Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Her first child Christian was a very intelligent boy just like his mother. He had the stature of his father and looks of his mother. Anyone who ever saw him saw his mother in him rather. He was a disciplined and curious lad who was always ready to learn anything that was being taught to him. Although he was eleven years old when his mother died, he was always ready to take up his mum’s responsibilities even though he was restrained to. His mum loved him to her twins and knew he was the one who would mould them them up to be someone in the nearest future. His sisters Juliet and Janet were still immature and knew nothing about life yet.

After the grieve, Mrs Pola took them in and began planning for their future. She wasn’t a wealthy woman. She ran a small kiosk close to the large market place and due to high competition she got less customers some bad days. Her husband who was a taxi driver got so worried on the poor funding of the family and knew it would be difficult taking care of all five of them. When they were just two, he could manage pretty well but now that they were five, it was close to suicide itself. The burden seemed to have weighed him so much that when his wife brought up the topic of educating them all, he burst out in anger.

“Educate! You say Educate?! ” he had asked.

“Look, Just hear me out first. They are all smart children. We can admit them into a private school”

“That isn’t a problem at all. I can do that but sorry, I can’t educate all children”

“I don’t understand… ”

“Christian will have to stay behind and help you with the kiosk. You need a helper you know that already”

“How can you think that way? They are all special to me and we will have to educate them all one way or the other. I don’t need anybody to help me out. I have Bimbo already”

“You are such a stubborn woman but I won’t listen to you at all. I am the father of this house And I have made my decision” Mrs Pola rolled her eyes with a non surprised look.

“Isn’t it you before? Of course that’s the decision you will make. I will ensure Christian gets educated by nook or by crook”

“If you keep insisting on this them you will be responsible for all three of them. I will have no hand in their welfare. I am trying to make things easier but you keep mentioning that good for nothing child in my ears”

“Christian is not good for nothing”

“You are just like your sister… ”


They both tried explaining their discussion to Christian. Mrs Pola expected Christian to argue against this since that was his right but he accepted with a cool mind. He agreed to help her out in the Kiosk with no hesitation. For months he stayed behind helping them out with business while his sisters proceeded further.

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