Episode 1


Today is the happiest day of my life, the day i have been waiting for this day since i was born, i can’t wait to be address as Mrs Joe Williams, today is the day I will say I do to the man that I love so much.

I have always dream to spend the rest of my life with the man that loves and cares for me.

Mother suppose to experience this happy moment with me if only that wicked death did not took her away from us.

Am the only child of my parents, the apple of the house.

They loves and cares for me so much especially my mother who will not allow ordinary an ant to come an itch to me nor even bit me

I missed her so much, if it is possible for someone to bring back the dead one alive I would have brought her back.

My father is a respected, reputable man and a known popular lawyer in the town.

I met Joe on my way going to work, that faithfully day my car spoilt on the way, there was no mechanic around, I tried calling the driver to get me another car but network was so bad.

I don’t know what to at that moment, I checked my wrist watch the time was really against me.

I thought of trekking to the junction to get a taxi or a tricycle but by the time I will get there I will be late meanwhile am the one doing the documents needed for the meeting.

I tried stopping a car passing by but all to no avail.

I tried to connect my colleague at the office but it was not going.

Waited thinking on what to to do and all of a sudden, God sent me an angel who saw me and stopped his car.

I told him my problem and he did not hesitate to offer a help to me, he took me to the office.

Since then, we have been so closed, loving each other, our love was growing so fast like a mushroom.

We dated for nine months until we decided to settle down.

The day he proposed was like a dream to me, he proposed to me in a romantically way and I have always dreamt to be proposed in a fairytale way and he made that dream to come true.

It is one of my memorable day that I will never forget in a hurry.

“Mrs soon to be, you look so beautiful”

My makeup artist said after done with the makeup.

“Thank you so much!

I smiled.

I stood up adrming myself at the mirror.

“I can’t believe that I will soon be Mrs, I can’t wait to say I do”

I said smiling.

Kate my besite and also my mad of honor rushed inside the room.

“Oh my world! You look so beautiful I mean so fabulous infact I don’t even know the right word to use and describ how beautiful you are looking today”

She said with so much happiness.

“Kate thank you and enough of this compliment, have the car arrive?

I asked.

“Yes! That’s the reason why am I here”

She replied.

“Let’s go, am dying to be wedded to him”

I said.

I rushed out immediately to the car.

We got to the church, he is already there with his best men waiting for us.

We walked inside the church majestically, my veil was closed, my follower girls were throwing flowers at us.

Father held me while my maid of honor held my wedding gown as we walked to meet my heartbeat.


I was so amazed when I saw my angel looking so beautiful walking like an angel to meet me.

I so much love her and having her in my life really changed my life totally.

I have been a sex addict, I can’t stay a day without having sex three or four times in a day, I have many side chicks that always satisfied me so much in bed.

Since Jenny came into my life all those stuff were changed totally.

She is exactly the type of woman I want in my life, she is so caring and loving.

I cant wait to have her as my wife.

Her father handled her to me.

“You look so beautiful my love”

I whispered to her.

She smiled and I held her hand, I walked and the priest at the altar.

“We all have gathered here to witness the holy solomoratiin of our beloved children, JOE WILLIAMS and JENNY ROBERT”

He said and the congregation choured.

The priest prayed and did the necessary things that need to done before the exchange of the ring.

“Is time for the exchange of the ring”

He said as he prayed over the ring.

“I Joe Williams, with this ring I wed you with the whole of my heart and I promise to love you from rich nor poor, sickness nor health, for better for worst till death do us apart, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost”

I said starring into those her beautiful eyes as I put the ring in her fourth finger.

She said the same thing to with that her sweet voice and put the ring in my fourth finger too.

The congregation shouted and clapped.

“Is time for their vows”

The priest said.

I stared into her beautiful eyes holding his sexy hands.

“My love since you came to my life, my life has be a turnaround, Without humor, life is sick.

Without courage, life is hard.

Without love, life is hopeless.

Without wife like you, life is impossible”

Touch my heart & u’ll feel,

Listen to my heart & u’ll hear,

Look into my heart & u’ll see,

That u’ll always be a special part of me, I love you my love”

I said and kissed her beautiful hands.

“My love You are the twinkle of my eyes;

The smile on my lips;

The joy of my face;

Without you I am incomplete”

My love for you is like water,

Falling countless…

The beating of my heart,

For you is so heavy and soundless,

The feeling of being in your arm is so

Precious and endless”

I love you so much my love and I don’t think if I can breath without you in my life”

She said with that her sweet voice.

The congregation were shouting and clapping.

“Is there anyone that is against this beautiful couple from being together he or she should indicate by raising up his or her hand?

The priest asked and waited for a reply but got nor.

“God said whatever that is join together let no man put asunder, I here by pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride”

He said.

I raised that her beautiful veil and kissed that her sweet lips passionately, people were shouting and clapping as the kissing was going on.


Am Justin Anderson, the only child of a popular know man ones late Deputy Governor.

Am a medical doctor by professional, i studied Medi surger with upper class but my father wanted me to runs into politics but politics is not in my blood.

Saving people’s life has been my priority in life.

I got this awesome and amazing friends, Joe and Jay, they are my childhood friends, the three families are so closed.

We did everything together, we attended the same school from when we were small until we graduated from high institution.

