Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Never in his wildest imagination did he believe

marriage btw him nd Oyindamola was possible.

four years ago, it was jst something that could

happen only in d dream.

Then,d class gap btw them was very wide.

Oyindamola was d only daughter of a rich

business tycoon nd popular politician while Frank

was a gateman in otunba Douglas house.

. life has been unfair to frank, a 21 years old young

man who works as a gateman in chief Douglas


Meanwhile, Oyin was her dads favourite dats gets

whatever she wants.she took advantage of dat and

thereby makes anyone life miserable.

Frank notice this and was conscious of this class

gap so he avoided getting intimate wit


Although Oyin was very pretty nd would easily

catch the fancy of any young man, yet he hardly

looked or take notice of her.

She would always walk pass him with an air of

importance, feeling on top of d word like a

princess. Frank hate her for that.

. One day, She came to d gate nd ordered him to

buy something for her at a fast food store beside d

house. frank politely told her it would not be

possible since he was on duty nd his d only

person at d gate.

Oyin:Wot did u mean by dat? she screamed

Frank:pls i can’t leave my duty post to somewhere

else, u need to understand.he replied her.

Oyin:I said u should buy something for me nd u

dare tell me this nonsense.she yelled.

Frank:I said am not leaving here.

Oyin:Meaning? now leave that place nd get me wot

i send u to do, she replied wit all seriousness.

Frank ignored her nd continue doing wot he was

doing.she was enraged nd before he knew wot she

was up to, she had already given him two

thunderous hot slaps dats left him completely

downcast making him staggered backward.

he stood there with a anger fully written on his

face making him look more handsome,he was

wondering wether to retaliate or not, he felt like

beating her up dia as tears started flowing down

frm his eyes…he felt pained.

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