Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Mirabel’s POV

“I’m not interested in you, I dont feel anything for you Westley” I heard my younger sister, Rita yelling on top of her voice to a young handsome man.

While Rita was still speaking with him, I took my time to study this guys appearance right from my window. Wow! He looks like a Greek God, He is tall, broad shoulders, height may be 6’5. Gee, i wonder what he is telling Rita.

Lost in my thought about Mr. Handsome, I heard something that sounded like a slap. Oh My God! did Rita just slap Mr. Handsome??….

I saw Him leaving with his head bowed in disappointment, Oh my!…what’s wrong with me, I didnt even noticed he had a brand new latest ferrari, hmmm, He must be rich!

“I don’t know why men are so stupid, He even followed me to my house, tch” Rita said as she slammed her books on the table.

“Sis, could you imagine, an arrogant young billionaire wants to marry me”, said Rita while rolling her eyes, she looks cute while doing that.

“so what did you say”, I asked interested

” A capital letter N & O, Hell No”, said Rita..Her decision can’t be changed. She has always been like that.

Of course, she had someone she is in love with, David. They have been dating since her freshman in college, well she is in her finals.

She is going to be a nurse!

Well, I’m done with college two years ago, I studied Accounting. I graduated with


“hmm, sis are you listening to me??” Rita said looking at me in suprise, I so lost in my thought.

“yes, why don’t you accept Mr. handsome, at least that guy is super cute” I told Rita with my hands Akimbo

“I don’t love that man, Handsome my foot, I love only David, If you are so interested in Him, you can have him, since you have never had a boyfriend…hahhaa ” she told me while laughing.

Oh my God It hurts, true, I dont have a social life, I have only two best friends, Desmond which i call him Dezzy and Angela. I dont like partying, No guy has ever asked me out because I’m fat, chubby is no word compared to it. While Rita is hot, a fashionista, she’s got all the guys looking at her, mine was different.

I hate that am fat, but I have come to like the way I am.

I snapped out of my thought, “I would have him, as if he is ever gonna look at my ugly face” I said while searching for my diary.

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