Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

“Let me sweep this compound for her oo,let me go and wash plates and cook for her royal majesty” the ranting continued as I got up from the soft 5inches bed,I was already feeling agitated so I couldn’t say my prayers. I stare at the snoring emeka and wished to slap him that moment

He caused all this knowing very well how mad his mother can be,he insisted on us coming here so I can get used to her or have a nice relationship with his mother since we’re getting married soon. Each day in their compound is always a war zone and I’m not the type that take thing lightly,it’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth, a blow for blow and vice versa

“Mama good morning”i greeted her and passed

“And what is so good about this morning,you shameless pig..tell me!! Waking up by this time of the day and opening your gutter of a mouth to say nonsense”

“Mama it’s only a pig that knows it’s family member and relatives,before you call me that it seems you’re their mother

And oh! Pig and gutter are almost they same thing,you’re such a genius to know how pig live…isn’t that an amazing mother ,and it’s just 6:45am and I’m not the only girl in this compound so stop shouting as if I committed a crime” I walked passed her and carried the palm fronds behind the garage to sweep the large compound

“You see that dungeon my son picked you from,he will take you and throw you back..ekwensu(devil)”

I ignored her rantings and did some of the house chores,I entered the dining room to clear out some dirty plates to wash when I saw emeka’s dad looking for something

“Ah! Papa good morning,are you looking for something?”

“Fine morning omalichanwa,I can’t find my chewing sticks,I dropped them on this flat plates yesterday”

“Oh okay,I put them in the toothpick cup..I thought its not hygienic for it to be exposed like that”

“Oh! that’s so nice of you,nwayoma…thank you very much… ehen,help me to prepare that your soup…what is it called again..eeerm,eduwe and Alama”he said and I burst out laughing

“Papaaa’s amala and ewedu with a touch of gbegiri,don’t worry I will bring it to you now”

“Ewoooo!!!”mama burst in walking towards us fiercely

“So you want to snatch my husband too with your ekwensu charm,just imagine the way she’s laughing and even holding his chewing stick”

“What rubbish is this woman!!!”papa shouted”

” The rubbish is you standing with this wayward and good for nothing girl,ngwanu enter inside”

“Are you referring to….”

“Go to your room osiso”she interrupted and commanded her husband,but he was reminding me of his soup

I smiled and looked at his wife

“Papa don’t worry,I will even add panla fish to it” emeka bursted in

“Mama what is your problem with ayomide,you’ve been causing nuisance in this house and it’s so irritating”

“Hehehe”she clapped her hands dramatically

“So you want to beat me,no come and beat me now!!,everybody come ok!!emeka is finally beating me oo”she dragged his clothes screaming and making everyone inside to come out

Ebuka the eldest son, separated mama from emeka and his sisters…Joy and faith have her a wierd look and left

After emeka apologised to me,I went and prepared the soup, I was done with everything when I realised that papa doesn’t uses salt in his food because of his health condition

I went to ask papa if I could add a little salt and he told me it’s ok,I got back to the kitchen only to see my hot ewedu soup rolling carelessly on the sandy floor. With mad rage and anger,I loosen my wrapper and tied it on my head


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