Episode 1


I am Bolaji by name,i am native of ibadan,my friend used to call me benjay but i named my self B.B(beejay boy).i am light in complexion.I am a tall guy with round face.

It was a optimistic monday morning,i woke up early jst because i want to start a new school,i took my bath,brush my teeth,wore my new uniform, in less than 15 minutes.Then i sat on my bed to think hw i will make new friend in my new school because i love to keep female friend than male friend suddenly i heard a knock on my door

me;who is that?

Voice:it is me
I av recognised the voice because it was my sister
me:what happen?
Ganiyat:breakfast is ready
me;ok I’m coming

me that i’m feeling hunger b4,in less than 2 mins i was already in d dinning room,i ate fast fast because i don’t want to late to school
mummy;Bolaji,you knw dat u are starting a new school today please dnt keep bad friends o
me;ok mummy i have heard u

Me that i am a dapper boy,i just back my school bag and bounced out from our compound,on my way to the motor pack i saw a boy that wore the same uniform i wore,i went to him to start conversation with him.

Me;how far guy
boy;i dey o,i can see that u ar new in this area,thank God that we are going to the same school because i knw u will b a bad boy o
me;pls can i knw ur name?
Boy;Iam olamide by name
ME;my name is bolaji

olamide;ok u will be called beejay,nice meeting u
me;all pleasure is mine(we shook hand)
Olamide and I boarded a bus in less than 10 mins we are at the entrance of the school.i cn c that they wrote on the gate “Adekile Goodwill Grammar School’

me;wow! i love this environment o(jst because i saw some beautiful girls roaming abt)

Olamide guide me to the school principal’s office

I just went in to the principal’s office to do some necessary things that is when i saw this pretty damsel,i was looking at her that i’ve forgot that i was talking with d pricipal(i am nt a wonizer o but i don’t knw what came over me).

Stay tune for the next episode,that was how my adventure begin

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