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My mother was one of the lucky woman to have a man like my father who loved and cherished her, I was my daddy’s pet we are fond of each other and because of this people do call me daddy’s girl, iam tall, smart and beautiful, my dream is to be a doctor when I finish my education and my father promise to be there for me to make sure I achieve my dream and to be great in life, he also told me that after my secondary school that I Will further my education in abroad.


But one day something terrible happened which I will never forget, My father travelled to UK for a business meeting, on the day he was returning back to Nigeria, their plane had a crash and everybody in the plane died including my father, that day was the saddest day I will never forget, my mother and I cried and cried until their was no more tears to shed. My father was a loving and caring man, he was one in a million, I never imagined my life without my father, I still couldn’t believe that my dad had left us, I couldn’t accept the fate that he was gone, I wished all this was a dream, I cried all day and night thinking about the death of my lovely father, I felt as if my world was coming to an end but my mother was always there to console me, OMG my father was too nice for death to take away, why is it that death always take the good ones, while the wicked one’s live longer than the good ones, that is the question I keep on asking myself but got no answer to it.


Two months later after the death and burial of my father, my mother became in charge of my father’s company, although at first it wasn’t easy for her because my father’s younger brother uncle Maxwell have been trying everything possible to take all my father’s properties, according to him he said that my mother didn’t bear any son for my father that according to tradition that he is the one to inherit his late brother’s properties but my mother been the smart woman she was took the case to court and from there the court warned my uncle to stay away from my father properties and that was how my mother became in charge of my father’s properties including his company, I was very happy that my uncle didn’t succeed in his plan by taking over my father’s properties.

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