Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

my name is celine am 12yrs old and am going 2 meet my mom in “queens hospital” its one of d biggest in town and my mom works there, cool, right? but no my mom works there as a cleaner. she got d job 3yrs ago wen dad died in a robbery scene and died as d brave soldier he is. well dads family were 4gotten by d force after he was accused of an illegal stuff. well dats a story 4 another day. i saw my mom cleaning. “goodafter mom” “celine wat are u doing here?” “well u 4got 2 drop d keys dats y am here” “oh my! am so sorry 4 d stress” “its nothing mom” “wait here let me get d keys, ok?” “ok” she left while i stare at her; she ve really been our pillar ever since dad died.

i miss dad so much,he was my best friend but i luv mom too i was waiting 4 mom 2 come so i could leave cos the smell of hospitals irritate me. “yuk! i hate hospitals it stinks” “yea, me too” someone said behind me, who responded 2 my complain? can u guess who? well we would find out cos dis day marks a journey 4 me…..

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