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That faithful morning, I cried to my Pastor’s house. I was fed up; my bags were packed. I had just finished telling my husband every bitter word I can remember in the dictionary. I fabricated new words that best described a monster that he is.

Yes, he is a monster, he acted so nicely during the courtship. But as soon as I became Mrs. Momoh, all hell was let loose. There is nothing that I did that was good.

I had a well-paying job as a factory manager in Lagos. I had a driver and I had an expense account. But after six months of marriage I thought I had gotten pregnant and Ige my husband let all hell loose over the fact that my work will kill the baby. Unfortunately, three months later my period came back and thus more war. I left my job to please him and became a full time house wife.

But by then he was no more around to make love to me, he was always coming home late. I discover strings of relationships on his phone and when I confronted him, he complained that since I killed the baby and can’t make another one, he needs girls to calm his nerves.

Whenever I complain, he leaves the house. If I don’t talk, he leaves the house. When I beg, he gets angry. If I fight, he gets angry. If I report to Pastor, he gets angry. If I cry, he leaves the house.

I was running mad and crazy. I didn’t have any self-esteem again. I was no more going to church regularly. He was sleeping with sisters in the church. He looks like an easy person to the world at large but a demon inside the house. I couldn’t get pregnant. I was sleeping alone every ovulation.

Last night, I discovered through his phone that another girl was pregnant for him and she wants marriage else she would terminate the pregnancy.

My husband was pleading to her not to. He was ready to do anything just to have the baby. I confronted him and he slapped me and called me barren.

That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. All hell was let loose. I spoke out my bitterness.

I decided to first report myself to Pastor, actually I don’t really have a place to go. But I needed to get out of the house of Ige the monster.

Pastor listened as usual, his wife was holding me and trying to comfort me. I was too broken.

Pastor Emmanuel asked me this question; Sister Joy, is this the future you imagined and prayed for yourself when you got married?

Hell no! I don’t pray this for my enemies!! I replied.

Sister Joy, pray and fight for your marriage. You have been fighting wrong and fighting dirty. If you are ready, I’ll teach you how to pray and fight right. Pastor said.

I laughed despite my situation, Pastor Emma, you don’t understand. For the past 9.5 years, I have not been sitting and doing nothing. I am a Christian, I have prayed, fasted, gone for prayers on the mountain, I got ulcer from praying and fasting. I was fatter before. Pastor you don’t understand ooo.

Pastor’s wife was now crying, in my mind I felt, abi ooo, mummy understand what I was saying, that’s why she is crying too, but I noticed she was not only crying, she was beckoning on her husband to talk but Pastor didn’t want to talk.

I was curious, what is Pastor hiding, did they know about the woman who’s pregnant or what!!!

Pastor’s wife opened her mouth and said, sister Joy, some years ago, Pastor was in your shoes and I was the one who beat him out of the house and I was pregnant for another man.

Now this is turning to African story. Our gentle Pastor’s wife beating our Pastor? Ahhh

If you have seen the two of them, their love is not of this world…..

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