Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

My name is john,but my friends always call me Stonez, i could remember back in secodary school days,only few poeple knew my real name,not even my teachers….

I live in abeokuta with my parent,i am the only male child,i have two elder sisters,i was born into an average family,my father is a teacher while my mother is a trader

Ever since i was a kid,my dream was to become a soilder,i want to serve my great country and fight against corruption which is eating our country up…..unfortunately,that dream could not come to pass….

When i graduated from secondary school,my father called me

Father:my son,am happy that you have finally finished your secondary school education,so what the next step you want to take concerning your future…jamb form will be out soon,i want you to futher your education and make it in life,i dont want you to suffer like i did

Me:Dad,thank you sir

I thought about it and i have decided not to futher my education,i want to join the military…recuitment form will be out soon

My father:My son,i am the one that gave birth to you,and i know what is right for you,as your father i want you to futher your education,the military system is corrupted,and with the increase in terrorism in the country,it is likely you are deployed to fight them….i will give you time to think over it

Me:thank you father

That was how my father told me not to join the military,i refused to listen to him….

I went ahead and registered and i was recuited…i was posted to Enugu state for a six month training…..

The six month i used in the camp was hell,many people quitted while some died,the pain and hunger is too much but i endured and pressed futher with determination….

Finally after six month,the training finally ends…..

Unfortunately,on the day that we were to be deployed to our various stations,as we lined up waiting for our deployment letter,the camp commander came with about 30 guys and he removed some of us and he put in the new guys as our replacement…

Unfortunately,i was among the guys that were removed,we later learnt that those guys that they brought were children of rich politicians,their parent bribed our commanders in order to recuit their children…….

I was sad and broken,after enduring for good six month,we left the camp with a broken sprit,i dont know where to go,my father will be very disappointed when he sees me…..had i known,i would have listened to him..

I joined the bus going to abeokuta,i paid for my ticket and sat at the back

Few hours later we reached abeokuta

Diana’s POV

I just dont know why my parent are insisting that i should travel out of the country to stay with my uncle,i have been trying to persuade them for one month now…..

I just dont want to leave Nigeria when all my friends are here

Let me introduce myself

My name is Diana,the only child of Mr Williams….my mother is a business man,my father is the special adviser to the president…….

Episode two coming soon

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