Episode 1

Babies are born to be loved and cherished by their parents and people around them.But why is mine different, why is my life miserable, nothing ever goes the way I want.Sobbing

My name is Olamide,but people called me Ola. I lost my parents at the age of 2, I was told they were involved in an accident which leads to their sudden death.

My aunty do call me a witch that killed her parents, I was the only child of my parents which means I have no siblings, living with my aunty was hell. I started menstruating at the age of 10, I noticed my pant was wet and decided to check. I saw blood and was scared to death, cos my aunty never aducate me on that.

I told her and she immediately tore a sheet of paper that I should put it in my pant. I obeyed but after some minutes I was uncomfortable and my gown was stained with blood. My neighbour iya kaffy gave me tissue when she saw my stained clothes. All the little children in my compound started laughing cos the paper dropped on the floor.

Later in the day my aunty saw the tissue when I wanted to pee, she slapped me and angrily threw the tissue away, I was given another paper .Throughout that day, she was showing annoyance and displeasure.

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