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The sound of my phone alarm waked me up, I reached for the phone and switched off the alarm.

I yawned, straightens my b©dy, sat down and said my prayer.

“Heavenly Father I thank you for ma-king it possible for me and my families to see this beautiful morning, they are those who sle-pt and was not able to see this beautiful morning, some were rushed to the hospital while some at the mortuary but you make our own case to be different is not because of our mighty nor our righteousness rather it’s because of your tender mercy and the love you have for us”
I prayed and thanked Him.

I stood up, rushed to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face.

I dressed up for my morning devotion to the people, that’s my evangelism, I tied my headtie took my bible and the microphone? and rushed out.

I love the things of God, I love preaching his words to the people, the unbelievers, the sinners, the things of God matters a lot to me am always hungry and tasty when it comes to the word of God.

I will like to be a Reverend Sister by God’s calling and a Doctor as professional,I studies so ha-rd both in my school academics and the things of God.

I was humming my beautiful song “Ekwueme”,that song t©uçhes my heart and melt my soul.

“Good Morning Chioma!

I greeted my best friend with smiles.

Chioma is my best friend right from when we were small, I can say she is my childhood friend, we think alike and so much in love with the things of God and she also want to be a Revered Sister.

“Morning Esther!

She replied back with smiles.

“Has it been long you c@m£?
I asked with smiles.

“Not at all Esther,I just arrived now”

She sounded with smiles.

“Okay! Let’s start”
We sang, prayed and handled our evangelism to God Almighty before starting.

“Good Morning my beautiful and handsome brethern, our t©pic for this Morning is REPENTANCE”

I said with the microphone?

“What is Repentance? It simply means a stage in Christian salvation where the unbeliever turns away from sin, turns away from their evil minds”
I said.

“Repent for the kingdon of God is at hand, repent my brothers and sisters, the Lord is calling us to change our evil mind and run to Him and be save, He said that His word is a strong towel the righteous man run into it shall be save”
I preached.

“Sister Chioma plea-se re-ad the verses that talks about repentance for us”
I said to her.

“2 Chronicles 7:14 said,
Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and resto-re their land”
She re-ad from her bible.

“Another one, Luke 15:10,
In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the pres£nce of the angels of God over one sinner who repents”

“Oh yes! The angels of the God rejoiced in heaven for one sinner that repents, my brothers and sisters God wants us, He want us to change our ways and run to Him, Hell and Heaven is real”
I preached.

“Sister Chioma give us another verse”

I said.

“Acts 8:22 says,

Repent, then, of this evil plan of yours, and pray to the Lord that He will forgive you for thinking such a thing as this”

“Papas, Mamas, brothers, sisters and children where will you spend your eternity, Where will go on that faithful day when the trumpet of God will sound? Heaven or Hell? Now we have the opportunity to run unto Him, He will wash out all our sins, purify us and make our heart to be whiten like sown”
I preached.

“Remember our Jesus Christ died for us on the cross of Calvary for our sake, to wash out our sins, why can’t you repent from your evil plans and run unto Him”
I preached.

“I know you are hearing my voice out there remember the Lord is calling for you to repent and for your souls not be burning in hell fire”
I preached.

“I said this prayer with me, Lord Jesus I know am a sinner, I have sinned and wronged you in many ways plea-se come into my life and wash out all my sins away, purify me to be clean and take me back as your own, I have accept you as my Lord and personal Saviour, in Jesus Name”
I said.

“Sister Chioma close for us”
I said.

She prayed and closed the evangelism.

“Esther today’s teaching was so great and awesome”
Chioma sounded with smiles.

“Yes, we have been called to preach the gospel to the unbelievers for them to turn away from their sins and be save”

I sounded with smiles.

“They will change their evil ways and repent”
She said with smiles.

“It’s six o’clock alre-ady, we nee-d to go home and prepare for school”
I sounded.

“Six alre-ady! See you at the school”

She hvgged me.

