My Days In An Undisclosed High School

Episode 1

@ 4:30am

ME; yawning yes mum
Mum:aiin’t u going to get dress and go to ur school,u know u shuldn’t start your day in school with a bad record…

ME:i knw mum,jzt 20 more minutes…i dnt wanna get to school and start sleeping now….

Dad,mum am through,i need to start going,i don’t wanna be late,u knw mum jzt said i shuldnt be late to school today….

Dad:yeah i knw…i spoke to ur principal yesternight and he said as soon as u get to school,u shuld come and meet him..OKAY!

Dad:take this *handing two #100 naira notes 2 me…

ME:tnkz Dad i gotta go
On my way to my new school,gloomy in my new uniform,i start thinking about how my first day in school is gonna be…lIttle abt my biography,am from a family of six;both parents,avin 3 elder sistas,we mummies pet are d last born…lol..well am not spoilt…

On getting to school,My opening the gate,i saw all d student gathering dancing…what’s happening,dis is jzt 7:15 looking at my golden wrist watch,haba! normal assembly start by 7:20 at worst nw* i thought*

knee down there,u are late..i heard a feminine voice saying…well it cant be me,am a new student i said to my self and start walking away…
ARE u deaf! I said knee down…. lookin at the side that the voice was coming from i saw a well built,fair in complexion young girl,runnin towards me..i guess she was a prefect..didn’t i ask u to stop-she asked

i dont know u are talking to me naw-i replied
i guess u are a new comer she asked again
yes i replied

this is just a warning,tommorrow if u are late again,i wont take it lightly wit u oooo…okay ma i replied,tryin 2 let her feel bossy..

Stop dat ma of a thing,am sandra..

Okay snr sandra i replied

well i guess there are a lot to knw in this school,but we dnt use snr here,we call anybody by his/her name..

Okay sandra i said,turning to leave, for the gathering…

Hey she called,i turned back, she came forward and said u haven’t tell me your name yet….
HAmmm….my name is leicester i lied…..

Episode 2

Nice name-she said..i just shrugged and said nothing…..

wen i got to the assembly,the students were already marching to there various i took the path to the principal office…luckily for me when i got their, he was attending to nobody.. i greeted him and he welcomed me…later handling me over to my class teacher who was a lady at her early twenties i guess….young man watz ur name she asked,Prestige i friend don’t be stupid ur surname and ur name she barked…..chai first day in school,prest u don enter am today,dis woman go wicked die i said to myself…Answer me she said …Wayne prestige i said in a shaky voice….u see young man we don’t tolorate any form of expremental classification in any form of hypothesis bla bla bla, ma plz let me get my dictionary i said,naughty boy she said with a smile.She later took me to my class,well i was in SS2c,she gave me a seat next to one girl..D–N…dis girl was so beautiful,well endowed,i was thinking of something good to qualify,modify her but i can’t find it..why…i begin to think of heaven on earth stuffs d movement i sat beside her…later our next teacher cmes in,wic was said to be mathematics.Maths was my best subject,i luv it lyk Jesus,throughout dis period,i was busy looking atall my classmates..after some example,the teacher gave us class work i did it with great zeal,getting the best mark 20/20…the teacher asked everybody to stood up,later calling the score descendingly,20/20 i was d only dat sat down,19.5 d girl sitting nxt to me was the only one that sat down too….i look at d girl,fortunatly she was about looking at me,so our eyes met,i quickly look away,she smiled….BREAK!i taught i heart,anyway it was true.Student were going out for break but i didn’t,i have my reason and don’t ask me,some galz were already gisting in class while i was busy reading a novel,HEY u didnt go out for break,i heard,i looked up and saw my neighbour,i mean d gal i was sitting next to..i didnt reply,cox i don’t like talking to my classmate at my first day of resumption…Aiint u having money to buy something,she asked again…see dis girl ooo,so for her face i resembled poor boy abi,ok i go show u today…am having ok!i replied,Den lets’ go chill out their she said…see me see trouble ooo ..ok i replied,closing my novel..minutes later we found ourselves under one mango tree behind our botary eating chips and cold can malt,xo tell me ur name she said,my name i asked, no ur twin she said knockin my head playfully…prestige but my friend call me prest..shoo, me wey neva girl fwend,wey be say i be indoor pikin dey form dbanj for dis gal, nawa ooo*..Clara she said,hmmn nice name i replied,urz nko?she said,mine is jzt casual urz is impressive i said….BREAK OVER! So fast she said..hmmn playful girl i replied..we got to the class i can see some winshes and wilizard eyes looking at so i begin to sing babalawo power ooo,mummy water power ooo i will never bow down,within…minutes later our class teacher entered d class marked d register,she later introduced herself to d the new students telling us her name us TENNIEBENSON…TENNIE WHAT!! I shouted…who said that she said..i stood up,go and knee down in my office,she said…..ha!ma am not refering to you,i was……shut up go and knee down in my office…she bleat not bark dis time around…i was terrified as i walk to her office….