Back then in school they usually call us the J’s

Joe will not take it likely with me for missing his great day but it was not my fault, I booked a flight urgently to Abuja for an important surgery for a patient.

One of my friend from Abuja who is also a doctor called me very early the day of the wedding saying he need urgently in his hospital to operate a patient who has a cancer of the heart so I can’t allow the patient to die because of a wedding, saving life comes first before any other things.

I will explain things to him once I come back.

Am so happy for Joe, I couldn’t believe that he will settle down in his life because the Joe I known very well right from childhood is the type that loves sex too much let me say he’s an sex addict he will not stay a single day without having sex three or four times with different side chicks.

Since this unknown girl, I don’t know came into his life, Joe turned a new leaf, that girl really changed him.

I hope his other sex addict Jay will also change and settle down too.

You know what, am just the opposite side of Joe and Jay, am not a sex addict they have tired many times to lure me into bad habits of life but am not that type.

Marriage is at my back list, my mother has been persuading me to marry and give her grandchildren but how will marry when I despised girls so much?

I know it meant sounds somehow to you but that’s the truth.

My last relationship made me to despised girls so much.

I was so much in love with Benny, I loved her so much that I can even sacrifice anything for her, I thought she will be the one that will bring birth to my children but little did I know that our love for each other will sour one day.

That faithfully day, I decided to proposed to her on the day of her birthday, I even planned to make it unforgettable moment for her but it didn’t work the way I expected it.

After dancing with her, I knelt down being the gentlemen am I, I brought out the ring smiling and proposed to her.

I got the shocked of my life when she told me that she is not ready for marriage now that if she is ready am not the one she will marry.

I was so shocked, I thought I was dreaming, it never occur to me that Benny will do this to me, I thought she loves me I don’t know her love for me was a fake love.

My heart was broken and shattered, since then I made up my mind don’t to fall in love again because I don’t want what my heart to be broken again, it is better I stay single then inviting heart breakers to my life.

It has been two years now and its still fresh to me like it happened yesterday.

As soon as I get back to Lag I will explain things to Joe I know he will understand.


The wedding was so blissful and awesome, my dream has finally come true, am I now Mrs Jenny Joe and no longer Miss Jenny.

I rushed to the room took my bath, my naughty friend Kate and Joe’s kid sister has already decorated the bed with beautiful flowers and a sparkling lights with different colors it really made the room to look so amazing.

Our names were decorated on the bed with rose flowers, it looks so romatic.

I lay on the bed waiting for my handsome husband, I can’t wait to be disvirgin this night.

Virginity is the pride of any woman and it feels honor when your husband will be the one to disvirgin you.

Since I met Joe we have been romantically involved but onces it comes to something under the skate I will pushed him out and told him to wait to when we are married.

He been so patience to me and abide in my rule of sex after marriage, he never complain or nag around like other men.

I can’t wait to give him my body, I heard that it is painful and today I will experience the painfulness with my husband.

I checked the wall clock it is few minutes passed,

“What is keeping him?

I thought and all of a sudden I started hearing some voices from downstairs.

I wonder who they could be and immediately I got up to check, they rushed in.

They faces were clovered with masks, they were holding gun, they are arm robbers.

I was so secard, my whole body was even shaking.

“What did you guys what?

Joe asked.

“You got a beautiful damsel here”

One of the gang said coming closed to me.

“Don’t touch me, don’t touch me!

I shouted moving inside the bed.

“Don’t touch my wife, what did you want? Name your price, any amount I will give it to you”

Joe pleaded.

He laughed devilishly,

“I want this sexy lady, that’s what I want”

He said and jumped inside the bed.

“No! Don’t touch me, I beg you!

I cried out moving up up to the bed.

“Don’t dare touch my wife!

Joe shouted.

He persisted and moving closed to me.

Joe rushed him and dragged him out.

One of the gang used the head gun and hitted him, he fainted.

“No ooooo! Joe!

I cried out.

“You look so sexy tonight and am dying to have a taste of you”

He said and grabbed me.

He grabbed me so tight using those his disgusting fingers on me.

“Don’t touch me, leave me! Don’t touch me!

I cried out struggling to escape from him.

I cried, tried and struggle to escape from him but he is too big for me to empower, he held me so tight and torn my dress apart.

“Please I beg you with the name of God, don’t do this to me”

I cried out.

All my crying and pleading fell on deaf ear, all he want is my body.

“Wow! You look so sexy and you will be so sweet!

He said with those his disgusting mouth.

“Is this how I will lose my virginity to a monster an arm robber!

I cried out and pray for someone to come to my rescue.

I cried, wiped bitterly, shouted for help, struggled with the strength in me as he was making his way on me.

I was shouting of pains trying to unmasked him.

“I must confess you taste so sweet like stwaberry if due it is your first time I enjoyed it so much,I love to enjoy virgin girls like you”

He said as a soon he done with me.

I was so dizzy, I have lost the strength in me, my whole body was paining me so badly.

“I cause you for doing this to me, it will never be well with your soul, for this you have done to me one day justice will be serve”

I cried out.

“Oh sweety! There’s no need of causing me, i enjoyed your body so much and I will be dying to have your body again”

He said laughing devilish.

“You are a monster and my God will judge you”

I cried out raining abuses on him.

He laughed and blew a kisses to me.

“My God will surly judge you”

I cried out as he walked out with his men.


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