Episode 1

Sometimes strangers can give you the best o—-m

“Mr. Agarwal,we agreed to fix this alliance because we know you’re a well reputed man in this city. You have created a big reputation for yourself. We really acknowledge you and respect you sir but we don’t know of your daughter. Of course our dear son here was smitten by her at first sight,”the lady smiled gesturing at her son who shyly smiled and looked down. “He has fallen in love with her. She’s a very beautiful girl and we are yet to see her. Where is she?”

Mr. Agarwal turned to his wife. “Please go bring her Hansika.”

“Of course dear. Just give us a minute. I will fetch her right away,”she smiled standing up and walked over to the kitchen.

“Sanyu,”her mother called snapping her out of her gaze.

“Yes Mom,”she grinned at her. “What happened?”

“Is the tea ready? And the snacks? You have to serve them to Yash and his family.”

“Mom,I heard you when you were lecturing me about how to prepare tea and snacks but I am sure you already know that I don’t listen to anyone but myself. Everyone knows that Sanyukta Agarwal is not interested in this marriage still you and dad agreed on this. So of course mom,I made sure that everything is ready but…..but it wasn’t prepared by me,”she smirked throwing the apple in her hand.

“Sanyu,we only want what is best for you,”her mother assured cupping her face.

She enthusiastically nodded with a smile. “Yeah I know. I know you want what is best for me like how you did to Sanjana. Your choice was the best and now look where Sanju is. She’s beaten to a pulp everyday by that beast you call a man and none of you are saying anything. It’s either you see it and think of it as normal or you pretend not to see and fill yourselves with the delusion that Sanju is living a good life.”

“Sanyu stop it. Dev is the best husband your sister could ever have. We are grateful for whatever Dev has done for this family. Enough with your nonsensical chatter. We don’t want another Sanjana in this house. Do you get it?”

“Wow mom! Wow!” She clapped her hands. “Dad has managed to influence you too. Just great,now I have to deal with the both of you. Let me tell you something,I will never get married to that goat you call a man. Serve the tea and snacks,fine I will serve them. Shall we go dear Mom?” She gave her painfully beautiful smile as she covered her face with her dupatta, taking the tray of food in her hands and started to walk out of the big kitchen.

“Oh here she is!” Her father exclaimed with a loud chuckle which made Sanyukta want to throw up.

Steadily she put the tea and snacks on the mahogany tea table and sat down next to her mother.

“Did she make all this?”

She was about to reply but her mother beat her at it. “Yes,she did. She’s a very good cook,I tell you.”

The Shuklas bent down and to took a cup of tea paired with samosa and started eating. They exchanged glances and nodded in approval.

“Very good! Very,very good!” They complimented.

After the snacks they say down to talk about the alliance.

“We have already seen her on the photograph. Now we want to see you in person dear. Could you please come sit next to me?” Mrs. Shukla patted the space next to her.

With her mother’s nudge on her arm,she reluctantly stood up from her sit and over to her mother in-law to be.

With a bright smile she lifted Sanyukta’s veil and was confronted with the most beautiful face she has ever seen.

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“She’s so beautiful!” She turned to look at her parents then back at Sanyukta. “What’s your name?”

She really wanted to give her a good comeback so that they run away and never come back but she held her tongue. “Sanyukta.”

“Tell us more about yourself dear.”

“Well there’s nothing great to say about me,”she replied meekly. “I finished at high school a year ago and now I’m at college. India School of Medicine. I study to be a doctor there. I heart surgeon.”

“Study? A heart surgeon?” Mr. Shukla asked in surprise.

Sanyukta nodded proudly.

Mr. Shukla looked displeased and everyone could see it written all over his face.

“Mr. Shukla what seems to be the problem?” Mr. Agarwal asked.

“Mr. Agarwal we really appreciate and applaud you for taking your daughters to school but you see the daughters of our house don’t go to school. We don’t acknowledge that at all. Boys are the ones who go to school,get educated and get better paying jobs in order to take care of the household. You don’t encourage women who are highly educated more than than the men. If your daughter gets married into our family she has to drop out of college.”

