Episode 1

The flat next to mine has been vacant and empty for about 3 months now since the lady that has been occupying it packed.

We heard from the caretaker that she has travelled out of the country and a new tenant will ne joining us soon. He also said we can notify some other people who might be interested in occupying the house.

There’s about 8 flats and two buildings in the huge compound and surprisingly, each flat is occupied by single unmarried people, including I.

It was occupied by single ladies and men. Some were student who got the place rented for them by their Sugar Daddies, Zaddies, Bop Daddies, Sugar Mummies and Bop Mummies while some got theirs rented for them by their rich and influential parent.

Some were single working men and single working women like me. The compound was definitely for people who can afford it.

Some have their friends squatting with them and some were paying jointly for the flat. Some flats had two men occupying them while some had two or three ladies occupying them.

The main topic of this discussion is our new neighbour who just moved in.

It was a man. Ohh God, this man was everything a woman could ask for, everything a woman could desire. He was tall, not too tall like a pole, he was muscular, sturdy and neat. His hairs was neatly shaved, his beards was clean and he was so handsome.

Every ladies in that compound was obviously drooling after him and luckily for me, I had the upper hand because he was living next to me.

The only thing about him I dislike is that he is always too serious. He wouldn’t even relate with me or any ladies in the compound except few guys he usually play basketball with on Saturdays.

If “minding my business” was a human being, then I’m so sure it will be this guy because he can mind his business.

It’s 2 months already since he moved in into the compound and I don’t even know his name nor anything about him. I’m sure non of the ladies knows his name too.

He doesn’t look aggressive or anything, he look like a nice guy that was just too serious with life.

I decided within myself to act fast before any other girls in the compound have him because I was already noticing some girls giving him different kind of lights including green light.

I summoned a courage one afternoon of one Saturday when he was resting on one of the benches, after having one of his numerous training of basketball and he was being eyed by one girl sitting on one chair nearby.

He was still sweating and panting when I got to him.

“Hi there”, I said while shining my big white teeth as if I was being awarded a scholarship.

“Hi”, he replied immediately while smiling.

Ohhh Gosh, i got elated by his smile and I was just staring at him for about 5 minutes without saying anything. I really felt stupid for going to him, I felt like he was too hot for me.

“Are you still there”, he waved his hands at my face to get my attention. Gosh, the hand was too fresh, everything about this guy is too fresh.

“I’m Kelly and it’s nice meeting you”, I said briskly while closing my eyes.

“I’m Pete and it’s nice meeting you too”, he said smiling. I haven’t forgotten my objective yet, so I went straight to my point.

“I’m your next door neighbour. I’m just wondering if we could be friends”, I said while expecting a negative answer.

“Of course, we can be friends. I’ll be looking forward to it”, he said again while smiling.

I didn’t even reply his last word, I turned back immediately and ran to my flat. I prepared myself for the next day work, had my dinner and went to bed with the thought of Pete on my mind.

My friendship with Pete grew and soon, other ladies were getting jealous of our relationship and some of them even refused to come into the compound for few days. I don’t actually have problem with them not coming home because of I and Pete, I laughed over it and took it off my mind.

I haven’t see Pete today and I was wondering what he could be busy with. Normally, he should be back from office by this time. I’ve been hearing a silent music coming from his room and I was wondering whether he left it on when he was going to work that morning.

Surprisingly, despite our closeness and the tightness of our friendship, I haven’t entered his house for once. We are always meeting outside our flats.

I felt like something was wrong that evening, so I decided to enter his flat to check what’s up.

Fortunately, his door wasn’t locked and i gained access into his house effortlessly.

I was expecting to see him on the couch, probably sleeping or busy with his Laptop, he wasn’t there.

I was welcomed by the dim red light illuminating his dark living room. I proceeded into the kitchen to check, he wasn’t there either.

The numbers of knives Pete had in his kitchen caught my attention a bit and I smiled at the thought of Pete being a good cook. I never thought of what a bachelor could be using almost 30 knives for in his kitchen.

I went deeper into his flat and I opened the first door which I thought should be his room and on opening the door, my sight got welcomed with the barbaric scene of Cynthia, Laide, Favour and Beauty in absurd postions.

They were the four girls i thought was absent from the compound because they were being jealous of me.

They weren’t sitting, talking, dining or watching a movie. They were all dead, killed with a knife struck at their foreheads.

The room was so cold and I realized that Pete has been embalming their bodies. I also realized that Pete has not been too serious for nothing.

I was still staring at them in sheer horror when the door of the living room clicked open and the sound of the door was replaced with the sound of a feet coming towards the room.

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