Episode 3

When i got to her office,i knelt down their,waiting for her arrival,but for about half an hour she is not yet back,i stood up and was about going to tell her that she has me to knee down coz i taught perharps she might have forgotten she ask someone to knee down in her office…Unfortunately she met me standing up……gbosa….. gbosa….,two slapz on son of man face…..JESUS i shouted,what the hell are you doing here,standing up,i taught i ask u to knee down,you are playing under my intelligent abi,she fired…I stood there looking angry,tears forming on my face,knee down there she roar again…I just hiss and walk out..she no know say i be gentLe BADdOO…when i got to the class i look at clara obviously she was looking at me,so we looked at each other for some seconds,i sat down burying my face on my palm, before she came to meet me and said what as she done to u.i was about talking when tears of anger flow down my cheeks,sowi she said and wiped them off wit are bare hands… CLOSING i heard……..shouts of joy came out from different classes,everybody was packing there books and other stuffs inside there bags including me…..Aiint u going home she asked…y won’t i,i replied…i guess u still gonna stay here wit me while i wait for my dad,she said and winked…Oops am sowi i cant wait here with u,i need to go home as soon as possible, i said,no problem jzt joking she said….
Moving out of the school compound i heard someone calling Leicester,leicester!!, i didnt bother to look back cause i can recall mentioning leicester for someone today,but the voice was catching up with me,suddenly i look back and i saw sandra walking up to me and giving me a hard punch..heeeei,today na today,first it was a soundful knock,followed by a lightning slap,den here comes a thundrous punch,did i forget to pray this morning abi dem stil dey purshue me…Lord help me oo-i prayed…leicester can’t u hear that i was calling your name or u dont wanna answer us again,i heard sandra saying….Who be leicester,- i said, is dat not what u told me this morning…..OOH sandra am sowi i lied to you,i thought you want to write it and give it to the principal for proper purnishment..i no be leicester,leicester ko,burnley ni…Gbas…she kicked me i can’t believe u lied to me well u will have to pay for this tommorrow,i promise she said and start walking away…Leaving me to wonder what wil happen to me the nextday…Sandra and my honourable class teacher awaits my fall(sandra power ooo,tenniebenson power i will never bow down),LORD i need your help oooo i breath heavily……..

Episode 4

As soon as i got home,i went for a shower,lie down on my bed and slept off..Later around 5:00pm,i woke up feeling dizzy,went to the kitchen took some food(fried yam and egg) finished it within a tickling of an eye,on my way to my room,i heard my mum called..PREST

Me:yes mum
Mum:you look dull,what happened
Me;ehmn, Nothing mum, i jzt woke up,that’s why my face is like this…

Mum:you mean u slept this afternoon
Me:yeah mum,watseein her facial look
Mum:unlike you,u dont sleep during noon nor afternoon..definately something is wrong
Me:alryt mum,the truth is just that,this my new school,i don’t like it jare
Mum:wat happened
Me:they aiint friendly at all,my class teacher nearly killed me today self
Mum:what!!!what did u do to her
Me:Nothing oooo

Mum: okay dont worry,i will talk to your dad and see what wil can do to help you
Me:thank mum……….

@3:00a.m in the night
i found myself vomiting vigorouslywinshes and lizard wetin i take do you nowMum i called and fainted….

I woke up,seeing myself in a strange environment but i know it is an hospital,as soon as i open my eyes,i saw happiness in everyone face,they were happy…Thank God,you are alright mum said..

Mum wat happened i asked.I really don’t know but i heard u called my name last night when i get to your room you are already weak and dizzy,i guess you lost a lot of blood last night,cause u really vomit alot of blood

Me: chai,so na blood,i dey vomit,i think say na food i dey vomit oooo,DIS ONE IS STRONGhmmn hope the doctor say my condition is not critical–i asked


For about a week,i was retained in the hospital,sunday evening i was discharge….i slept off as soon as we got home….