The Agarwal shared glances shocked at the revelation so much that Sanyukta stood up from where she was sitting and stared at them with a blank look.

“Okay Mr. Shukla we will consider that. All I want is my daughter to get married, that’s it. She’s already twenty one. She has to start a family now. Let us make her understand. Give us some time.”

“Of course Mr. Agarwal even we would love to have your daughter as a part of our family. We will give you time to make her understand,”Mr. Shukla stared at the paralysed Sanyukta and stood up followed by his family. “We will take our leave now. Alvida,”they folded their hands then left.

“Zor,we can’t do this to our daughter! Becoming a doctor has always been Sanyukta’s dream and we can’t snatch it away from her.”

“Mom, don’t waste your breath speaking out for me. You should have done that at Danny’s time but you failed as a mother to do that. I am well equipped to speak for myself. I will not get married in such a family where girls and women are looked down upon. I’m an independent woman and I won’t let anyone snatch my independence from me. So what if we are the girl’s family,I am not desperate to get married in fact I don’t ever want to get married. Marriage brings nothing but bad luck. I hate it,”she said with gritted teeth.

“Sanyukta, you’re living under my roof and as long as you stay in this house you will follow the rules of this house. I don’t want another Sanjana in this house. If you feel like you can’t take it then leave this house and go live your life.”

“Dad,I love you so much and I respect you. You’re my family,how can you asked me to leave. I won’t leave this is my house as well. But t won’t get married in that family,”she scoffed. “Did you hear what he said. Mom,I love to do things for myself. I don’t want anyone spending their money on me.”

“Sanyukta you will get married to Yash and no one else,”her father said sternly.

“No I won’t! I won’t let you do to me what you did to sister Sanju! Because of this, you forced sister to drop her dream of becoming a pilot. Where is she right now? Dev,treat her like she’s an asset! I just don’t get why you people are turning a blind eye to what Dev is doing to your daughter! You’re so evil to do this to your other daughter too. I won’t get married nor will I drop out of college dad.”

“Sanyu, you…….”

“No mom! I won’t be like you nor like Sanju! I won’t let any man dictate my life. I don’t need love. I don’t need a man to live. I don’t need a man to become a woman. I am capable to living by myself. We are living in modern days mom. No,I won’t be tied down to a despicable man who comes from a despicable family!”

“Sanyukta!” Her father raised his hand at her making her cover her face and flinch. “Enough! Just enough! You’re getting married to Yash and that’s final. You will drop out of college once you and him are engaged.”

She looked at her mom with teary eyes. “Even this time,you won’t say anything mom? You won’t stand up for me? Mom,we are a rich family still I don’t understand why we are so narrow minded. Years ago,it was Sanjana in my place and today it’s me still you won’t say anything. Fine dad,you want me to get married to Yash. I will get married to him but….but keep it in mind that I won’t let this marriage take place. I won’t drop my dream just because my adorable parents want me to get married and are afraid that no family would want an educated daughter in law. Other parents are proud of their daughters but your own case is different. You’re ashamed of your daughters who are willing to persue their dreams. I won’t let this marriage take place mark my words,”she gave them one last stare and walked pass them running upstairs to her room.


Aditya was drowning himself with a bottle of whiskey as tears stained his cheeks.

He took another gulp of the bittersweet drink and looked down at the Royal blue ring box on his palm. He painfully chuckled,tears streaming out of his eyes.

“Why Jaya? Why? Why did you do this to me? I made plans for us tonight but you dumped them to persue your dream. What about my dream huh? You knew I was going to propose to you but you left without even saying goodbye. Yet again you chose me over your career,”he chuckled. “Six years of courtship. Six years and every time you pushed me away and chose your career. Today, you left Jaya. You didn’t even find it important to inform me about your trip,”he drowned another gulp of whiskey down his throat.

He rested his head on the headrest of the swirling chair ,his eyes closed and his mind flooding with Jaya’s face.

