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Book Worm

My eyes narrowed at the boy who was helping his dad carry a computer into the house. My house . The place he and his dad would be living in, for maybe forever. I felt nauseous at the thought.

The boy, Christian Woods, was a golden boy, and his dad was now my mom’s husband. After two years of hiding a relationship with some man named Stephen Woods, my mom told me she would be marrying him in two months. My jaw had dropped at those words, the same as my heart. I hated change. Especially unexpected change.

My eyes darted away as Christian and his dad walked into the house, holding the large computer together. Once they walked past me, I decided to glare at Christian as he carefully walked up the stairs with his dad. Surprisingly, I hated Christian more than Stephen, even though Stephen was the reason why this change happened. For some reason, I just couldn’t stand Christian. Not at all due to his golden boy glory and intrusion of my life.

In a few minutes, Stephen and Christian walked back down the stairs. Once again, my eyes darted away so that I was looking at the ground. Neither of them deserved the idea of me even looking at them.

“Christian, you can take a break.” I heard Stephen say. “There’s not much left. I can finish up.”

“Are you sure dad?”


I heard Stephen’s boots thud in my direction, to where I stood near the front door. He was a large man made of all muscles and broad bones. You’d always know when he was around.

Before Stephen left the house, he suddenly said, “Hey Autumn.”

“Hi,” I muttered, only to be polite.

Stephen was a nice guy. He made my mom happy and he bought me things, so I didn’t really hate him. I hated what he did to my life, but I didn’t necessarily hate him.

Once Stephen left, I lifted my head up and watched him go to the moving truck. He was forty and still looking somewhat young with his neat black hair and lively features of bright blue eyes and a big, perfect smile. If I was my mom age, I might have seen what she saw in him.

Still watching him, I heard footsteps near me. There was only one person in the house right now, so I knew who it was. The very person I despised. The person who was causing the blood within my veins to boil.

“Autumn,” he said, sounding surprisingly gentle.

The way he spoke to me was always like that. Much to my annoyance, it seemed like he didn’t want to hurt me. It seemed like he thought I was some delicate little thing. That was one of the many reasons why I hated him.

“What?” I asked, looking at him to emphasize my annoyance.

Quickly, I raked my eyes over him, as if to sum him up. Christian looked like his father, but at the same time he didn’t. He definitely did have his father’s bright blue eyes and chiseled facial structure. But then, he wasn’t built as big or as hard as Stephen. He was like a softer version, with lean muscles and a younger appearance with his soft-looking skin. Unlike his dad, he also had messy black hair and was slightly taller.

“Autumn,” he said, keeping his gentle tone.

I snapped out of my thoughts, remembering we were in the middle of a conversation. If that had happened with anyone else, I would have blushed.

“I know you’re not happy,” he continued. “But I hope we can all get along. My dad and your mom are happy together, and there’s nothing we can do to change that. Let’s try to be a family.”

I scoffed, narrowing my eyes at him. Christian knew I hated him. Anyone with eyes would be able to tell I did. It was that obvious, so the idea of all of us getting along was laughable.

“Look,” I eventually said, faking a smile. “We’ll never get along, so I’m not going to try. We’re just going to pretend the other doesn’t exist. Okay?”

Christian stared at me tiredly. “Autumn, we’re family now. I’m your brother.”

I s—-d in a breath, knowing I would lose it if I didn’t. From what my mom went on about to me, Christian was smart, kind, handsome, and athletic. Seeing what he just said, I doubted he was smart.

“You are not my brother,” I hissed. “You and Stephen are not my family.”


I stormed off, tired of talking to him. He was the reason why I was unhappy. He was the only person I hated with a passion. Getting along with him was impossible.

“I’m home!” I heard my mom yell.

Getting off my bed, I rushed downstairs. I had been bored to death and I was thankful she had come home. Especially when I could smell Chinese food.

As I rushed down the straight, narrow stairs that separated the kitchen from the living room, I took a quick turn to my left to go to the kitchen. My face nearly smashed into the chest of someone wearing a black v-neck, and I glowered. I knew who the person was.

“Move,” I said, glaring up at him.

Christian looked slightly amused as he stepped aside. As usual, my blood began to boil from the sight of him.

“Autumn, don’t give Christian attitude.” I heard my mom say. “You’re the one who nearly crashed into him.”

I looked to where my mom stood, right in front of Stephen. Stephen had his arms wrapped around her waist and he was snuggling his face into the crook of her neck. I felt like gagging at the sight.

“But Mom-”

“No buts,” my mom said sternly. “You need to learn how to treat Stephen and Christian with respect. They’re your family now.”

“They’re not my family,” I spat.

Stephen lifted his face up from my mom’s neck, looking sad as he stared at me. My heart tightened with guilt, but I pushed that feeling away. They deserved the way I treated them. They deserved my wrath.

My mom sighed tiredly. She had seen me like this before, at the wedding. That was the first time I met Christian and Stephen. When I did meet them, I was rude, harsh, and unwelcoming. My mom caught onto that and she lectured me throughout the party. I didn’t listen to a word she said though, not even now. My mom seemed to be giving up on me due to that.

“Autumn, let’s just eat as a family,” my mom eventually said. “Come here.”

Robotically, I marched up to where she stood. Stephen let go of her and smiled sadly at me. I averted my eyes and watched as Christian left.

“He’s such a good boy,” my mom said to Stephen. “It was kind of him to get my car keys.”

“He’s my son,” Stephen teased.

My mom giggled like a little girl.

I found myself wanting to throw up again, and this time on the both of them. Seeing my mom like this was strange, bizarre because she had always been this strong, independent woman. Now that Stephen came into the picture, that trait of hers had been demolished.

Christian soon came back with a small smile on his face. Despite wearing all black and being eighteen, he looked surprisingly young when he smiled. Younger than my age of sixteen.

“Why haven’t you guys started eating?” Christian asked, handing the car keys to my mom.

“We were waiting for you,” my mom replied, taking the car keys. “Thank you so much Christian.”

I looked at my mom, feeling like someone had jabbed a dagger into my heart and was now twisting it slowly. The way my mom looked at Christian was the way my mom should be looking at me. A look of love and adoration, of protectiveness and care. My mom never looked at me like that, not ever since Stephen came into the picture.

“Well, let’s dig in,” Stephen said.

Everyone smiled simultaneously, except me. Throughout the day they all smiled, leaving me left to sulk in a corner. All I wanted to do was be alone for the day. My mom wouldn’t allow that though, so I was stuck sitting beside the boy I hated and his father I wanted gone. I had a bad feeling that was how my life would be from now on.

To be continued..

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