Episode 1

We all make wishes not thinking how drastically it could change our lives if it happens to comes true. For as long as I can remember I have always wish my dad to be super rich, so I can eat the food I want, wear the latest cloth and have the latest phone. Luckily my wish came true so just earlier this year the government awarded my dad a multi billion contract, that really was a live changing contract for us, literally. My father made sure to send my elder brother outside the country, then bought the best kind of things for me. At first all was fine, I became the richest girl in the neighborhood. My mom kept saying we should pack out, my dad said no need since he is already building his house and we should wait till I finish my ss 2, so once we relocate I will start in a new school. I never bothered about the new school or the new environment I was too busy being the biggest girl in my poor neighborhood.
Sadly after my ss 2 we packed into our new home, and the environment was super rich. I have only seen this type of environment in magazines and TV,I never imagined I would one day live here.

“It feels so good, the air smells different… Pure” said my mom the day we packed it, I could see how happy she was when we packed in, she never loved our formal neighborhood, its filled with gossipers and nosy neighbours so she said.

Now I have been enrolled to a prestigious school, so spacious that I don’t think I will ever get to cover the whole school tilI I finish. Its been a week since I enrolled and I still feel poor, unlike my formal neighborhood that I became the biggest, here I feel like am poor again.

My mom think attending this school gives me a better chance of being successful in life, she doesn’t realise how inferior I feel. I just realise being rich doesn’t only mean fat bank account, it also include the way you carry yourself,the designers you wear, your intonation, the way you stress your consonants and vowels. Now I know as I am new money, the students in this school are old money, they are all born with silver spoon, I feel like a sheep thrown to the wolves. Its been a week and I have only manage to make one friend Amina. She is dark very pretty I jealous her cute innocent face, but she talks a lot, am more of a quiet one.

“Today is going to be awesome” Amina said full of excitement, the whole student are gathered on the assembly ground.

“Why” I asked cause I can also see the excitement in every student face especially my classmates.

“Today, the delinquents will be joining us” she said. Delinquents? I thought to myself, if am right then it means trouble, what’s there to be excited about it.

“Delinquents, that means they’re technically bad” I said just to be sure.

“Yes, that makes it all the fun, its been boring, since everybody here plays by the book, nobody is sure how the delinquents will act so it gets everybody excited” she said panting stretching her neck to see the front. I love boring, boring means safe and I love safe.

“Won’t they harm students, and how come the school authority allows it” I asked
The delinquents are all expelled from other schools, and no school wants them, so our principal believes he’s giving them one more chance” she said, that’s insane, I feel uneasy.

“Won’t they deceive the students” I asked
“Probably, but before they are accepted, they first off all go to the military camp for a month for discipline, and while they are here, its the military that takes care of them, they go and come with the military” she said.

“How come you know all this” I asked, thought this is the first time

“Think Barbara, cause this isn’t the first time” she took a breath and looked at me, it happens once every 3 years.

“So the school get this excited every time” I asked looking around

“Not nearly, there have been a rumor that principal did it cause of the money the delinquents parents pay him, cause they are always from rich family. So, he now decided to take in poor kids to dissolve the rumors, now since no student knows the rich from the poor we are all excited to figure it out and besides some of us don’t know how poor people act” she said and returned to her exciting mode.

“I actually know” I muttered to myself.

I heard the murmur from the student as I watch a bus drive in, the bus filled with delinquents.

“Hi pretty” I heard someone call from behind me,I stiffed, the voice always do that to me.

“Hi Kevin” I replied with a stutter.

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