He felt a presence next to him,he opened his eyes and turned his head to the side and locked eyes with brown ones. Beautiful, captivating smoke eyes. They were sad and clouded with tears. He took his time ogling at her.

She had a small,pointy nose,big brown eyes with long eyelashes and eyebrows. Her hair was brown and in messy curls. He looked back at her eyes and they were tainted with tears which had messed up her masacara and the fact that she was drunk didn’t help her look better.

He could sum it up by saying. “You look like shit.”

She chuckled lifted her head from the headrest, Aditya followed suit and they stared at each other.

“Yesss,”she purred. “I look like I just came out of a hole. My whole life is full of crap,”she hiccupped with a giggle and took a sip of her alcoholic cocktail.

“How bad is it?”

“Very bad because I have to lose myself. What about you?”

“Shit is really,”he replied and put the Royal blue ring box on the table.

With furrowed eyebrows,she took it and opened it. Inside was a pink diamond hearty ring. It was simple but BIG and super expensive.

“She rejected this?” She looked up at him. “This is not something anyone who reject. Do you have any idea how much this rings cost?”

“Nah,”he shook his head. “I picked it because I knew she would love it. I picked it because I could afford it. I picked it because I thought we were finally going to be together but I was so wrong. So wrong. She left. In fact she dumped me,just when I was going to propose to her. The funny part is,she didn’t even inform me about her trip. She told me about it when she was in the plane and there was nothing I could do to stop her from leaving. She chose her career over me once again but this time she went too far.”

“Honestly,I have no problem with her being an independent woman. She can still work and do what she loves. The only thing I ever desired was to be her husband. But no,she doesn’t want that.”

“Hey, don’t worry you will find the one for you. Let’s just say she wasn’t the right one,”she took a look at the ring one more time and took it out inspecting it. “She’s an idiot. There’s someone out there who deserves this okay? God,I am so drunk right now. My advice is so rotten.”

Aditya chuckled snatching the ring from her and took her hand. “Let’s try something out,”he smiled like an idiot and slides the ring down her left ring finger.

“Awwwwww! It suits me. Can I keep it please? Pretty please,”she gave him puppy eyes.

“It’s of no use to me anymore. It’s yours forever!” He grinned.

They shared a heated eyelock, slowly they moved towards each other til their lips locked with each other.

It was like tasting honey and they both wanted more.

Aditya wrapped his hand on her nape and the other around her waist and pulled her closer to his body. She felt perfect in his arms. A while ago he was mopping over his ex-girlfriend but after setting his eyes on this beauty he completely forgot about his pain and was now showering her with a kiss.

She was reciprocal. Her hands were secured around his neck and into his hair,pulled him in with the same hunger.


He unlocked the door of the house and kicked it close with his foot as he carried her to his room upstairs careful not to trip and fall as they climbed the stairs whilst kissing.

Once inside the room, Aditya switch on the lights and stumbled towards her pulling her into a passionate kiss.

“I want to see all of you tonight. I want to see the body of a woman I am about to make love to tonight,”he whispered into her ear as she teared down her shirt and all the buttons fell on the floor making her gasp.

He took the opportunity to invade her mouth with his tongue. He groaned in sexually frustration as their tongues met and teased each other.

“F–k…..,”he cupped her left breast and squeezed it making her throw her head back.

He unclasped her strapless bra and left it to fall.

She started undoing the buttons of his shirt. Taking her time to stare at his prominent chest and collarbone. His toned abs. She slides the shirt off his broad shoulders and it went down in the floor.

Once she was done Aditya lifted her up and she arounded her legs on his waist. They dropped on the bed and started kissing and taking off the rest of their clothes.

He looked down at her sexy body tracing his fingers from her heaving chest to her breasts,her tummy and between her legs. Each touched made her entire weak and hot.

Her back arched up when she felt his finger rip into her. It was her first time experiencing this. It felt foreign yet beautiful. He was taking her to clouded twelve.

