Episode 1

Charlie was sitting at the edge of the sofa tying her shoelaces, when her mum came in and sat gently beside her. The room was so small, it has a mini sofa by the left corner of the room and some luggage packed at one side of the room. One can also see some picture frame hung on the wall.

She finished tying her shoelaces and stood up picking her bag. She wore a pink top and a deep blue pant trouser with black pairs of shoe. “Am off to work mum”she said smiling at her mother. She stood up from the sofa and gave her a side hug. “OK bye dear”she said smiling. Charlie picked her phone from the sofa and put it inside her bag. She looked at her mum and smiled before moving out of the room.

She got to the living room and saw Mrs David sitting with her daughter. The living room is wide and neat. There was a big flower vase on the center table and the huge plasma TV was showing a program which Mrs David eyes were glued on not noticing when charlie came in. “Good morning ma”she greeted her. Mrs David and her daughter Hanna both looked at Charlie’s direction. “Yes. Good morning dear”she responded with a friendly smile. “Going to work?”she asked looking at her. “Yes ma”she replied. “OK take care”she said. Hanna looked at her and diverted her eyes back to the tv without paying much attention to her. Charlie walked gentle for the door. She closed it behind her on getting to the compound. The compound was huge and beautified with flowers. The garage was loaded with different type of car model. Seeing the environment one could tell how wealthy Mr and Mrs David were. Charlie went out of the compound and walked down the lonely estate.

Few minutes later, she was at her part time job. She entered the store and went to her boss”good morning ma”she greeted smiling brightly. Her boss saw her and smiled”good morning dear. How was your night?”madam Linda greeted with a broad smile. “It was good ma. I slept really well yesterday night. In fact, I dreamed we made a big sale today”she said smiling. “I prayed that will come true”madam Linda said smiling. “Thank God you came early. I was preparing to leave for a friend’s place”she said standing up. “It’s OK ma. You can leave now”Charlie said. Madam Linda picked up her bag and prepare to go”alright dear. Will arrive soon OK”she said and left for the door. Charlie changed into her uniform and sat by the counter.

The store was big and loaded with provisions and food stuffs. Someone came in to buy something from the store. “Well…..”Charlie stopped on seeing Hanna in the store. She was putting on a pink mini skirt with a cream colored off shouldered top. She was holding her cellphone and her pink handbag in a stylish manner, one could also see her chewing gum like an expert.

She picks something from the the first row at the top and walks to the counter with it. Charlie changed her expression on seeing her. She dropped the item on the table in a rude manner looking straight at Charlie’s eyes”am buying this”she said making sounds with the gum. Charlie looked at the item and looked back at Hanna in amazement. “Hanna. I told you This is very bad for your health. I thought you would stop doing this bad act”she said looking at her. On hearing this, Hanna’s eye brow raised in anger “who the h*ll are you to tell me that? Oh I’ve forgotten. You’re the maid’s daughter.

See let me warn your, don’t invade in my personal life anymore because you have no right to. Or you want me to drive both you and your mother out of the house in a blink of an eyes.”Hanna yelled angrily. She’s too aggressive and spoilt. Because she’s the only daughter of her parents, that made her so rude and arrogant. On hearing all this charlie was not able to say anything again. She just looked at the pack if cigarette she dropped on the counter. “Am sorry Hanna. Please am so sorry for saying that”she apologized to her immediately. “Sorry my foot. Am not buying it here anymore, I will go to another place”she said and stormed off. Charlie took a deep breath of relief after she left. She collapsed on the chair holding the pack if cigarette. “I was only telling her the truth. But I think the truth is bitter its better to mind my business now, if I don’t want my mum and I in another problem again”she thought to herself sadly.

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