@ about 5:00a.m,monday morning,i woke up,get dress and was set for school,then after,we did our morning devotion in which we ended about 6a.m..everyone was set for his/her various working place,my dad decided to drop me in my school.Getting to school,opening the gate,thank God the assembly asn’t started i said….

What’s is now your real name,i heard someone asking…looking back i saw sandra this winch again, after what you did to me on tuesday morning,you stil have the gutz to call me abi,don’t worry,am i not talking to you…she said
Me:hey sandra,am not late today,so don’t ask me any question,u are here to look for late comer not names,u told me urz willingly,i didnt ask,did i? I snapped and walked away….She was very shocked but didnt show it…..

we were already in class,everything had already change,clara seat has been taken to the front,two newcomers,a boy and a girl..Well this new girl is managable,all i know about her was that her …… And …… Was ok….maybe u can fill in d gap to ur own taste……….

Tear a sheet of paper,our biology teacher(madstar khola) said,for wat i asked,dont u know today is ur test…TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shoutedme wey know read,wey b say na hospital i pass my wikend,say na dis i go start dey fall my hand in front of my enemies

we did the test,submitted,well am glad i did 18 out of 20 question*at least i tried…..
Our paper was marked our score was paste on the noticed board..all of us went there to look for his/her score and position…when i got there saw something….WAYNE PRESTIGE number…….

Episode 5

We did all how test…d result was still the same,except in physics that i came first and clara came third,james was the 5th, JUAN ISREAL(our class captain)to occupy the fourth position,while Rachel was the secondi know physics die..BREAK,the time keeper rang the bell,i went to see miss tennie alias aunty wahala, a.k.a honourable class teacher(H.C.T),when i got to her office,i saw her looking for what is not lost…

Me:gud day ma,
H.c.t:gud day wayne
Me:you said you want to see me ma,
H.c.t:yeah,i guess you know why i called you
Me:no ma,

H.C.T: well i want to know why u walked out on me the last wik monday,and why u aiint present thorought that week again…

Me:about the reason i walked out on you last week,i have no explanation for that but am really sorry for doing that,and the reason why am not in school is between God and i, i answered politely

H.c.t:well wayne you know what?
Me:wat ma?

H.c.t:since the first time i saw you,i knew u will be very stubborn and intelligent,and i also love those people that are stubborn and intelligent…you see am also sorry for what i did to you last week,i almost cried when you aren’t present throughout lastweek,i taught u won’t be coming again,plz forgive me,and as from today i will lyk us to be friend,any tpoic you don’t understand in any subject bring it,i wil be glad to do it…..

Me: for the first time,dis woman is talking sense,dis really cause for celebration thanks alot ma, BREAK OVER!!the time keeper said”standing up and about go out”she said again,Prestige!!hope we are fwends now, sure i replied and storm out of the office….as soon as i get to my class,i saw clara,how eyes met..i didn’t say anything i went and sat down on my seat…

Throughout that period,racheal and wilson where just throwing occasional glances at me…well i pray all is well

Episode 6

Hours later,it was closing,eveybody was going home,i took my bag was about going out of the school compound, when someone walked up to me, i looked at my right and saw that it was sandra..haha,this girl wetin i do you now,dont kill me for my parents oooo,what!i asked her
Sandra:you know wat…?

Sandra:well i like calling you darling instead of leicester since you refuse telling me your name
Me:don’t call me any sort of name,my name is wayne,nothing to know again i snapped
Sandra:why did u alwayz find my words so offensiveasking with a coloured face
Me:am sorry,forgive me…

Sandra:i just like you and wish you to be my friend she said..

Me: am your friend already now
Sandra:with what you are doing to me,i guess not..

Me:hmmn,dont know what to say oo
Sandra:maybe you can say you love me
Me: God,me,luv u,didnt this girl know how much i dislike her,how can i luv devil*

sandra:what are u thinking…she asked
Me:nothing oooo

she walked up to me and gave me a tight hug,i guess i gotta go now she said

I was about stoping a bike when a 2020 edition hummer jeep,stoped in front of me..kidnappers,no be me you go take do ritual,cox my mouth no fill vomit kobo,i repeat silings and poundsbut to my suprise,i saw racheal waving her hands for me to join them…i walked up to them

ME:gud day sirgreeting the driver,who i taught to be her dadsorry but i can’t…..