He quietened her moans by kissing her. He was lavishing and worshipping her body. She felt an ache between her legs and she so wanted to relief it but it was impossible with him standing between her legs and torturing her with his tongue over her nipples.

She bit her lip and breathed out. She was so wet and ready for anything.

Aditya wasn’t in a good shape either. He was aching for a release as well. Once he saw that she was ready to take him,he positioned himself between her legs and parted them.

“I will go easy okay? Are….are you ready?” He asked caressing her cheek. Not trusting her words,she nodded.

Aditya slowly ripped into her v card. She grabbed his shoulders and deepened her nails into his delight skin.

He stopped and continued to kiss her to distract her from the pain. Once the kiss caught her attention he continued to pushed himself deep into her til he was buried right where he wanted.

He started to move in and out of her as she hold tightly onto him,later the pain became an sensational pleasure to heated love making.

Their sweaty bodies were clung to each other as they changed their sex position. Their moans and groans meeting midway, making everything they were doing to each other more beautiful.

Once they hit their c—-x, Aditya was sure he did a great job because his legs were wobbly and his partner had passed out right after o—-m hit her. He was exhausted from all the love making that he couldn’t even stand to go to the bathroom to clean himself up.

As sleep took him,he had a smile on his face and a single thought in his mind.

“That was the best o—-m I have ever had.”


When he woke up he expected to find his damsel in distress beside him but she was nowhere. The bed was cold. He looked where she had slept and saw a stain of blood.

“Wtf! She….she was,”he couldn’t finish the sentence as he processed everything. He knew he was f—-d up. He just made love to a virgin. He doesn’t do virgins then what the f–k happened to him last night. Was it something in his drink? Or was he charmed? No matter how h—y he is,he would never lay a virgin then how did last night happen?

As he stood up to go to the washroom, something on the bed rest caught his eye. He turned and saw a bundle of money notes and a message note.

? Ummmmm I am sure by the time you get this note I would be long gone. Geez! I don’t know what to say but I will try to make sense. Last night I was pretty bad drunk and I don’t know what came over me. Last night we did something sinful yet it felt right and it was so friggin beautiful. You took me to places I never existed. Just want to say thank you for the experience Mr. I don’t know your name either am I interested. I hope to never see you again even if we cross paths I don’t expect you to talk to me. Yes,you gave me the best o—-m and I will never forget that but it was just a one night stand. Let’s never see each other ever again. I left some money for you as a token for appreciation. Thank you so much for your service. Goodbye.?

He crumbled the piece of paper into his fist,his jaw clenched tight and his veins popping out of his hands and arms. Hie eyes red in anger.

“I. Hate. You,”he bit down on every letter and word. He threw the money across the room and it scattered around. “I. Will. Find. You. And. Ruin. Your. Life.”


Sanyukta got home quite late in the morning. She was sure she was going to get an earful from her parents. Dreading to go inside the house she took a sit on the lawn chairs to have some rest.

A car horn interrupted her thoughts. She looked up to see her sister coming out of the car with Dev.

“SANJU!”she smiled and ran towards her and embraced.”You?”

“Hello there baby sister,”Sanjana hugged her with the same smile. “How are you?”

“Forget about me sister. Tell me about you. Are you fine? Are you alright? ”

“Don’t worry about me Sanyu. I’m perfectly fine.”

Sanyukta looked over to Dev with a sneer.

“Good morning sister in law.”

“I am not your sister in-law. Never was and never will be. I can see you decided to bring her home after all these years denying her the chance to come home.”

“Listen Sanyukta I have been…….”

“You can pretend to my parents,not me. I am not a fool,”she looked at her sister and realized that she was wearing sunglasses. “Hey it’s cloudy why are you wearing these,”she took them off before Sanjana could see it coming.

“What happened to your eye?”

“I hit a pole.”

“A pole? A pole or did this jerkass do this!” Sanyukta charged towards Dev who moved backwards but her sister caught her.

