Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I can’t stop thinking of them,..pls allow me to cry the whole tears in my eyes,..I really missed them so much”, rose cried, hitting her hand so hard on the couch

”hmmm!! I know how u feel and I feel the same way too,..but it high time u accept the fact that they are no more,..this is closed to six months of their death, u supposed to be used to it and not sit down and cry everyday,..they died in a terrible accident,yes! but God knows why it happened that way, so pls stop crying”,bianca consoled ”now get up and go freshen up”,bianca added ”is alright! thank u for being there for me bianca, u are indeed a nice and caring sister”,rose said and hugged her,..

they both hugged each other tightly but disengaged from the hug immediately they heard a knock on their door ”come in the door is opened”,bianca said,as the both gaze were on the door,just then the door flonged opened and a middle aged man in his early fourtie walked in smiling, holding a briefcase ”aaah barista john,..oh my!! wat do we owe this pleasant visit?oh sorry!! forgive my manners,have a seat”, bianca said,as her gaze was on the briefcase he was holding, so barista john sat at the other side of the couch smiling ”how are u girls doing? barista john spoke up ”we are doing very great”,the both girls responded ”i can see”,he said smiling, looking around the house…



”wat do we offer u barista? rose managed to asked and fake a smile ”no!no!no! am ok”, barista john said opening the briefcase ”are u sure u don’t want anything?rose asked ”am fine thank u”, barista john replied and brought out a file from the briefcase ”before ur late parents died,ur father willed all his properties and that is the main reason why am here, I came to read his will for u girls”,barista john said as he starts opening the file ”errm! ok we are all ears”,bianca said,as they both sorted waiting patiently to hear the will ”as u know,we have been waiting for a whole six months to hear this will, pls listen as I read the will”, barista john said and began ”i mr Patrick writes this will that after am dead, it will be read to my two daughters’, four companies,my three estate,my empire,my three personal account and four of my expensive cars goes to my first daughter rose,.. while my electronic business,my mansion at Rita avenue,two of my other cars,and my sky bank account goes to my second daughter bianca,..this is my will and the two of u should abide to it without quarreling or fighting” that’s the will of ur late father”, barista john said after he finished reading,..after the long silence, bianca finally spoke up ”this is rubbish!! this is absolutely rubbish! why does it seems like my father gave my sister almost all his properties? is it because she is their most loved daughter? this is rubbish! I will not sit here and listen to anymore rubbish, never going to accept that rubbish”, bianca angrily said with a teary eyes ”bianca it hasn’t gotten t…”, ”shut up!! I said shut ur mouth!! I will never watch this happen to me, never! never! never”,bianca cut in and angrily left the house, leaving barista john and rose speechless.

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