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[The tampered destiny]

Mr grammer can be seeing wearing

the popular agbada. He was smiling

sheepishly and looking very happy.

Mr grammer was a Muslim but not a

too devoted one. In fact, you will

hardly believe that Mr grammer is a

Muslim, though he observed his

prayer and carry out his religious

rights but he doesn’t make it public.

He is a free Muslim with the principle

that everybody is free to practice any

religion so far it doesn’t affects


As a typical Muslim, Mr grammer had

organised a naming ceremony for his

new baby boy.

Mr grammer was not just happy for

the birth but he was also happy that

the God never forsaked him or

allowed bad thing to happen to him.

Indeed all thanks belongs to

almighty God.” Mr grammer said.

Everybody was gathered at Mr

grammer’s house today. Drinks and

wine were served to everybody.

Entertainment at its maximum was

put to display. Happiness flowed

through the air.

In no time, mallam mashood arrived

at the congregation.

He was the one in charge of giving

names to the babies.



well let me tell you guys why+++

Mr grammer original name is yunusa,

he obtained masters in English. His

unique way of speaking with

grammer had made people to be

calling him Mr grammer. Though the

name doesn’t sound sensible. Mr

grammer was ok with the name. At

least the name will give people and

orientation to his personal identity.

Mr grammer is a business freak. He

controls business just the way

Ronaldo controls ball in the football

field. Mr grammer was an endowed

men whom was blessed with

maximum success. Mr grammer had

shopping stores that he sells

provisons, he also had a farm and to

crown it all he was a contractor.

Mr grammer was a good

philanthropist. He helped all his

family members with the little he

had and with God magnificent

power. He had blossom and became

one of the richer business pioneer in

his geographical territory.

He was very famous.


Everybody had attended this today’s

occasion that was organised by Mr


Various popular guest were invited.

One will think that it is a wedding

ceremony organised by the


The uninvited guest counterve the

number of invited guest that came

to the ceremony.

Mrs grammer was also dressed in a

unique attire. Though they were

ebira’s living at illorin. They dressed

like a typical yoruba couple. There

dress alone will provoke laughter

making everybody to lit up with


Mr grammer’s family member were

the most happiest that moment.

They all believed that the baby was a

successor of their dead

grandmother. They held the baby at

high esteem.

You will be suprised to see some

people kneeling at the feet of the

boy trying to recieving blessing from

the kid.

Respect was showered to the little


A figure walked out of the occasion

and went to a lonely path. The

person did some few incantations

and the person was filled with anger.

This new born baby is looking for my

trouble already.

Still small and he is already

gathering allies and looking as if he

was a king.

Indeed i believe this boy have a

good faith and a prosperous destiny

but over my dead body will the

destiny come to reality.

I had killed his mother in other to

frustrate him but now it looked like

he was happy than before. Mr

grammer will never face success

anymore. He has cut what he cant


I will make sure to deal with him till

he becomes tired of life. This his kid

will never be successful. They will

suffer and suffer as far as i am alive,”

the strange person with an unknown

identity thought within itself and

headed back to the ceremony


The stranger went straight to meet

Mr grammer. He shook hands with

him and his family. Congratulations

everybody” may God give the boy

long life and prosperity” the stranger

prayed and went to sit down in a


Everybody chorused amen and Mr

grammer gave the stranger some

few tips(money) and thanked the

stranger for his care.

It seems Mr grammer and the

stranger are close friends. But

indeed in every living soul there is

always a small atom of deceit and

treason. “trust nobody than yourself

“was the illustration here.

Mallam mashood sat down and

began. He prayed with some verse

quran and in few minutes every

body was set to hear the name of


By Allah’s grace and power i declare

today that this new born baby

( pointing at Mr grammer new born

baby) will be named and refered to


wow everybody repeated the name.

Mr grammer and everybody was


The strange mutted under his



OF A SAD ONE.” the stranger said and

sipped the drink in his front.

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