Episode 1

Her lips spit venom. Her very presence
spells doom for all. Her family hates her with

She has no more friends because all have
tasted from her bites. Everybody want her
out of their lives but she stuck to them like a

One unguarded moment led to a series of
events which left her much more vulnerable
than a day old baby. Bingo! Everyone wants
their pound of flesh.

Charles Adams took a quick glimpse at his
appearance in the standing mirror nailed to
the cream wall of the master bedroom. A
seventy year old six feet tall dark broad shouldered man clad in an ankara embroiled outfit stared back at him. He had aged slowly, some say he looks as if he was in his mid sixties, he could accept that, but those who say he looks like he was in his fifties were liars.

He had lived a good life, retired as a
renowned medical doctor, married to an extra-
ordinary woman who bore him three wonderful

Martha, his first daughter and first child
was doing very well in the banking industry. But
her unmarried status have been a form of weak
link in her chains of success. She would be forty
in two months time and he wonders how she
fares emotionally. Whenever she pays a visit, she
puts up a wall labelled ‘I am fine’, painted
with a plastic smile that barely reached her
hazel eyes.

Dorcas, his second daughter and last child
was married with two children who are in their
teens. She was thriving in the event
planning business and her husband was a famous professional photographer. The likes of TY
Bello and Co. She and his wife had planned the
party and her husband’s assistants were assigned to capture the day in pictures. Perfect, isn’t it?

Nice to have these set of people in the

John, his only male and second child was
also married; his beautiful wife did not conceive
until after Dorcas had, had her two children,
although John got married before her. He
and hiswife were doing well, lost in the work
and things of God.

That young man could have done better
things with his life. He had a Phd. in International
Relations, Masters in Law, and Bsc. in
Political Science. His qualifications were wasted in
the pursuit of an unseen God, not that he didn’t
believe in God, but, should one stop one’s
life and jump into, into… What did John call it?
Ministry, Calling? Yes, that is exactly what
he called it, calling, divine calling to be

Charles shook his head, dark brows knitted
in a frown. If they were doing God’s work, why
did God curse them with such a trouble-maker
of a child? Was Sheila their thorn in the flesh?

That young woman can drive any sane person
crazy with just a single word. He shivered at the

“Young man! Don’t tell me you are not yet
ready. Everybody is here!” His wife’s voice
drifted into the room from the hall way.
She made her way into the bedroom and
found her husband chuckling. One brow raised,
“What is so funny?” Charles walked up to her and pulled her close, “At seventy, you still call
me a young man.” Nnese tried to pull away, but
he tightened his grip.

“No matter how old you are, you will always
remain my young man,” She winked, “We
have guests to attend to.”

He sighed, it was his birthday, a few family
and close friends were celebrating with them. He
would have prefered an uninterrupted day
alone with his wife, but, a small party had
already been planned before he could voice
his desires.

His dark brown eyes drank his wife’s petite
frame. At five feet six inches, curvy hips and
abundant b0s0m, she could carry herself
even at her age. Her chocolate cream complexion
hasn’t lost their glitter.

“Charles… Guests are waiting.”
“Queen Nnese…” He took a bow, “Let us
attend to our hungry guests.”

She could hardly stop the laughter that
bubbled through her. Her husband could be
comical when he wants to be. That was one
of the reasons why she married him.

Charles and his wife headed for the garden.

The moment they walked in, everyone seated got
to their feet and started singing, “Happy
birthday to you…” Martha and her siblings went over to their parents and hugged them, followed by their spouses and children. Charles thanked
everyone for coming and the party

Sheila joined her cousins at a table.

Edidiong and Boma came along with their dates. She wondered why they always bring someone
new to every family event. Their relationships
barely last a month. Why bother?

She wasn’t interested in a relationship at
the moment. At five feet nine inches, with a
slim and well curved body, she had, had her
share of admirers. But not until she graduates at
twenty one, she will not venture into any

“Sweet heart, have you met my cousin?”
Edidiong was speaking to her date, but was
staring at her. Sheila met her gaze, the look
in her eyes spelt mischief and she could
discern that her cousin was up to no good. She had promised her parents that she would avoid
squabbles, but if anyone brings trouble her
way, she was more than ready to fight back.

“Her name is Sheila and she is the black
sheep of the family,” She and her date started to
laugh. Sheila decided to ignore them.

“Cat got your tongue?” Boma addressed

He and his date were also laughing.

She noticed that they were beginning to
attract attention. If she allowed her cousins to go
on with their ridiculous comments, she might
lose her temper. She decided to end the whole
tirade once and for all, before it got out of

She pointed at their dates, “If both of you
think theyare serious about you, then you better
think again,” they all stopped laughing, ”
These two cousins of mine bring a different date
to every family function. I have photos in my
phone as proof.”

Boma and Edidiong starred at her in

An uncomfortable silence settled over them.
Boma’s date picked up her bag and got to
her feet. He reached out for her hand, but she
used her bag to hit him and headed out. He got
up and hurried after her.

Edidiong’s date pushed his food away and
dabbed his lips with a napkin. He drained
his glass in one gulp and pushed his chair

“Sweet heart…” He ignored her and left the
table without a word. Edidiong shot her
cousin an angry look, “You will pay for this!” She threatened and ran after her date.
Mission accomplished! Sheila sighed and
sipped at her drink. Martha saw her neice and
nephew running after their dates. She wondered
what was going on. She turned and saw Sheila
smiling sheepishly. She left her seat and
approached her, “When are you going to
stop this unpleasant habit of yours?”

Sheila looked up at her aunt, wondering
what she was talking about.

“Were you born to make everyone around
you miserable?”

Boma and Edidiong returned without their
dates. Their countenance brightened when
they realized that their aunt was scolding
their cousin.

“Must you wave your wand of despair at
every family function? Can’t you be normal just
for once?”

Sheila placed her glass of chilled chapman
on the table and stood, the only way to avoid
creating a scene was to leave. She eyed her
self righteous aunt who didn’t even bother to
find out what had happened before shooting
blames and insults.

“Is it me you are looking at like that?”
Without a word, head high, shoulders
Sheila walked out of the garden. Martha
starred after her in mad rage. “Look at this little
ingrate…” She marched after her neice.

Boma and Edidiong exchanged glances,
trouble brews for Sheila. Both teens went in
different directions to alert their parents and Sheila’s parents.

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