Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Wilson’s POV

“I wonder why I went to school. I wish I had learned a trade or better still a hand work… What’s benefit is it to me now that I’m a graduate with no speculated job.. ” Wilson thought aloud walking along a Sharp road bend, frustrated from being jobless after a year of graduating from the University as a petrol chemist…

He walked thoughtfully for while and decided to cross the road and without looking at well he jumped in to the road but very unfortunately an incoming vehicle him down.

“Boom! He fell down unconsciously.

“Hai!! What have I done asked the car driver ” Mr Bernard Eluard.

He rushed out and managed to carry the unconscious guy into the car and drove off to the hospital for medical help..

“Good day Doctor, please take care of this young man for me. I just hit on him as he was crossing the road carelessly..” Said Mr Bernard Eluard to the doctor as arrived..

The took him and applied medical help immediately.

Few hours later, i opened my eyes and saw a lady dressed in a white gown with a tray ditch of inflammatories… I moved my hand and I felt a slight pain allover my body, especially my back.. A drip was fixed to my left hand as I watched the last amount of water enters my body.. I realized that I was under the impression of hospital..

“Please, ma’am why am I here”? I asked still laying down.

“Calm down you will be fine in a while” The nurse replied.

“Please answer my question, what brought me here?” I asked curiously.

“Well, a man brought you here hours ago.. He said he knocked you down in the process of crossing the lane.” She said.

Tears gathered up in my eyes but I sniff in trying to with held it but I couldn’t help it and let Them dripped down my cheek..

“You don’t need to cry, you’re fine” she consoled me pathing my back tenderly…

I could manage to stop it and the door cracked opened behold an average old man came.

“Please nurse, how is he now?” He asked walking straight to me.

“He is fine” replied to nurse.

Then I realized he was the man that knocked me out.

After much deliberation of plead I summoned Gregory.

He offered to take me to his house. I refused at first but later gave in.

He drove me gently to his house. While in the car I was in silent as different evil sailed in my thought.

He tried asking me but I didn’t reply. He apologized thinking I was annoyed about what happened he did to me…

We reached his house and entered the main building. It’s a nice sitting room.. He ushered me to seat as went and got me chilled drink…I accepted and sat back to heel.

“Welcome dad!” A young lady of a young age rushed down from upstairs and embraced the man.

“This is my one and only daughter ‘Marthina’ and here comes my wife. “Felicia” Meet them. He said and I greeted them with a hand check.

I caught the lady with a fixed gesture on her eyes.

Our hands was fixed together for while before I disengaged.

He later narrated the whole event to them and I was very shy…

“Sorry Mr Wilson” said the wife and thereafter Martina.

“Sir, I think I’ve to go now” I said.

“No…no.. please don’t be in a haste, you can release here for a while before you can leave. Please feel at home” Said ma’am Felicia the wife..

“Yes, son you need some rest. What was such stamping incident. You collapsed and literally died. Please I’m very sorry once again.” Mr Bernard added.

Some ocean of tears formed in my eyes but I didn’t let Them dripped down.. I stylishly smiled at them and hide my impression.

“Please I need some rest before night fall, I’ve been restless all day because of this clash” Mr Bernard said and walked to a very long stairs upward.

The building was a storey building containing many cottage..

“Hello handsome, you’re looking quite and grieve. What’s up?” Asked ma’am Felicia.

“Ma’am I am fine” I replied.

“Ok, please do you mind coming with me?” She said looking forward at me yo stand. Stood up and followed her ignorantly of what she was up.

“I Know you will like to go now but let’s have a little conversation” she said as she opened the door to her room..

It was a big room with a family seize bed and standing mirror.

“Please seat down” smiling at me.

I sat down and she began.

“Mr Wilson, what do you for a living?”

“Ma’am I’m doing nothing yet. I graduated last year from school as a petrol chemist and unstill to get a job.” I replied at last after much silent.

“What about your parents?” She asked again. I don’t intend to answer much question but I had no choice.

“Ma’am, my dad is late and ever since then my was disowned of our landed properties. In short, she’s in the village” I said and tears escaped my eyes.

“You don’t need to cry things shall go well soon”she assured and moved closer to me on the edge of the bed. I tried to help my tears but they keep rushing down…..

“I don’t your pains but you have to stop else you will hurt yourself.” She said this Time pathing my back..

She embraced me into her hands and I felt her warmth.

She held like that for few minutes while I sobbed into her arm..

I stopped my tears and wanted to seat right on my heel but she held my tight.

“Please don’t be to fast to disengage from my grip. You’re such handsome dude I Will like you to be my friend, please don’t say no”she said and I became confused on what to say or do next because I suspected her earlier. The way smiled at the very time our eyes sent some sense into my head that she was up to something… I was still in thought when I felt her hands on my cheek and plotted a hot kiss on it.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry but it’s not right you kiss me”I said.

“I know but I have to do it. Come on let’s have some fun.” She said freeing herself from me and trying to pull her dresses..

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