Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

It was dusk.

The time for every young and old folk to bring to a halt the activities of the day and get locked in their comfy homes. The moonlight reflected on people’s window, and the stars shining brightly.

The cool night breeze blew softly through Alexandra’s long curly hair.

She stood 6ft tall at the balcony of a hotel behind a huge round pillar, restraining the security cameras from capturing her face. She was few metres away from the governor’s villa.

She looks radiant and stunning in her all black ninja suit. She tilted her head sideways and banded her hair in a ponytail. She fastened the ninja suit to cover her face leaving only the eyes region.

She was adorably beautiful even in her concealed face.

She bent down and brought out a high tech binoculars and fixed it on her eyes scanning the governor’s abode.

She could see lots of armed security officers securing the place.

There were walking to and fro, back and forth looking for any intruder.

She zoomed in to the backyard of the governor’s villa.

They were security officers there too. She calculated the rate of officers guarding the backyard and she arrived to conclusion, with the estimate of twelve guards.

She calculated the front ones too, and they were fifteen guards. excluding the front gate guards.

She took off the binoculars and inserted it back into her knapsack and brought out a strong and long rope. She clipped it to the steel of the balcony. She also clipped it on her suit belt which rounded her waist.

She took her knapsack and fastened it to her back.

“Now, its time for some action” she said under her breath with her eyes closed. She took a deep breath. She could see the image of her dying father in his own pool of blood screaming with all the energy he could muster. Blood gushing out from his mouth as he shouted.

“kill them all Alex, be ruthless” gradually his voice faded off.

“I believe in you” were his last words and he went still motionless.

She quickly shut the image out and opened her eyes.

Tears welled up in her eyes threatening to spill but she fought them back not wanting her emotion to have dominion over her.

She sighed and changed her facial expression as adrenaline surge through her.

She checked her wristwatch. The time was 12:00am. She smiled wryly and threw the rope downwards outside the hotel premises.

She turned her back, backflipped, gliding down with the aid of the rope and landed noiselessly on the floor and loosed the rope from her belt.

She walked to the backyard of the governor’s villa and climbed the tall fence with just two steps and one bound and flipped inside with a silent thud. She eluded the barbed electrocuted wire instinctively.

She ran noiselessly through the flowers and hid herself behind an empty water tank. She peered out scanning her environment, she saw an officer walking to where she hid herself. The officer stopped right beside the tank looking either way, he was oblivious of Alexandra who hid herself perfectly.

He looked back when he heard a whistle being blown.

Alexandra crept to his back silently and snapped his neck off.

She drew him backwards to her hiding spot and laid him on the floor. She searched his pockets frantically and brought out an android device. She swiped the screen, and decrypted the pin. She long pressed the minimize button, the screen showed the minimized apps. She clicked on the second program and it displayed a map. It was a map of the governor’s big mansion. she zoomed in and swiped it up, she looked at where the governor’s room was located and the way to the room.

She studied the way closely and the room. She returned the device back to his pocket and quickly walked out to the electrical light box, which was just few steps away from the tank. She brought out tools and set to work.

She finished unbolting it and she disconnected the wires which supplies the mansion and its environs light.

The lights flicker and went off as she disconnected the last red wire, turning the place into abject darkness.

The officers were shocked and aghasted at the light outage. They immediately raised an alarm and all the officers trooped out turning the place into pandemonium.

Alexandra walked instantaneously to the first metal door. She opened it and rays of light from a powerful torch almost got her blind, she quickly covered her eyes and made to move out but the guard holding the torch had already seen her and he quickly pulled the trigger of his 9mm revolver perfectly aimed at her forehead..

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