“Sanyu forget it. I’m telling you right. I hit a pole. I went to the hospital and they gave me some pain reliving pills. Don’t worry about me. Let’s seat down and have a chat. It’s been long since we saw each other.”

“You’re right. Thanks to this idiot,”she attempt to hit him but Sanjana pulled her away from him.

“Come let’s go somewhere private. There you will be free to vent out all of your anger and frustration.”

Sanjana led her to the deepest of the garden where they sat down next to a pond of ducks.

“How are you doing Sanyu?”

She hissed and looked at her sister. “I’m perfectly fine sister but you? Early in the morning you come home with a purple eye! You think that I am so stupid that I wouldn’t see the bruise because of the foundations?! You stopped me today from teaching that f—–g idiot a lesson. Why sister? Why!”

“Because he is my husband. He might not be a good husband but Sanyu he is trying to change. You know last night he brought flowers for me and he promised me to bring me home. See,I am home now.”

“Sister are you so naive or you are just doing this to irritate me? Don’t you get it sister? Whenever Dev need money he start acting nice to you so that the naive you forgives him and come home and ask money from Mom and Dad.”

“It’s not like…..”

“It is like that sister! That bastard is going to kill you one day you know! Why don’t you just divorce him?”

“I can’t.”

“F–k mom and f–k dad Sanju! You can’t keep living like this!”

“Before we start fighting with each other, let’s drop this subject Sanyu. Mom called last night and asked me about your whereabouts. Where were you last night Sanyu? Did you get into some trouble?”

“No. I went out to have some fun. I was feeling suffocated here at home. I needed some time out.”

“Is that why you are wearing men joggers and tshirt? Did you go over a man’s house Sanyu!?”

“I did more than just that. I got drunk and the good Samaritan took me over to his place. That’s it. Nothing happened okay. I’m still intact. A pure virgin if that’s what you are asking,”she rolled her eyes at her and picked up some grass.

Sanju took her hand and stared at the ring on her finger. “Then what’s this? Did you….Sanyu please tell me you didn’t do anything stupid last night. Dad would kill you.”

“Oooh this ring. It’s a friendship kinda ring.”

“Friendship? What friend? As far as I can remember you have no friends because you’re rude and mean to everyone.”

“Hey! I have a friend. We met like three days ago and she was like since we are friends like me give you this ring to mark the beginning of our friendship.”

“But why did she make you wear it on your ring finger?”

“I tried to remove it but it is not coming out so I decided to let it be.”

“Your friend seems rich. These pieces of rings are rare to find. Only available at Dubai.”

“Figured that out. I have a rich friend now,”she winked with a smile.

“It’s beautiful. And I have to met this friend of yours.”

“Of course and then the two of us will kick Dev’s butt. Come on let’s go inside before dad send a search party on us and raise a false alarm.”

They walked into the house laughing and smiling at each other’s jokes. They were cut short when they saw their father giving Dev a huge sum of money.

“How much is that?” Sanyukta asked approaching them.

“Twenty crores. I want to invest in Dev’s business today,”her father replied with a proud smile on his face.

“Twenty million to this cow! Are you both insane?”

“That’s not a way to talk to your parents Sanyukta!” Her father scolded. “And what are you wearing? Whose clothes are these? And where were you last night?”

“And are……are you wearing a ring!?” Her mother’s eyes widened. “Did you……”

“Oh please stop overreacting, it’s quite boring and suffocating. Yes,I am wearing a ring and no I didn’t get myself married last night mother,”she looked at her as she took a sigh of relief. “Yes,I am not wearing my clothes and no I didn’t have sex last night. Yes,these are men clothes and no I don’t own anyone any explanation. And yes, I am so going to beat the shit out of your son in-law for hitting my sister!” She bellowed and punched him square on the face that he fell down groaning in pain and a bleeding nose.

“Sanyu what have you done!” Her mother exclaimed as she rushed over to help Dev.

“What you should have done as a mother and not a failure,”she snarled and walked upstairs where she locked herself in her room.

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