Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

King Odele

in his inner chambers settled on the wooden

bed with lion sky that serves as mattress,

the curtain that serves as blockade swipe

aside by a maid bearing a wooden tray.

she dropped the little clay plates with

red oil and yam, with bush meat. She knelt

before the King and watch him consume

the meal, the King stare at her beautiful

face and her round boobs covered by

the piece of wrapper that runs round

her chest. she bend to carry the left


meal revealing her big ass to the King’s

eyes, he grab her butt squeezing her ass

cheeks. Her eyes widen as she felt his strong

Palms on her ass, he ordered her to return

to his Chambers after dropping the wooden

tray. No one dares or question King Odele

except you want to die. Amara the new

maid left the King’s inner chamber with

a heavy heart, she is just a new maid.


Queen Yaga, stare closely at the two bodyguards

before her. One of them dark and strong

with height, broad shoulder. The other

slim, fair and short, she needed something

new and big. She ordered both of them

to remove the enemy skin covering their

manhood, she ask the black one to leave

‘Cause his d–k isn’t as big as him. Queen

Yaga unclad herself and spread her legs

guesture the slim guard to enter her, he

is very hard and ready to hit her hard.

Ohh escaped her lips when he gave a quick

t—-t in, he penetrate harder and faster

on top her. she curled her legs over him

as he work himself to c-m deep inside

her wet c–t.


Princess Yara always go to the stream

on noon and no one is expected to be at

the stream except her bodyguards, every

daughters and sons of Ona knows this. Prince

Buduka and his two friends Uche and

Idaye sit by the stream gisting and throwing

stones into the river at the river bank,

The two bodyguards at the princess command

wants to lift them out of the stream when

they refused to acknowledge the princess

presence and leave. Prince Buduka give

the first matchet blow to the advancing

bodyguard who drop to the stream blood

surface on the water, Idaye and Uche

get hold of the princess who wants to escape.

she struggle and scream with them but no

child of Ona is expected to be seen at the

river in that time, Pila the princess bodyguard

dropped his matchet to fight with peince

Buduka with bare hands who did the same

also, Pila launch his punch directly to

Prince Buduka’s face losing his balance.

He lift him off the ground and wipe


on the ground, Prince Buduka strangle

him to death. Princess Yara was carried

on the shoulder by Uche to the bush beside

the stream followed by Prince Buduka

and Idaye. They hold her still but the naked

princess struggle, kicking her legs but prince

Buduka widen her legs forcefully easing

his hard d–k inside her p—y deflowering

the maiden, ummh! He groan when her

tight p—y squeeze his c–k, he bleep her

hard ignoring the pains and pleasure

Princess Yara is going through. they left

her in pains.

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