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?? A Nigerian Tale ??


Sochima walked to the back of their house and met the shock of her life

Well it’s the shock of her life because she never expected such to happen

The pet of the house; the cat, Millie was sprawling on the ground, struggling for it’s life, substances coming out of it’s mouth

Millie was her favorite, her own pet, and she would never want anything to happen to it

She immediately raised an alarm

“Mum…….. mummy…….mum”, she shouted, her eyes still fixed on the dying cat

“What’s it? Why you shouting my name like that?”, Mrs Chike or better still, Vera, her mother said, coming out of the house

She pointed to the cat

“It’s Millie, look, it’s dying”, her voice was panicking

Vera looked at the struggling cat on the floor, and back at Sochima, who still had her eyes glued to the cat

Like there was anything she could do to help it

She clapped her hands

“So, it’s because of this thing, that you are shouting in this manner?”

“I don’t want it to die”, she cried

It was funny and amusing

Her mom laughed

“A grown-up like you is crying because of an animal”, she said and laughed

It was indeed funny

Sochima was really grown, and already developing the womanly features

Was in her senior secondary school one (SS1), and was much matured

So seeing her cry and panic for a pet, an animal, was really funny

“You must be a good comediene”, she said and walked to the cat

She looked at it properly, there was nothing she could figure out to help

Then the thought of calling Dr Kingsley, the family vet doctor and also a family friend, came to her

“Sochima, go get me my phone”, she instructed

Sochima ran in with speed and agility, she returned seconds later with the phone

Vera went through the contacts and dialed the doctor

He picked up immediately and she explained her problem to him

As expected, he showed his interest to come over and check out the cat

“Woohoo!”, Sochima exclaimed, visibly happy

Her mom looked at her and shook her head

“You must be crazy”, she said

“Go keep the phone where you brought it from”, she gave the phone to her

Sochima took it and went inside, dancing and rejoicing along

She was so happy, she wouldn’t let anything happen to her Millie

Dr Kingsley should better arrive on time else…….she would kill

She laughed

Kill indeed, but jokes apart, she would, if Millie dies

She walked into the sitting room and met Annette, her elder sister, staring out through the window

“What’s the noise for Sochi?”, she asked, as soon as she entered, still looking out the window

Sochima stopped in her tracks

“Well, Dr Kingsley is on his way here”, she said

Annette abruptly turned to look at her

“Dr Kingsley? What for?”, her eyes widened

“The cat is sick, so mom called him to come and check on her. You know she’s my favorite and I so much love her”, she walked away immediately, to avoid more questions

Annette found herself smiling and grinning from ear to ear


Dr Kingsley?

Ohh God, she hopes he comes with Fred as usual

Fred was Dr Kingsley’s son, and also her secret crush

From the very first day she saw him, that faithful day she had accompanied her father to Dr Kingsley’s vet office, she had seen him and had instantly developed feelings towards him

And since then, she was always itching to see him, again and again

She couldn’t tell him of her feelings towards him, she was afraid to, and so, he was a secret crush

One of the reasons why she couldn’t make known her feelings to Fred, was because he didn’t even care or bother to know if there’s any person called Annette

All he knew was that, she was the daughter of his father’s friend, and nothing more

Fred was very much good looking, and matured

From her findings, he was much older than her, already in his third year in the university, two more years to go

But she wasn’t bothered, love can erupt between two people no matter the age

Fred normally accompanies his father to every of his duties, he always does the driving

So now that Dr Kingsley was on his way to their house, she was hoping he would come along


She couldn’t wait

She immediately ran into her room, packed her hair more properly and changed into something better

She found out she was extremely nervous and anxious, who wouldn’t

Her crush was on his way

Now talking of Annette, she was in her final year in secondary school

Already done with her final exams and awaiting results

She’s a dark girl, with dark eyes, strong enough to hypnotize the opposite sex

But she didn’t know why it hasn’t hypnotized Fred

She shrugged

A car horn blaring outside the house jolted her from her thoughts

“Ohh Jesus, they must be the one”, she said, taking a proper look at herself in the mirror

After being satisfied of her good looks, she went out

Dr Kingsley had already alighted and was already talking with her mother and sister

But there wasn’t any sign of Fred

Where was he?

Ohh God, another disappointment?

She shrugged, accepted her fate and walked to greet the doctor

He was the family’s good friend

“Good evening Dr Kingsley”, she greeted and faked a smile to hide her pain

Deep inside her, she was hurt

“Good evening Annette, how are you?”, he asked smiling

She nodded

“I’m okay, how is the family?”, and Fred, she wanted to add that, but restrained

“They’re fine”, he replied and turned back to her mother and they began walking to the back of the house, her sister inclusive

As she was about to go after them, the car horn blared


Is anyone there?

She turned back, and her joy was instantly restored

She saw him, her Fred, alighting from the car in his full bloom of handsomeness


He’s really handsome

Fair complexioned, pink lips, very dark hair and an attractive athletic build body

He was putting on a sunglasses and wore jean trouser and a blue shirt


So he came?

Before she realized how long she had stood there watching, he had walked up to her

She heard the dangling of the car keys he was holding and his perfume filled her nostrils, that was when she realized

And she started walking off in a start

“Hey Annette”, his soft voice called, he was now walking beside her, and this alone thrilled her and made her cringed

“Go …….. good evening”, she stuttered, her eyelids abating

“Evening, how are you?”, he asked

She felt so withdrawn, she couldn’t remember the last time Fred had engaged her in a conversation as this

“I’m fine”, she managed to say

They were now walking to the back of the house, to join the others

“This is really the first time I will be seeing you since you took your exams”, he laughed

“So how was it?”, he asked

She swallowed hard, and rolled her eyes

“It was okay, thanks”

“Thank God, let’s go meet the others, heard that your cat is sick”, and he walked away, ahead of her, even before she could reply him

That was it, she usually cringed his presence

His presence makes her soft and she hoped he would be able to read her mind and understand her

She walked to where they were and saw Dr Kingsley placing an instrument on the cat’s body, she didn’t know what it was

And then soon, after administering some injections to it, it slept off

“Doc, would my Millie wake soon?”, Sochima was the first to ask

Everyone turned to look at her, except the doctor, he just had his gaze on the cat

“Yes dear”, he nodded, still looking at the cat

Then he raised his head

“Mrs Chike, let me see you”, he said and they walked out, chatting away

Sochima followed

Annette felt it was time she leaves, she turned and Fred’s voice stopped her in her tracks

“Annette, can we have some words together?”, he asked


Did he really said that?

Ohh Jesus, she couldn’t believe it

She wanted to accept almost immediately, but she ended up cautioning herself

She slowly turned to look at him, and she nodded

“Sure”, she said

He smiled and began walking towards the car

She followed him

They got to the car and stopped

Now, she knew it was time he felt to tell her what she’s been itching to hear for months

He rested his back on the car and slowly removed his sunglasses


She couldn’t help but cringe, his handsomeness was at the highest peak

“Well, I just wanted to ask you for something”, he said, jolting her back to reality, she had already wandered off into thinking

Something? What could that be?

Well he could ask for a lotta things, she was ready to provide the answer

“What’s it?”, she asked, her heart beating so loud

He sighed

“Do you have Timi’s contact?”

What the hell!

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