Racheal:save that and come in,your safety is guaranteed,i promisedracheal said cutting me short of words*

Me:is that your dad**pointing at the driver
Racheal:-nah dat’s my dad driver,you must be a very intelligent boy you know..

Me:- Trying to form yeah people tell me that often,why did u say that i asked

Racheal:-keep that to myself, she said and giggles
Me:- i will be stoping at the next junction,i told the driver

Racheal:- Oops our house isn’t far from each other self,maybe during weekend wil might go to the library and read..we lived at the clumsy yellow house at the next stop after yours she said
ME:-waoh!is that really your house,can’t believe it,mehn dat her house big dienice offer,i said with a smile….am gonna to consider it, i told her** the bus stops and i get down.

Racheal:-bye see you tommorrow,she said and the car drove off…

On getting home,my parents aiint around,i went for a shower,eat my food..Was opening my bag when a letter fell down from my it,and the writer WAS….

Episode 7

Clara!!! The letter goes thus;

Dear prest,its nice seeing you in our school again, i taught what our class teacher did to you has made you not to come again,but thank God here you are….am writting to you to tell you my feelings for you..honestly have never felt for any guy like this before but my first glance at you,from the very first day as made you irresistable for me,and i know since our class had been re-organised,our chance of meeting have been reduced and during break,u turn out to be a ghost,so i came up with an idea of writing a letter to witting to tell you how much i love you,i really luv you prest

i know,i might present myself very cheap before you but i swear your love is driving me crazy…

In conclusion,prest i want you to be my BOYFWEND..please i will like you to consider it,don’t think we are too young for that plz….i need a reply tommorrow

to: prest

when i finished reading the letter i smiled and tore it immediately don’t know what makes me smile but my guy i was unconscious and confused….later i manage to do my assignment and relaxed…

Prest!my dad called me
Me: o dad you’ve arrived
Dad:since when

Me:i guess i wasn’t that observant,what of mum?..i asked
Dad:she’s on her way…

Me: ok dad…

dad:can you plz buy me some recharge card at madam ander’s shop

Me:no problem dad..

Dad:takehanding #1000 note to me*don’t keep me waiting oooo,he shouted…

I ran out of the gate,walking to the shop,humming my favourite song,when i heard someone calling my name,Guess who?

Episode 8

Am right to tell u all dat u all guess wrong…alas it was sandra..hey wat are u doing here,i asked her…

Sandra:-am here to pay a visit to my aunty and u?
Me:-this is my street naudont want to tell her my house,cause i know she’s desperate
Sandra:-where are you going?,
Me:-to buy recharge card nau
Me:- that side,pointing at the place
Sandra:-that’s my aunty side,i guess we are going same place

Me:-eehm ehm,yes…….common lets go,she held my hand as we walked,till we get to the place,i want to buy the card…..

Sandra:-that’s my sister’s housepointing at one big storey building*

Me:- oooh!!dat place,so your aunt is the principal of that public school..

Sandra:- yeah,she winked
Me:- some pple rich dieok no problem
Sandra:- ok o,can i have your phone number…
Me:- eey,shey na today,i go embarrass myself,me wey no get phone,not that my parents cant afford it ooo,but whenever i talk phone to there hearing,all they wil say is”wayne you don’t need that for now”how i go take handle this solution nau?am sorry,my phone just got spoilt last two weeks and its with the engineer..i lied
Sandra:- oops,sorry,shuld i give you one to manage,pending the time,your phone is ready..
Me:- no thanks and God bless…

Sandra:- you know i can do anything for you,….this time wraping her hand on my waist,we gazed for some seconds,suddenly her faced was coming closer,closer!!,closer!!!….JESUS,our lips,wat happened,wats’ her tongue doing with mine…..i pushed her away in a polite manner,i gotta go,my dad will be waiting for me,i said….i love you prest,she said..don’t know what to say than to run to mama anders shop…i bought the recharge card,when i got home..what took you so long,my dad asked,they were looking for change i replied,and why cant u come home,he asked,i taught you need it urgently i replied….hmmmn he breath….Dad i need to discuss some important issues with you,i said….what,he asked,looking at me with concern..plz i need a phone,i said with a coloured face…i wil think about it he said,leaving me half satisfied,i stood up and walked to my room,i collapsed on the best and start ruminating about what happened between sandra and I…….

