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“Now tell me how I’m still alive Markian” Elizabeth said to her husband grabbing the cup of coffee her daughter had placed for her on the kitchen counter.

“That’s because you have me sweetie.” Markian smiled making his wife scoff.

“You barely do anything!” Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

“And so do you mom! You always complain about us killing you everyday, but we’re clearly old enough to take care of ourselves” Joan the eldest daughter added staring at her mom.

“Old enough to take care of yourselves? You’re just twenty two!” Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

“Yes and that’s not a child’s play age. If it makes you feel any better, I can move out!” Joan shrugged.

“That would be perfect” Her mother shrugged.

“Elizabeth? Perfect? No way what do you mean perfect, you’re not moving out or going anywhere Joan!” Markian stated making his way towards his wife. His height towering her.

“Come on, don’t be like this Elizabeth!” Markian sighed.

“You know…” Elizabeth started dropping her coffee and turning to her husband to adjust his tie. “when I married you, I thought we’d just have three kids and live happily and every second of my life I won’t have to yell”.

“But then God loved you so much and blessed you with seven kids, now isn’t that wonderful.” Markian smiled causing his wife to tug the tie around his neck causing him to gag.

“Seriously mom, you could have stopped getting pregnant when you had us, just three beautiful triplets, but no, you had to go on and on then ended up with Archie, and then ava and Anna and then Tommy! How could you not yell every second of the day.” Joan seethe and her mother lunge at her.

“Oh be quiet! When I had you, Leslie and Connie, I was happy having triplets, but then watching the three of you grow, I wanted to have more kids, you guys weren’t the best set of triplets, you were all monsters crying every night when your father and I tried to sleep, and you guys didn’t look anything alike, what’s the fun in having triplets when they’re going to be fraternal, two of them are two annoying girls and one of them is a boy who’s trying to crash my house with girls” Elizabeth complained making her husband chuckle.

“But then you would have had just three children!” Joan shook her head at her mother, walking away from the dishes she was washing to grab more dirty dishes under the sink.

“I wish I had just one, Tommy is enough for me!” Elizabeth sighed.

“You can’t just start picking favourite Elizabeth, we love all our kids.” Markian stated.

“How come I don’t” Elizabeth snarled. “Tommy’s a sweetheart but Archie isn’t, his head is filled with girls just like his older brother Connie, and then those twins, Ava and Anna, I don’t even know how to start with those girls.” Elizabeth sighed tiredly.

“Now now Elizabeth, having kids is a blessing!” Markian said handing his wife back her coffee.

“That’s because you’re not home everyday to witness what’s happening” Elizabeth shook her head.

“It’s okay… And you’ll be able to rest soon, Leslie and Connie will be going back to college soon right? And ava and Ana will hopefully get into that boarding School.” Markian stated kissing his wife forehead.

“And I’ll be left alone with miss know it all, Archie and Tommy!” Elizabeth smiled.

“It’s Joan, I have a name and I don’t know it all!” Joan hissed.

“Anyways, I’ll be leaving now” Markian announced grabbing his car keys and briefcase.

“Okay then drive safely hon..” Elizabeth added taking a sip from her coffee.

“I will, take care Joan” Markian Said to his daughter before walking out of the kitchen and out of the house.

Elizabeth sighed and rested her elbows at the edge of the counter. She turned to her daughter.

“Do you think Anna and Ava will be able to get into that school?” Elizabeth asked.

“What school?” Joan asked, lackaidical.

“The boarding school we’ve been talking about for years, do you live in this house?” Elizabeth sighed.

“Ohh… And I do live in this house They took the school exams last week, the results are coming out today right?” Joan shrugged.

“Yeah, I hope they both pass, they both have to attend that school.” Elizabeth stated giving Joan her empty cup.

Joan laughed. “Why do you want them to go to that school so badly mom”

“One, because I won’t see any series of twin violence in my house and they’ll be living off of the school’s scholarship for three terms, so that’s like saving money and saving your voice, so technically I’m killing two juicy birds with one stone.” Elizabeth said standing straight and stretching.

“Well just hope they get in, Ava have like ninety percent chance of passing that exam, but Anna… I don’t know” Joan shook her head.

“Well I don’t care, if she doesn’t pass your dad and I will just force her in with the school system and pay for the whole term” Elizabeth concluded and her daughter shrugged turning the faucet and stopping the water from gushing out.

“Well it’s your fault for having the twin gene kind of thing mom, I heard your mom had quadruplets” Joan laughed.

“It’s not funny, and guess what we might pass that gene to you too, your first child, might be six children.” Elizabeth seethe.

“I doubt it” Joan scoffed. “Anyways mom, I’m off” she stated grabbing her bag from the counter.

“I thought you said you’re not going to work today.” Elizabeth sighed.

“I was lying.” Joan laughed walking out of the kitchen while her mother trailed behind her.

“Look don’t overwork yourself okay, you still have college to attend in two months time.”

“I know that mom… Anyways goodbye,” Joan said and walked out of the house while her mother watched her.

After Joan has disappeared into the streets, Elizabeth shut the door and walked into the house.

Joan was the same age as her triplets but then she acted way more mature than the remaining two.

Finally Elizabeth had the whole house to herself, no kids, no trouble, no yelling!

She plopped down on the couch and starts to watch some family sitcoms, the sound of the television warming up the whole house, the air condition keeping the house at its cool, Elizabeth found herself dozing off and then finally fell asleep on the couch.


“Mom!!!! We’re home!!!!” The happy voice of a twelve year old boy woke Elizabeth from her deep slumber and she let’s out a grumble when her twelve year old son Tommy appeared in front of her.

He seemed short for his age and his feminine beauty made him outstandingly handsome.

