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Hi, my name is Nora Hyacinth. I am the first daughter of my mother from the family of four.

I’m sixteen (16)years of age,my immediate younger sister Rachel is ten (10), Sofia and Sonia, my mummy’s little twins and last born are six (6) years of age.

We hail from Aguata LGA and base in fegge Onitsha.

In our Street,we have over eighteen (18) tenants houses and they all love buying roasted yam,akara and potatoes mother.

Yes,my mother do fry all this every morning…that’s what she do for a living so as to fend for us, since my dad divorced her.

I finished writing my SSSCE some Months ago.

I’m slim,fair and also have the curve and because of my curves,many guys have been flocking around me. I have to shun them because I know the family I’m from.

Life have been flowing well for me and my family until one day……

It was Saturday night around 8:16. ……I helped my mother and packed some of our palates we used and serve our customers to the kitchen for Rachel to wash.

As Rachel was busy washing the plates….I have to bath Sofia and Sonia, dressed them on their night gown…..and at that moment my mother stepped in.

As usual Sofia and Sonia rushed and welcome her…..she settled down on our old cushion and return their hug.

“My Angels…how are you doing”.she asked with a smile.

.” We’re fine mama….. big sister even bath us just now”they answered with a smile.

One thing about my mother is,she don’t joke with her little twins, she love them and cherish them….not that she don’t love me and Rachel, she loves each one of us.

“Sister, I’m done with the plates”. Rachel announced and i nod my head.

“Come and sit here”. I Pat a space beside me..” and let’s say our night prayer”.

Rachel sat beside me and rest her head on my shoulder.

As we we’re about to start our prayer, a heavy knock was heard at the door, which made little Sonia to panick.

We all shared eye contact,and finally I decided to know who’s at the door.

I slowly opened the door and came in contact with a huge guy who was putting on black throughout.


He shooved me out of his way and walked in as if he owns the house.

“Hey…. Get back here”. I yelled but it was too late…

I quickly close the door and rush after him to meet him staring at my mother with a smirk…..and my mother shivering in return.

“Your time has elpase Mrs Hyacinth…. Now I need my collateral”. The stranger said.

My mother quickly went on her knees, tears rolling down her eye.” Pls give me some Months, I will surely pay you the money….pls …..I will strive to make sure I complete your money”.

I was perplexed…. what money is mom talking about. And who is this stranger . How did my mom borrowed money from him.

“I don’t repeat my self Mrs Hyacinth…WHERE..IS…MY…. COLLATERAL” He sneered at her.

Sonia and Sofia broke into tears mainly because the guy is scaring them and Sonia has high tolerance to panick.

“Hey….who are you and how dare you barged in here and be scaring my family”. I asked.

This stranger can’t come and scatter our house this night.

“Explain or I will call the securities…”I trail off as my mom shook her head in tears.

“I’m sorry Nora…I’m so sorry….” She choke in tears…. “I couldn’t think twice…. I wanted to save my Sonia…. I’m so sorry Ada m”

Mom cried why saying that.

I was astonished…why is mom apologizing to me….

The stranger turn to me and smile….” My collateral is such a beauty…and also have a blabber mouth”. He chuckled and turn to my mother….

“It nice doing business with you…”he said and began to drag me out…..

What….where is he taking me to….

“Hey leave my sister alone…I will report you to the security”. Rachel yelled . She drag the stranger on his leg intending to bite him

“Little fish…back off now…. And also ask your mama what she did that made her use your sister as a collateral” he snickered and brush Rachel off and resume dragging me.

“Leave me alone…. leave me. Mom why aren’t you doing anything….his taking me away”I scream in tears.

Mom couldn’t do anything. She only bow her head in tears why muttering the word “SORRY “.

The stranger dragged me like am a piece of rag and successfully drag me outside.

“Stop right now or I will shout” I warned,but the idiot payed deaf ears to me.

He brought out his white handkerchief and covered my nose.

I struggled with him and suddenly gave in after inhaling a substance from the handky.

Tears roll down my eye before I black out……

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