Episode 9


Dad,Mum am set,i need to start going now…ok bye they both replied in unison…

school activities start,clara was just giving me an occasional glancemaybe she want make i reply her stupid letter..but honestly i didnt know what and how to reply her,our first period teacher comes in,guess who,our biology teacher madstar khola….good morning students he said,gud morning sir the students answered in unisonexcept me..before we start today lesson,i want someone to single handedly tell me the name of an organism that exhibit plants and animal features he asked…there was total silence in the class did u want me to start calling name,he bleat like a goat that has been infected with anthrax,,still no hands up…..okay clara answer the question he said..clara stood up words aiint coming from her mouth,someone should bail her out or i will flog her mercilessly…..hearing this i quickly raised up my both hands….Sire(the father of a litter of rabbits) here!!!..i shouted…ok,her husband is here to rescue her,lets see if he can get it or end up being floged with her lover like romeo and juliet..he mow like cow that is having a newcastle diseases everyone laughed except a single soul,her NAME is RÀÇhéal….tell the class what you got wayne…euglena i said..waoh clap for him he said,was about to sit down when he said i should keep standing…ok is virus a living cell or non-living cell,both i answered,clap for him again he said,what does amoeba use for movement he asked me again,pseudopodium i said…clap for him again,lastly mention a type of filamentous algae..-spirogyra i said…waoh we are having a genius inthis class oooo,clap for him,clara looked at me and gave me a thank you eyes,racheal was like why did you help her hmmn…dis one is strong,3hours later,it was break…racheal didnt go out like wise clara,when i cant hold it anymore i stood and walked out clara stood up also and followed me….when we got outside,she thnked me for what i did in hours back and asked for my reply about the letter….i told her i am still thinking about it but will definately get her result,during closing hour,i said to her….we joked a little and we both walked back to the class on getting there i saw wilson chatting with racheal,.wat concern me…suddenly he turned and looked at me following by a wink from him…..lesson continue,this time it was mathematics by physics H.C.T..i tried as much to avoid her gaze when she was explaining but i guess she was looking at me too much… i resembled your papa ni*

Episode 10

After the lesson,she was about to go out,when she said prest!!,it seems you don’t understand this topic,meet me in my office for proper explanation…ok ma i said while she walked awayhaba i should be the one to say i dont understand now.………..not long that she walked out our principal came in…..we greeted him and he answered and said,those people he was about to call there name should stand up…wayne prestha!wetin i do,radamel racheal,robin clara!,jame wilson…,after he finished calling our names he said we should follow him..when we gets to his office he said;

Principal:-did you all know why i called you here….
No sir we all replied ….you are going for an external competition and i want you to know the level at which you will be preparing….how many are you he asked…four sir we replied,someone should call me Angel sandra from ss3 cause u shuld be five in number…wilson quickly went to call her..minutes later she was already here with us,after the principal finish his so-called rubbish,he ask,if anybody is having a question ,i raised up my hand,and i said sir i don’t think i will be going,why he asked,i dont like anything competition and i don’t wish to go…i said…but in my list here,your name is number one,common young man be loyal to your school…dont worry he will that is his behaviour…my h.c.t answered from nowhere….so we have only one ss3 in our midst here so everyday you will come early to school and wait after school hour,for what sir,i asked..for preparation now he and my h.c.t chorusedwallahi dat’s y i hate competition stuffhe dismissed us and we went back to our class,after closing,we starts our so-called competition stuff,h.c.t was the one to take us first we start our lecture..sandra sat on racheal seat making racheal to look for other unoccupied seatsenior stuffhours later we ended our training,everybody was set to go home ,sandra ask me to wait for her that’s she going to her aunty place,later we moved out of the school compound,walking hand -in-hand,gisting and joking,suddenly a car stopped in our front i guess it was the car that picked me up the other day,racheal dad’s car..we walked to where the car was we greeted the driver and told him we were going somewhere we lied,sowi we don’t sandra did not methe driver was still insisting when racheal shouted are u deaf they said they aiint going common let’s go,the driver was shocked starts the car engine and moved away…what happened sandra asked,nothing ooo i replied,something is fishy here,she said and meaty also i replied,we walked back home joking and gisting,on getting to our house i stopped when she noticed i stopped she asked what happened,this is my house i told her, you mean your dad is the literaturelist/jonarlist she asked..yeah i replied her…she gave me a tight hug and we waved to each other

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