Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

People have started gathering around them as the young man keep pushing her away

I was about to buy beancake from a woman when I saw the scene and decided to move closer

The man drove off quickly after dragging her out of his car

“Eyahhh sorry sis,don’t force yourself on a man o,it’s not good” one of the woman said facing the young lady

The young lady shàmelessly look up and saw my face

“Please are you Fardaykhemy Raheem?” She asked but I was a bit shocked about knowing my identity

“,how did you know me?” I asked in confusion

“You are the writer of finding my love?” She asked me again

“… yes sister, please how did you know all this?”

She looked around and wiped off her tears while people keep leaving the scene,have read all of your stories,it explains how I could recognize you easily among the crowd, please help me ”

“I should help you?in what way?” I asked again

“My story need to be written, would you do that for me?” She asked again searching my eyes for an answer

“Alright ma am,but please let’s leave this place…

She dressed her clothes and left with me

I brought out my chair and table including my note book to jot down whatever is bothering her mind

She burst into fresh tears and wiped it off after crying her heart out

“Fardaykhemy are you ready?”

“Yes I am”

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