Episode 1

Fred, a young handsome business man who was living comfortably in his three bedroom flat with Emma his younger brother who was also living with him, Emma was a young guy of about 16yrs who always live almost all his life in the church, he was committed to God, u hardly see him sitting without holding his bible with him, because of his committed to God, he was nicknamed blessed child by his pastor,.. Fred on the other hand, reverse is the case, he was always seen every minute and second with either his laptop or his tablet phone chatting with different sexy lady on social media, despite Emma’s warning but he still payed deaf ears to him.


TWO DAYS LATER (Sunday period)


Emma was seen coming out of his room already dressed for church, as usual he was holding his big bible with him, so he came out to the sitting room and met Fred his elder brother chatting on his laptop as usual, Emma sighed for a moment before walking up to him ”senior bro good morning! I thought u are already dressed for church? Emma asked,as Fred stopped chatting and looked at him ”which church? do I look like a church goer? come Emma respect urself! just look at how u distracted me from this beautiful girl am chatting with? do u think everybody can be like u who always buried himself in the church? see ehn, I have alots of thing to do with my time and going to church is not included on them, so my dear younger brother! go to church and also pray for me if u wish to”, Fred said,look at his laptop and smile ”oh Jesus have mercy! bro just look at wat is coming out of ur mouth! how can u just choose social media over God? it is God who is keeping u alive till this day, why not sacrifice ur time for him even if it just on Sundays”, Emma advised ”ok! I will go to church next Sunday if that will make u happy”, Fred said smiling ”that is wat u are always saying! I pray u fulfill ur promise by coming to church next Sunday as u say o? Emma said adjusting his tie ”ok pastor Emma! so can I continue my beautiful chatting now? Fred asked smiling ”hmmm!! whatever! let me be on my way now”, Emma said ”ok and don’t forget to pray for me o”, Fred said ”ok! alright bye”, Emma said and walked away ”this my younger brother and his madness of church! na by force to go church? abeg let me continue my beautiful chatting jor before this sexy lady I was chatting with go offline”, Fred said to no one in particular as he continues chatting smiling.



Fred: hi pretty angel! are u there?

lady:yes offcourse! I was chatting but got no response from u! were u busy?

Fred:yeah! I was busy with my younger brother who always forced me to go to church! but thank God he is off my neck now! so sorry ok?

Lady:lol! I wasn’t angry! so where do we stop?

Fred: I asked of ur name before I was distracted by my annoying brother.

Lady:ok my name is Jessica and I guess ur name is Fred Williams?

Fred: oh my world! how in God’s name do u know my real name and my surname? because I never used my real name to open my fb account? I used stone as my Facebook name! so angel how come u knows my real name? pls tell me, am so curious to know.

Jessica:are u surprised? anyway I just guess! let’s forget about that! so wat are u doing now?

Fred:hmmm!! u scared me o! because I know I never told u my name! anyway that is by the way! I already checked ur profile pix! oh my God! u looks so beautiful I must confess.

Jessica:awwwn! thank u very much and u looks handsome too.

Fred:thanks angel! so where do u base?

Jessica:I base in port and u?

Fred:I base in Abuja! am wondering if u can come pay me a visit at my place! forget about ur t.fair, I will handle it.

Jessica:I should come pay u a visit just like that?

Fred: yea baby am dieing to see ur beautiful face! I know it sudden but I just want to see u! just say yes and send me ur account number, I will send u ur t.fair times two, pls baby.

Jessica:hmmm!! ok o! no problem! so when do u wants me to come?

Fred: if u can make it tomorrow I will be very happy.

Jessica: tommorow? ok no prob! just send me ur address and I will send u my account number to forward my t.fair, is that ok by u?

Fred: yes yes yes.

After the long chatting, Fred later went offline and smiled ”i can’t wait to see this pretty damsel and I can wait to have a taste of her! but wait o! how did she know my real name and surname and I never told her my name! anyway Maybe it just guess as she said, let me don’t let that one to bother me and spoil my sweet moment”, Fred said stood up and went straight to the kitchen to get something to eat.

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