“Hey there little buddy, how was school?” Elizabeth asked ruffling his hair.

“School’s the same” Tommy shrugged.

Elizabeth laughed. “where are your sisters?”

Just as Elizabeth asked the two girls walked into the living room, their resemblance and beauty litting up the whole room. They both had brown hair at the same length, brown eyes and were both tall, but one seemed to be a little bit taller than the other one.

“Good day mom!” they both said at the same time and gave each other a quick glance.

“Ava… Anna” Elizabeth gave a bitter smile.

‘They both look so innocent and pretty when they’re tired but I know how stubborn my girls can be’ Elizabeth thought as she stood up from the couch.

“So…” Elizabeth started. “I want to hear good news… Did you guys get your results today?”

“Yeah, we both passed!” Ava replied taking off her backpack.

“Oh my God, I’m so proud of you both.” Elizabeth squealed.

“It’s just one stupid school, I wish I never passed, I hate boarding schools and it’s an all girls catholic school to be precise, who gets excited over things like this!” Ana groaned rolling her eyes.

“Boarding schools are the best what are you talking about” Elizabeth gasped..

“Mom, you forced us to take this test, you’re just looking for a way to move us out of the house!” Anna rolled her eyes.

“Shut up Anna!” her mother snarled.

“Anyways you’ll both be leaving on monday” she added

“Monday!” Ava gasped.

“That’s too early, it’s just Friday and our birthday is in two weeks, I don’t want to have to celebrate my birthday in a boarding school!” Anna yelled.

“Well we can celebrate it over the phone, it’s no big deal.” Elizabeth shrugged.

“Seriously mom!” Ava added angrily.

“We’ll send loads of gifts for you guys. I promise” Elizabeth grinned.

“Mom. Dad has loads of money right, we can just ditch this school and go to a normal day school.” Ava stated posing and placing her hand on her hip.

“Well it’s been decided already, boarding school it is” Elizabeth shrugged.

“I hate this, when I get to that school no one should call me,” Anna said angrily walking away.

Elizabeth glanced at Ava and sighed.

“Please… We’re trying to save money here, and besides your school recommended this boarding school for you guys, and it’s just for your final year, you both wrote the scholarship exam and got in, just bare with your father and I… Hmm”

Ava sighed staring at her mother.

“Fine! I’ll try to Convince Anna” Ava said before walking away.

Elizabeth gave a sigh and fell back on the couch.

Seven kids, and two of them feels like ten.


“Don’t try to convince me Ava, I’ll go to the whatever boarding school, am just mad that mom doesn’t acknowledge our birthdays” Anna sighed, slipping a blue t-shirt over her head.

“We’ll just celebrate it ourselves there in school, with our new friends and stuff” Ava stated.

“And what if we never make friends.!” Anna concluded.

“We will just hang out with ourselves then” Ava shrugged.

“Eww, why would I want to hang out with you all day!” Anna gave a disgusted face.

“Then learn to make new friends you freak” Ava rolled her eyes.

“Just because you have so many friends doesn’t mean you’re not a freak too, I don’t like being amongst people especially boys… You’re really a freak you know that, you don’t even hang out with girls in school, you only hang out with boys.” Anna scoffed.

“that’s because girls talk behind your backs and boys don’t” Ava stated.

“Lame excuse!” Anna laughed.

“You don’t even have any friends to begin with, your only friend is the school janitor, so who’s the freak here?” Ava asked.

“Oh shut up” Anna rolled her eyes.

“Almost seventeen and you don’t know how to make friends, such a pity” Ava laughed.

“B*itch” Anna muttered angrily.

“What the hell did you say?” Ava striked.

“You have ears, I’m sure you heard them clearly” Anna smirked.

“Don’t forget I’m older here.” Ava furrowed her brows.

“Older with five minutes, and don’t forget I’m taller here.” Anna seethe.

“Taller with like three inches” Ava rolled her eyes.

The door to the girl’s room suddenly burst open and Archie their immediate older brother walked in.

His height was striking and so was his red hair he died a week ago even though his mother was again it.

He paused and looked at both girls…

“Are you girls about to fight?” he asked.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” Anna snarled.

“and why didn’t you knock you freak!” Ava added.

“What’s with the insults, if you both just shut up and let me breathe, mom wants you guys downstairs, it’s almost dinner time.” Archie stated.

“Okay understood, now get lost” Anna added.

“Geez, you both are as annoying as hell.” Archie scoffed.

“not as annoying as your loser girlfriend you brought yesterday” Ava snorted.

Archie glared at her. “I know she’s ten times hotter than you Anna, so shut up.” Archie barked.

“Are you blind? I’m Ava, and that’s Anna you can’t even tell us apart.” Ava scoffed.

“I don’t care, Anna or ava, you’re both annoying, good thing you’ll be going to that boarding school on Monday! I can’t stand you two!” Archie said before walking away.


The Riles family sat around the dinner table and it looked more like a feast than dinner itself. The table was long and ten chairs surrounded it.

After blessing their food they all start to eat.

“So, the twins will be leaving for the boarding school on Monday!” leslie one of the older sister, being one of the triplets said.

“Really? That’s great news, there won’t be so many drama” Connie the older brother and one of the triplets added.

“Oh please” Ava rolled her eyes.

“I’m so glad they’re leaving too” Archie raised his hands.

“Nobody asked you, you cockroach” Anna snarled.

Suddenly the table turned into a yelling field, the twins getting angry at everyone.

Elizabeth glanced at her children and let’s out a sigh, she turned to her husband who seemed to be enjoying the food and the noise.

“Should I just give them up for adoption” Elizabeth sighed.

“Now that’s not very sweet Eliza” Markian grinned.

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