“See you too! Don’t forget to bring the maths textbook you know we have it today”
I said to her as she was about to leave.

“I won’t forget bye”
We waved at each other and dep@rted to our various houses.

When I got home,my mom and my elder brother has not waken up, we lost our Dad three years ago throu-gh accident, it has been my Mom who has been supporting me on my academics.

My elder brother drops out from secondary school, he got no plans for his future always following the bad guys messing around the community and bringing shame to the family.

I went to my room drop my things and rushed out to do my house chores.

Mother c@m£ outside when I was sweeping the compound,
“Good Morning Mama!

I greeted with smiles.

“Morning Esther! I can see you have gone for your morning evangelism?

She asked .

“Yes Mama! It has not been long when I c@m£ back”
I answered with smiles.

“Okay! What of your brother Obinna, Did he c@m£ back home last night?

She asked.

“Yes Mama! I saw him sneaking in last night”

I said.

“Okay, we will be eating yam this morning so hurry up with the house chores let me go and cook the yam so that you won’t be late to school”
She said.

“Okay Mama!

I answered and she made her way out to the kitchen.

I continued with the sweeping and some minutes later, Mama started shouting.

“Oh my God! What is it? Esther come here!

She shouted.

I rushed out immediately to know her reason of shouting.

“What is it Mama?

I asked.

“Did you warmed this soup last night?

She shouted and opened the pot of soup and the sourness covered everywhere.

“I did Mother!

“Then what happened to it? Why is it sour?

She shouted.

“Brother Obinna is at it again”
I sounded.

“What did you mean?

She sounded being confused.

“Mama I has caught brother Obinna stealing meats from the pot of soup uncountable times to avoid you from finding out and for the soup not be sour I will warmed it”
I sounded.

“You didn’t tell me and you kept quite”

She shouted.

“Yes Mama! I did not tell you because he promised me that he will not do it again when I wanted to report him to you and I believed him”
I sounded.

“Where is that good for nothing son that call himself Obinna”
She shouted with so much anger and went to his room,I followed her behind.

“Come out here and face me Obinna! I don’t know what you are turning into”
She shouted and opened the door.

“Oh! You have gone out alre-ady! That’s what you are good at, going out and messing around the community, bringing bad name to this family, go and come back is me and you in this house since you don’t want to be useful to yourself”
She shouted.

“Mother plea-se calm down before your blood pressure will be high”

I sounded.

“I don’t know why your brother Obinna don’t want to be useful to himself, how can a grown up person like him be stealing meats on the pot? What sort of life is that? Why can’t him find something better to do with his life rather then smoking weed and bringing shame to this family”

She shouted.

“Mother, I believe he will change, let put everything in God’s hands for Him to take absolutely control of his life”
I said.

“I pray so, his bad characters is getting out of hand”
She sounded so worried.

“I believe him will change Mother and I will keep on praying for him”
I as-sured her.

“Let me go and prepare the food so you won’t be late to school”

She sounded.

“Okay Mama!

I said and went back to my chores.

Done with the house chores, showered, ate breakfast and re-ady for school.

“Am going Mother!

I said to her as i c@m£ outside.

“How much is the book?
She asked.

“Is one thousand Naria Mama!
I sounded with smiles written all over my face.


She brou-ght the money from her wra-pper and gave me.

“Thank you so much Mama!
I sounded with smiles.

“Once the school is over come to the shop and as-sist me oooo!

She sounded.

“I will Mama! See you”
I waved at her and made my way to the school.


She stares at her daughter until she exited from her sight.

She breathed and said,
“I know you will make your mother proud one day, your studies shall never be vain, I will go any limit to make you achieve your dream of becoming a Medical Doctor even if it means for me to sell my wra-ppers and jewellers or even borrow money I will defiantly do that because you are my investment”

“Since your brother Obinna has vowed not be useful to himself always walking around the community like a sheep without a guide, let him come back and face me, is me and him today, he will tell me Why he want useless his life”

She shouted and went inside.

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