lied just below my shoulders.

“I. Can’t. Breathe.” Libby exaggerated.
“Oops, sorry.”

Libby was already ready when we got here so we just have to wait.

Just then, Libby’s phone went off and she checked it.

“Adam’s here.” She said with her face still buried in her phone.

Why am I getting nervous?

Only his name was mentioned and I’m a nervous wreck?!
D–n, I’m pathetic.

“Girl, chill. You look great.” Libby said obviously noticing my nervousness.
“Thanks.” Was all I managed to get out.
Libby went downstairs and I followed after.
“Hey, are you ready? Where’s cupcake?”
“She’s right there.” Libby replied opening the door so he could see me.
Adam’s jaw dropped to the floor when he saw me. Yayy! It’s working.

“Uh, hey.” I said walking closer.
“You look…different.”

“Yeah… different.” He said finally composing himself.

“Oh… okay.” I said walking to the car embarrassed.

While walking, I heard Libby say,
“Different? What the f–k, you p—k.” She said then smacked him behind his head. Well, at least that’s what it sounded like.

Seriously? Different? What the f–k does that even mean?

The car ride to Adam’s house was drowning in deafening silence.

As always, I was in the backseat and Libby in the passenger seat.

Libby then decided to break the awkward silence. “So, if you’re here who’s at the house? The party started like an hour ago.” She asked her brother.

“I uh, I have Bryce watching it for me.”
I just sat there in the car with a blank expression on my face. Every now and then, I would see Adam looking at me through the mirror but I would just pretend I didn’t see him.

10 minutes later, we arrived at the party. I got out of the car and followed Libby inside the house not even acknowledging Adam.

I was still kind of embarrassed with the expression I got from him earlier.

I thought I looked decent but I guess I was wrong.
Libby headed over to Adam’s friends and I just followed like a lost puppy.

When we got to the group of friends, which consisted of Bryce, Landon, Josh and Nick, Libby said hey.

The boys looked at Libby, nodded, then went back to their conversations before instantly flicking their head back to look at me almost in unison.
“Who’s your friend?” Landon asked easing closer to me with his hand in his hair.

“Who? Her?”Libby said smirking knowing good enough that they were referring to me.
“Yeah…. her.” Josh said biting his bottom lip.
“You guys know her.” Libby said.

“I think I would have remembered a face and a body like that.” Landon added.
Was that a pick up line?

“It’s uh, me, Ariel.” I finally decided to speak up.

Everyone just stood there awestruck. Nick’s cup fell from his hand while Bryce’s jaw just dropped.

“I gotta admit, I always thought that you were cute but f–k!” Josh said now eyeing me up and down.

I stood there awkwardly as the four boys just looked at me biting their lips.

“Since you all aren’t gonna stop eye f—–g my best friend anytime soon, I think I’ll just go and get a drink.” Libby said before leaving.
“I call dibs.” Landon suddenly shouted. “Aw what?” The rest of the group mumbled. With that, Landon flung his hands around my shoulders and we walked away from the group.
“So, want anything to drink?”

“Uh, yeah sure.” I was never one to drink but I figured changing my clothes and adding on makeup wasn’t going to be enough.

About an hour later, I was so f—–g drunk.
Hell, if my life story wasn’t being written I wouldn’t be able to recall what happened tonight.

I stumbled my way away from Landon a couple minutes ago because he told me I ‘had enough’ to drink.

While walking, I bumped into something hard… or someone hard.

“Hey, theree!” I slurred.

“What the f–k Ariel. How much did you drink?” A familiar voice asked while holding me up to prevent me from falling.

“I don’t know. Two, maybe six or seven.” I said while giggling like an idiot.

Adam had a fustrated look on his face.
“Let’s get you upstairs.” He said while leading me to the stairs.

“No! You’re only helping me because I’m your sister’s best friend.” I slurred once again.
“Now isn’t the time Ariel.”

“Then when is the time?” Just then, my feet gave out and I fell to the ground.

I felt someone lift me up bridal style and carry my upstairs.

“Put me down!” I complained.

The person who I assumed to be Adam, kicked opened a door before putting me to sit up on the bed.

He took his phone angrily from his back pocket and started to type. He then placed the phone to his ear. After a few seconds he started shouting.
“Where are you? How could you leave Ariel by herself?” He asked really pissed.

He pauses for a minute before replying to who ever was on the phone with him.
“Save your excuses Libby.”

He was shouting at Libby for me? I mean, ahem, I feel really bad for her.

After a couple minutes of talking, he then pressed what I gathered to be the ‘end call’ button.

“I’m boreeddd!”

“Go to sleep, Ariel.” He said emotionless.

“Fine!” I ripped off my dress, leaving me in my lace bra and p@nty.

“F–k.” Adam muttered under his breath.
His eyes raked slowly over my body before landing on my chest.

“Hey! My eyes are up here.” I said using my left hand’s index finger to point at my left eye and the same hand’s middle finger to point at my right.

“Jesus, put back on your dress Ariel.”

“That dress is really uncomfortable.” I whined.
Just as I was about to unclip my bra, he ran over to me, stopping me just in time.

“No no no no no!”

“Just lie down Ariel.” He said while pinching his nose bridge.

He was heading for the door before I shouted, “I’m not sleepy!”
“Yes you are.”

I plopped down on the bed, knowing that it was no use arguing with him.

“Goodnight pretty boy.” I said sprawled across the bed, now feeling sleepy.

“Goodnight pretty girl.” Adam replied before leaving and shutting the door behind him. I quickly drifted off to sleep…..
….. the first episode is out…. please read, comment,….. and please don’t be selfish by enjoying reading alone… lol…. please invite others as well…. thanks…. another episode coming up soon….

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