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Elizabeth Lambert looked down at her full round breasts-the major source of her sexual problems. At twenty-four years old, her breasts were still very firm and perky. She stared at her fat, protruding, nipples, framed by her long, luxurious, hair before slipping on her bra. Elizabeth loved her breasts, but disliked the attention they received. She fastened her bra and noticed how her breasts were now lifted and pushed together, showing a lot of soft cleavage.

“No wonder men are always leering at me!” she said aloud, “but that is their fault, not mine.”

She was right, of course. Men did leer at her. Not only because she

attractive, but she exuded sensuality. Her lips were full, her eyes sparkled, and her body was soft and sexy. She had a round, plump, ass to compliment her large breasts, and unknowingly, she exhibited very sensual body language. Although she was very shy, it was the way she batted her eyelashes, licked her constantly dry lips, or shrugged her shoulders, accentuating her breasts, gave men the wrong ideas about her.

“Men are pigs,” she said to herself, slipping on a loose summer dress, “I’m done with them!” The dress hung off her large breasts and clung to her sexy, round, ass.

Elizabeth was married once, but, fantasies about love and intimate sensual contact were shattered on her wedding night. He rutted her like wild animal and even tried to put his disgusting penis in her mouth!

Elizabeth wanted to like sex, but it just felt something a proper lady shouldn’t be doing. The human body had so many secretions! Wet lips and tongues, slippery oozing vaginas, and leaking and violently erupting penises. She felt like her body was betraying her every time she began to get aroused.

A year after her divorce, she realized she missed having a man in the house. Then, one day she watched a silly dog video on the internet, and suddenly realized the cure for her lonelyness – she would get a dog! Even though she had always been slightly afraid of them, a dog would protect her and give her the companionship she was craving. Oh! To sit quietly on a sunny afternoon, curled up with a good book, with her big, strong, dog at her feet! That’s what she needed!

She discovered a local pet store was having an adoption event. And, after two full weeks of waiting, today was the day! Elizabeth put on her shoes, shut the door, and drove to the pet store. She parked her car in the huge parking lot and quickly walked to the outdoor pens, filled with friendly, cuddly, dogs!

“Can I help you, Miss?” a young man said to her. Elizabeth couldn’t help but notice his eyes lingering on her breasts

“Yes, I want a dog,” Elizabeth said, more firmly than she felt inside.

“A big dog, little dog, puppy?” the man asked.

“A big dog, not a puppy. Something to protect me,” she said, and shyly added, “and a companion.”

“Of course!” the man said, “follow me.” The man walked around the pen with the puppies towards the back where the larger dogs were kept. He told Elizabeth the dog’s names, history, and ages as she Inspected the available animals. They were all so cute!

“Oh, what about that one!” Elizabeth said, pointing to a large, black and brown animal with dark, piercing eyes. The animal seemed to look right into her soul. Half German Shepard and half Rottweiler.

“Oh, that’s Rascal, You might like him…..” The man gave her a sly smile. “He was given up for adoption by an older woman, even though her daughter seemed very distraught over it. She mentioned Rascal is quite friendly with the ladies. Too friendly’, she had said. But, when her daughter went away to college, he proved to be too much for her to handle.” He winked at Elizabeth.

“Oh! want a friendly dog!” Elizabeth replied, oblivious to the man’s inuendo. “I’ve always been a little afraid of dogs!” She quickly stepped closer to the pen. Rascal walked up to her and she petted him happily. Then, he began to lick her hand. “Oh, stop that doggy!” she said.

“He likes you,” another voice said behind her. Elizabeth turned to see an older man leering at her body, like all men seemed to do. He unashamedly looked her up and down.

“Hmmph!” Elizabeth said, “I’ll not have a filthy, slobbery dog that licks my hand! How nasty!”

“Oh, he’s just being friendly!” the man said, “Besides, I heard you say you liked friendly dogs, and, if you treat him real nice, he might want to lick some other things besides your hand, isn’t that right boy?” The man took a step towards Elizabeth and the dog.

Elizabeth didn’t understand what the man was implying, she certainly didn’t want a nasty dog licking her hands, or face, or anything else! She gave the dog a pat on the head and ruffled his ears and began to walk away to look at other dogs, when the man reached around her body to pet the dog, effectively pinning her against him and the cage. She could feel the man’s crotch rubbing against her thigh as he pressed up against her. She felt the cold metal cage pressed against her ass.

The man was too close to her. She was feeling uncomfortable. She

could smell his breath on her face. She looked for help, but the

young man had already left. The truck used to transport the dogs

was blocking the two of them from everyone’s view.

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