Episode 1

“The most expensive thing in this world is TRUST it can take years to earn and just a matter of second to lose”

This is the case of two sister Anita and Benita they weren’t twins but their name sound as such, there were the only child of Mr and Mrs michael Thomson, Benita was the eldest but was always calm and gentle while Anita who is the junior act all mature and smart, Benita was older than Anita with four years, Mrs Thomson didn’t expect to even give birth to Anita. After the birth of her first child, all their effort to have another was impossible, so when they had already given up hope that was when she got pregnant for Anita. Mrs Thomson died right after she gave birthday to Anita, but not without telling her husband to name her Anita (I wonder what the name means sha) Mr michael could not take the shock of his wife death so six mouth later he joined his wife leaving the four years old Benita to take care of herself and six month sister.

This is nigeria, we all know how difficult things are for adult not to talk of a little girle like Anita, since daddy was no more, who would take her to school? And they parents had little to less to nothing, they were so poor sometimes she wondered why they needed another child so badly even in their condition. She suffered, words can not describe how much she suffered, with her little sister on her back she will sit by the road side and beg for what to eat, the only thing the parent left for them was the house they are living at least she is thankful for that one. Welcome to nigeria where people find it easy to give to their rich pairs then giving to a beggar on the street, some people will pass and give her a scorn “did we kill your parents evil child” some will drop the smallest in their pocket when she can see they had much and could give more, but who was she to complain? Did her parents ever give them any money to keep for her? So she was always thankful to God for that. Right from child you will know Benita was really a beauty, very beautiful and compassionate, even thou she had herself and baby sister to take care of, it doesn’t stop her from helping the older baggers if she had money more than them, she was gold filter seven times, she is pure and beautiful. She never looks for trouble, if you bring trouble her way she always find a way to escape from it, and she loves God so much, even in her tender age she find every reason to pray.

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